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SMARTLIST » Kitchen Appliances » 5 Best Under Sink RO Water Purifiers in India | 2023 Review

5 Best Under Sink RO Water Purifiers in India | 2023 Review

Under Sink RO Water Purifiers in India

The primary purpose of an under sink water filter is to provide quality, purified water at the source. Your filter should be able to reduce all kinds of impurities such as rust, lead, dirt, chlorine taste, and odour. In this post, we will explore best Under Sink RO Water Purifiers.

A kitchen water filter that you can implement underneath the sink works behind the scenes to purify the tap water that you drink. We’ve been through a number of under sink water filter system reviews in India that we could find, to bring you this list of the top choices for your home.

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List of Best Under Sink RO Water Purifiers In India

Kent Excell Purifier Top PickRO + UV/UF + TDS CONTROLLER1 year
A.O Smith  Z2 + PurifierRO + MIN-TECH1 year
Sterling Plus Water PurifierRO + UV + UF + TDS1 year
Ozean Under Sink RORO1 year
Generic Havells UTC RORO+ US1 year

Detailed Review of Under Sink RO Water Purifiers In India

Under-sink or Under-the-Counter water purifiers work hidden and out of sight, making them the Best for all the Perfectionists and artists out there. The looks set aside, the best part is saving up on room.

Let us review them in detail.

1. Kent Excell Water Purifier

👉 If the filter does not change within the next 60 hours after the alarm, the water purifier stops working. For every liter of water purifier, 650 ml of water filters out of the machine. It encourages to save the water in a utensil and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes and watering plants.

Kent is the most successful Indian brand that is providing the best service to its customers worldwide. It offers an exciting range of healthcare products and home appliances includes Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Vacuum Cleaner, and Modern Kitchen Appliances.

Kent Excell Water Purifier

The Kent Excell water purifier has a capacity of 7 liters with the innovative purifying technology under RO + UV/UF + TDS Controller. The water purifying speed is 15 liters per hour. The storage capacity is certified food-grade plastic.

The TDS controller checks the Total Dissolved Salts in the water. The water purifier installs on the TDS level in between 500 to 2500. A piece of advice from our side is to check the TDS of your water source.

The water purifying technology is RO + UV + UF + TDS mineralizer water purification. The double purification of RO + UV removes the dissolved impurities. The TDS control system retains the essential minerals that make the water tasty to drink.

The filter change alarm and UV Fail alarm with Computer controlled operation that will keep you alert about the filter change. Also, you can pre-set time the alarm, and it is audible.

The spin-welded RO membrane housing prevents tampering. The purifier is fully automatic with auto-start and auto-off.

Even if the power cuts, you can take out the water from the storage tank.

The water purifier box contains an installation kit and user manual. You have to call on the customer care, the mechanic will come to your house and install the purifier.

Pros: Good things

  • Double Purification
  • TDS mineralizer
  • Good storage capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Water available even in the absence of electricity
  • Free installation with one-year free service
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • High-maintenance cost

2. A.O Smith  Z2 + Water Purifier

The A.O Smith Z2+ Under the Counter RO + MIN-TECH Water Purifier. It has 5 liters of storage capacity that is small in size for small families or office. The material of the tank is grade ABS, that protects the water for a longer time.

The company offers you free installation, in this case, you do not have to worry about how will you install it. It easily fits under the counter.

A.O Smith  Z2 + Water Purifier

Before buying a water purifier, kindly check the TDS level of that area, depending on that you can buy the water purifier. When the water quality is good, it has a low TDS level. In Z2+ the TDS level up to 2000ppm and hardness up to 400 ppm is applicable.

The water purifier has six-stage of purifications:

Stage-1: Pre-Filter
Stage-2: Sediment Filter
Stage-3: Pre-Carbon Filter
Stage-4: RO Membrane
Stage-5: SCM- Tech (Silver Activated Post Carbon)
Stage-6: MIN-TECH: The mineralizer technology adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the water. While processing, the water losses its minerals, and MIN-TECH fulfills the deficiency.

The Patented SSM technology is unique as the side stream RO membrane is suitable for both low and TDS levels of water. It helps to improve the recovery and minimizes the wastage of water in purification.

The water comes out from a gooseneck faucet that is convenient in use. The digital display makes it easy to understand the digits and gives an intelligent display for information. After all, you do not have to keep a reminder for the filter change because the advance alert lets you know the RO membrane or other filters need replacement.

The product certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 58 standards for material requirements.

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Good storage capacity
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Six stages purification
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Expensive in its price range

3. Kent Sterling Plus Water Purifier

The Kent Sterling Plus has RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller. It is under the sink water purifier.

The water purifier has an elegant smart design that is ideal for the under-the-counter installation. Also, it is suitable for the side-by-side placement adjacent to the refrigerator for effective space utilization.

Kent Sterling Plus Water Purifier

The mineral RO technology retains the essential natural minerals that filter out from the purified water. The TDS controller helps in making the drinking water tasty to drink.

Double Purification by the sterling plus that is fully automatic, which allows the purifier to begin the purification process whenever the water purified level falls from the maximum level.

It has a 6-liter inbuilt hydrostatic storage tank that provides a continuous supply of purified water even if in the power cut.

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to install
  • Double water purification
  • Added minerals
  • Enhances the taste
  • Space saver
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Missing power and water level indicator

4. Ozean Under Sink RO Water Purifier

Ozean purifiers are the product of the Himanshu Cooling Center. The Gujarat based company is in the water industry for the past six years.

The company sells its water purifiers with the Ozean brand and solar panels with the brand name New Sunrise. Also, they supply commercial, domestic, and industrial RO systems.

Ozean Under Sink RO Water Purifier

Moreover, they work for water reuse and water treatment.

Ozean under sink purifier comes with 12 ltr capacity. It works on 5s technology and has five stages of purification.

All the purifiers of Ozean are certified and have ISO 9001:2015.  The purifier works fine with any water bore, tap, municipal.

Salient features

  • The product comes with six months warranty
  • The capacity of the purifier is 12 liters
  • It is provided with gooseneck faucet for convenience of the user
  • It has auto-start and auto-shutoff
  • The purifier can be installed under the counter or sink
  • It is suitable for the municipal water, tap water, bore well
  • It follows five-stage purification – pre-filter, sediment filter, post-filter, RO membrane

Pros: Good things

  • It is easy to install
  • Quality of RO is good

Cons: Poor things

  • No negative points found.

5. Generic Havells UTC RO+ Double UV+ Mineralizer with Revitalizer

The Havell UTC offers extra safety because of its unique double UV that protects the stored water by re-purifying it every time the tap is turned on. Moreover, the storage tank of 10 L capacity comes with an ingress protection cover that keeps the stored water free of dust and insects.

Generic Havells UTC RO+ Double UV+ Mineralizer with Revitalizer

This water purifier provides safe or no drinking water because of its i-protect monitoring system and ensures complete protection of the purified water that is stored.

Salient features

  • Purification technology: 100% RO+double UV with 8 stage purification to provide safe and healthy drinking water.
  • The 8 stage purification includes: Membrane performance enhancer, Sediment cartridge, Activated carbon cartridge, RO membrane, Mineralz cartridge, Silver impregnated taste enhancer, Revitalizer, Germicidal UV.
  • It comes with smart alerts like  Self-diagnostic, Purification, and a tank full along with error alerts like UV, SV, Low input water pressure, or pump failure.
  • The Havells water purifier is an under sink water purifier that can also be mounted on the wall.
  • It has a futuristic design for easy installation, while the closed cartridge design offers extra protection against re-contamination.
  • The storage capacity of 10 liters provides readily available purified water for drinking at all times.
  • Warranty: 1 year on the product.

Pros: Good things

  • The double UV technology safeguards stored water by re-purifying stored water through UV every time you turn the tap on.
  • The revitalizer restructures the water molecules and makes them biologically active to improve the hydration and mineral absorption.
  • The membrane performance enhancer prevents scaling and increases the life of the RO membrane, enhancing the purification capacity of the water purifier.
  • The Mineral cartridge retains the essential minerals in the water like calcium and magnesium.
  • It comes with an i-protect monitoring system that stops purifying and filling water to ensure that every drop of purified water is disinfected and safe for drinking at all times.
  • The stored water remains safe and free of dust and other contaminants because of the ingress protection cover of the tank.
  • It has a unique and compact design that fits with your kitchen decor perfectly.

Cons: Poor things

  • The maintenance cost might be high.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India

The key to success is knowing exactly what you need from your filtering system before you begin shopping around. There are many different water filters on the market today. Here’s what you should look for when making the most of your water sifting investment.

Which Under Sink Water Purifier is Right for You?

Consider below things while choosing the filter to match your need.

1. Water Pressure

When it comes to choosing the perfect water filter, it’s important to consider water pressure. The last thing you want is to spend forever waiting for your glass of cold water to fill. Make sure that when you’re looking at various filtration systems, you search for a filter that can offer quality water pressure alongside excellent straining process.

2. Filtering Capacity

A water filtration system should be able to remove as many dangerous containments from your drinking water as possible while leaving healthy minerals behind. Most of the high quality water filters on the market today can sift thousands of potential contaminants at once. Look for the under sink water filter that can offer the highest quality of results that you need.

3. Ease of Installation

Most of the ideal under the sink filters on the market today will require a plumber for expert installation. However, there are some solutions out there that you may be able to manage to install by yourself. Even if you can’t fix the water filtration, it should be easy enough to replace the filters when the time comes to replace the old one.

4. Cartridge Longevity

Speaking of changing your filters, if you don’t like the idea of changing your cartridge too often, then you might want to search for a water cleansing system that lasts years at a time, rather than just a few months between changes.

Types Of Under-Sink Water Purifiers

There are two types of under-sink water purifier in the market, one is the inline filters, and the other one is the regular filters. Let us understand them in detail

  • Inline Filetrs : The inline filters are installed in-line in your normal water source with push fittings. The inline filters are difficult to install. But they allow to keep on using the kitchen tap as the water filters flow through it as well. These inline has a single cartridge.
  • Regular Filters: This type of filter requires T-connector and separate filter tap. You have to install another tap to get the filtered water only. You have to install multi-stage filters in this type.

Benefits of installing an under sink water filter 

There are many benefits of having under sink water filters. 

Firstly, these filters will not take up countertop space. For most Singaporeans living in apartments, we have limited space in our kitchen and having a countertop water filter can be cumbersome. With under sink water filters, you can certainly save countertop space.

Additionally, under sink water filters are easy to install. Many people are afraid that installing an under sink water filter is complicated, but it’s easier than you might think. You don’t even need plumbing experience to instal your water filter.

Lastly, the most crucial benefit of an under sink water filter is that it can remove contaminants and give you the assurance that your water is extra clean and safe

Drawbacks Of Under-Sink Water Purifier

  • You have to install a separate to get the purified water. You can also have a three-way kitchen sink that gives hot, cold, and the filtered water from a single outlet.
  • They are a single point of use, as they only purify the water at that particular water outlet alone.

Common Questions on Under Sink Water Purifiers

Does hot water ruins water filter?

Running hot water through a filter may damage the RO membrane, and it is not considered safe. However, hot water kills many bacteria. If you still want to run hot water, it will make RO useless.

Hardness and TDS level of water – are these same?

The hardness of water represents the amount of calcium and magnesium salts in water. The hard water lefts impurities in the tank down the below. The TDS is the mixture of total dissolved and undissolved salts of both organic and inorganic.

Does RO water taste differently?

Yes, RO water is purified, and it removes all the chemicals, minerals from the tap water. While the tap water has the taste because of the chemicals and minerals included in it and is in impurified form.
Sometimes RO water tastes terrible due to the malfunctioning of the RO system.

Over to You

In this post, we have listed best under sink RO water purifiers and buyers guide to choose the one that meets your need. While we find Kent Excell Water Purifier as the best in this category, check it by yourself to confirm it meets your needs.

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