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Best Portable Water Purifier Bottles | 2023 Expert Guide

Best Portable Water Purifying Bottles in India

Bringing purified water to every place is not possible in all the cases. That’s why you can rely on portable water purifier bottles for it’s working. These water purifiers are easy to use, and you can rely on these due to the working method.

These lightweight and portable water purifiers provide you with potable water while on the move. Portable water purifiers are great for people who love exploring the outdoors and are very useful if you are traveling to a place with poor water quality.

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Note: These are not alternative to full-size water purifier which are used at home.

According to the report published by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS), out of the total 17,13,303 habitations in India, 1,76,177 were found to be contaminated as per lab tests conducted over FY 2015-16.

List of Best Portable Water Purifier Bottles in India

Lifestraw Go Reusable650 ml1000 Liters
Tata Swach InstaSip Instant740 ml1400 Fills
Meded My Friday Silicone750 mlN.A.
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard700 ml600 Fills
Lifestraw with 2 Stage Filtration650 ml1000 Liters

Detailed Review of Best Portable Water Purifier Bottles in India

Below mentioned are the most preferred portable water purifiers due to their usability, design, quality working, and price factors. Check the details to know more.

1. Lifestraw Go Plastic Water Purifier Bottle

Salient Features

  • Filters’ lifespan is 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water
  • Capable of eradicating waterborne bacteria by 99.99%.
  • Impressive reduce in turbidity due to 0. 2 microns filtering.
  • Follows FDA standards and regulation in term of plastic.
  • The use of food grade plastic makes it a safer choice.
  • There is no need for using the battery of chemical to purify water.
  • The capacity of the water bottle is 650ml.

The reputation of Lifestraw in water purifier sector is significantly better than all other brands, and this brand is well known for the intense number of features.

Lifestraw Go Plastic Water Purifier Bottle

The design is simple to suit everyone. It’s only available in blue color, and the bottle’s cap color is dusty black which gives a sturdy look.

The filtration technology used by Lifestraw is really good enough to remove the majority of harmful germs. Now, they offer the same result in such a small form factor to make it handy product to use anywhere.

The leak-proof design help you keep the bottle in beg without any tension of wetting clothes and other stuff. Not all the bottles come with this advantage.

You can expect a number of pros which can easily motivate you to buy this product but some cons also exist in this product.

Pros: Good things

  • Waterborne bacteria and protozoa are eradicated by 99.99%
  • Help to reduce the amount of chlorine to improve water’s smell.
  •  Replaceable filters save your money from buying a new bottle.
  •  Remove physical impurities to enhance the appearance of water.
  • Easily available on Amazon as well as local stores.
  • Two-stage filtrations provide the best quality cleaning.

Cons: Poor things

  • The product is only available in one color (Blue).
  • Replaceable is handy but bit costly.

2. Tata Swach InstaSip Instant Purifier Bottle

Salient Features

  • The filter of this purifier last around 1350 fills which is 1000 liters of water.
  • The capacity of the bottle is 740ml, comparatively better from the first product.
  • Food grade plastic is used to manufacturer this water bottle.
  • Ability to remove 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa in a single fill.
  • No chemicals are used in the filtration; fiber is cleaning water efficiently.

First thing first and it is the affordability of this product. Indians love to prefer products which worth the money and tata swatch is one of those products coming at the very cheaper price point.

Tata Swach InstaSip Instant Purifier Bottle

Despite affordability, it’s working method is simple, easy to use and the ability to purify 1000 liters of water is not a small thing for such cheap price product.

The texture on this product gives you a better grip to reduce the chances of the falling water bottle. It can easily enhance the durability of the product.

The good thing is, when filter completes approximately 1000 liters, it stops working and water doesn’t pass the filter. It indicates that you have to change the filter.

But, the only issue is, you can’t change the filter. You have to dump this product and buy a new one instead of getting a replaceable filter.

Pros: Good things

  • Totally an affordable choice as compared to all the mentioned products.
  • The efficiency of removing 99.99% harmful bacteria makes it a reliable choice for everyone.
  • There is food grade plastic used to keep the container up with FDA standards.
  • The grip on the water bottle help with gripping and doesn’t let you fall this water bottle.

Cons: Poor things

  • There is no way to replace filter after 1000 liters of filtration.
  • Plastic seems a little cheap and chances of breaking with falls are higher.

3. Meded My Friday Silicone Water Purifier Bottle

Salient Features

  • Dual functionality lets you use this product as a normal bottle as well as a purifier.
  • The leak-proof design doesn’t let a single drop fall from the container.
  • The design of the bottle is grippy and it doesn’t fall easily from hands.
  • Carbon activated filters help cleaning water with dual filtration.
  • High Quality food grade material helps you have pure water every single time.
  • Double cup lid provides perfect sealing to avoid leakage of any kind.
  • The capacity of this water bottle is 750ml, most likely to fulfill everyone’s need.

Meded is not a reputed name but this brand is getting huge popularity due to impressive quality at a mid-range price point that you can expect with ease.

Meded My Friday Silicone Water Purifier Bottle

A number of buyers liked this product and they have a positive review about the gripping design which doesn’t let the bottle fall down accidentally.

The medical grade BPA plastic keeps it safe and the polymer is extremely durable. It doesn’t matter that you want to wash it normally or in dish-water, it will be safe and get the perfect wash.

There is one button switch to open cap instantly and then you have to pull up the rubber to suck water out of this bottle. Whenever you fill water, it cleans water automatically.

Collapsible design makes it easy to carry when there is no water and you can store it in a bag or wherever you want because it doesn’t take much space when collapsed.

Pros: Good things

  • Comes at Mid-range price point with all the premium features.
  •  Leakproof design with couple cup lid doesn’t let a single water drop come out of the bottle.
  • Completely reliable for outdoor picnics, hiking, camping, and trekking.
  • The grippy design avoids the chances of falling the water purifier.

Cons: Poor things

  •  Replacements cost almost the same amount as a new bottle.
  • The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned the capacity of filtration.

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle

Salient Features

  • No use of any chemical based filters to clean water, seems a safer choice.
  • A dust cap to never let debris mix with water again.
  • Little squeeze helps cleaning water and there is a water level indicator.
  • The capacity of this water purifier is 700ml which is quite reliable.
  • There is BPA free material used to manufacture the bottle.

Eureka is a big name in India well known for after-sales services and impressive quality of their products. With Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle, you can expect the same.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Personal Purifier Bottle

All the gravity-based water purifier offers clean drinking water with 99.99% of cleaning. With this product, you will find the same system which allows you to get clean water always.

You can use normal tap water in the bottle and tight its cap. Now, giving a slight squeeze will do the same work of gravity by creating pressure on water and filtering water at a faster rate.

It is effective to remove dirt, debris, and another kind of germs but the effective rate is a bit doubtful due to no details about the filter and it’s working method.

You can easily buy replacements from Amazon as well as land-based stores to keep using the same product for a longer time period.

Pros: Good things

  • Filters are easily available online, so you can replace it whenever you want.
  •  The capacity of this water purifier is 420 liters, way higher than other products.
  • Different attractive color designs available in market.
  •  Price is affordable but offers the premium quality with an intense number of features.

Cons: Poor things

  • Replacement cost is not cheap at all, in some cases, it is the same as the cost of the product.
  • The lifespan of the filter is very low as you consider the cost of the product.

5. Lifestraw Water Bottle with 2 Stage Filtration

Salient Features

  • Ability to clean 1000 liters of water with the use of single filter only.
  • Double filtrations to reduce impurities percentage by 99.99%.
  • EPA standards approved and use BPA free plastic to offer extreme quality.
  • No need to worry about the taste of water because it filters the taste also.
  • Ability to eradicate E. Coli, Giardia Cryptosporidium oocysts and other germs.

In this whole list, the most expensive but the highly effective product is this one which is mainly designed for people who love to travel a lot.

Lifestraw Water Bottle with 2 Stage Filtration

With its 0.2 microns filters, you can expect 99.99% clean water where you can’t find the use of any chemical in the whole process.

The capacity of the filter is 1000 liters and after using a complete filter, you can replace the existing one with a new one without a single issue.

This product also passes EPA standards and remove many kinds of impurities. The common impurities are E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts.

Remove odor and debris from water instantly. In addition to this, it reduces the percentage of chlorine to clean water properly.

Despite all these facts, you can find a number of positive reviews regarding the product which make it better to prefer. Even, this brand is considered as the most credible in the portable water purifier sector.

Pros: Good things

  • Extremely easy to use as you have to fill water and everything is done after that.
  • Double filtration’s reduce impurities by a huge percentage.
  • Capacity to filter 264 gallons of water in a single go.
  • Many different colors and designs are available to fulfill your specific need.
  • Good grade flexible silicon increases the durability by many times.
  •  Replacements are easily available in the market to keep using the same product.

Cons: Poor things

  • Extremely expensive as some other products with the same features are available at lower cost.

How Portable Purifier Bottles Function?

How Portable Purifier Bottles Function?

It is always important to know the working of a product to ensure its benefits because you get the logic which can give a satisfactory feel. Almost everyone has the curiosity to know the working method with some basic logic, so you can check out the three common things which occur in a portable water purifier bottle –

  • These water purifiers bottles contain a filter which let you fill the bottle with clean and clear water.
  • From the top, you add water which passes throw filters which contain some intense fiber membranes.
  • Every company comes up with a unique filter design where they remove major types of bacteria and germs.

Everything is done after adding water. You can have a sip and the chances are higher that you won’t even feel the taste of dirty water because it is totally cleaned and purified. So, the working is simple and totally logical. There is no electricity required because the designed filter is good enough to trap all kind of germs.

Who Should Buy a Portable Water Purifier?

Needless to say, but portable water purifiers are for everyone because the increase in water pollution is causing a number of issues and if you want to eradicate all of them, then this product is highly reliable. To give a straightforward answer, the below mentioned are those, who should be using these purifiers –

  • People who love to travel a lot, go on adventurous camping trips or trekking should prefer it for sure. The portable water purifier is definitely the first choice among people who visit remote areas.
  • Places where the amount of clean water is low in quantity and chances of getting clean drinking water is not high, water purifiers come as good to go choice.
  • If you love hygiene and care about health, then it’s a good product to have in beg during every travel trip.

In addition to these, the need is really high; that’s why everyone should be using a portable water purifier to stay safe and healthy.

What are the Benefits of Portable Purifying Bottles?

Portable water purifier bottles will help you stay safe and drink clean water. They are also convenient and bring many other advantages.

  • Due to the small size, it becomes easy to bring the bottle everywhere. It’s on the go product to have clean water every single time without waiting for anything.
  • Without this product, you are definitely going to buy packaged water bottles which will cost a higher amount. So, this product can save you money easily.
  • As you avoid packaged water bottles, you help the mother earth by reducing the use of plastic. In other words, you are playing your role perfectly.
  • Travelers going to remote areas or valleys can’t find any source of purified water or clean water. This product will help to drink pure water in such areas.
  • Easy to carry due to lower weight, small size and its higher efficiency. Even, you don’t have to bring lots of water on the go.

Over to You

Purifying water bottles are convenient for everyone, they are useful in an emergency or when you are traveling. Hope this post gives you enough details to buy a best purifying bottle in India.

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