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8 Decorative Ceiling Fans with Lights to Buy – 2023 Guide

Decorative Ceiling Fans with Lights

For the tropical Indian climate ceiling fans to provide best and effective comfort from the heat in the summer time. They circulate the air in the room, thereby providing relief from the heat and humidity.

Ceiling fans are available dime-a-dozen in the market. Reputed brands like Usha, Orient, Crompton, etc. have a monopoly over the others. However, the competition is stiff. Therefore, ceiling fan manufacturers have to think out of the box and come out with refreshing ideas to consolidate their position in the market. 

Fancy ceiling fans with creative lights are one such advanced idea. There are also remote controlled fans to aid rich features in the ceiling fans. In this post, we will review best ceiling fans with lights to buy in India.

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List of Decorative Ceiling Fans with Lights in India

Ceiling Fan with LightMain FeaturesApprx Cost
Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200 mmSmart Premium Ceiling Fan with functions like IOT, Remote, and UnderlightINR 7999/-
Usha Fontana Maple 1250mmCeiling fan with decorative lights.
3 speed pull cord control for speed regulation
INR 6969/-
Crompton Greaves URANUS 1200BLK Uranus 1200mmExcellent gold finish degin, 4 blades and 3 lampshades
Number of Speed Settings: 4
INR 5211/-
Crompton Uranus 1200 IVY Uranus 1200mm 72-watt100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades. Superior components for longer lifeINR 5141/-
Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with lightFan motor is very silent to provide peaceful sleep. 
Material: Metal and has 5 Blade
INR 5799/-
Orient Electric Spectra Under Light 1200mmFull Copper motor for durability
5 Multi color LED display lights for different moods
LED light intensity adjustment as per need
INR 6599/-
Crompton Greaves Jupiter 1200 mm 220-240V, 50HzComes with 5 blades with rich electroplated finish
100% copper motor, double ball bearings, dynamically balanced blades.
INR 6999/-
Syska Arty LED 1200mm Ceiling fanDust Resistance
Remote Control
3 stage dimmable LED bulb
INR 2919/-

Check this video for more details on decorative fans with lights available in India.

Detailed Review – Decorative Ceiling Fans with lights

Lets check in detail for each of the decorative and fancy ceiling fans with lights to buy in India.

All the fans reviewed have durable motors that are capable of lasting for extended periods. Some of the ceiling fans with lights come with remote control functions. We will discuss these aspects in buying guide to choose the best ceiling fan.

1. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200 mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

The Orient Aeroslim ceiling fan redefines the way we look at ceiling fans because of its aerodynamic design, mesmerising looks, inverter motor, IOT control, and remote control operations.

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200 mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

Apart from these exciting features, this ceiling fan comes with LED lights. Its advanced profiled blade design gives an impressive air delivery of 240 cmm (cubic metres per minute) while ensuring silent operations even at voltages as low as 140 Volts.

The Aeroslim model has a sweep of 1200 mm. These 100% rust-free blades are made of high-grade glass-filled compounded abs that provide tremendous strength.

Apart from being bend-proof, these blades are easy to clean. The inverter motor ensures that the fan does not consume more than 45 watts of power.

This fan comes with IOT features like reverse rotation, lighting, and facilities to control the fan speed and modes using remote control options.

Another exciting feature of this aerodynamic fan is the telescopic adjustable mounting design that complements all types of ceilings, modern or traditional.

Besides, this fan comes with a seamless design and a high-gloss premium finish to make it the best ceiling fan with lights and remote.

Pros: Good things

  • Highest air delivery because of its aerodynamic and slim design
  • Bend-proof and rust-proof body with a hydrographic/PU finish
  • Ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting facility
  • Remote control with display
  • Five different modes like turbo mode, breeze mode, sleep mode, reverse rotation, and lighting

Cons: Poor things

  • Not available in more than two colours
  • Colour of the LED lights and driver is the same
  • Difficult to get spare parts

2. Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Decorative Ceiling fan

Generally, fans in India have three blades. This Usha Fontana Maple ceiling fan is different because it features five blades.

Usha is a reputed ceiling fan manufacturer in India. Usha fans incorporate the best aerodynamic designs and unique aesthetics.

Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Decorative Ceiling fan

The stylish high-gloss electroplated motor with removable under lighting arrangement makes it one of the best ceiling fan with lights for living room.

The advantage of this Usha ceiling fan is that it comes with wide tip blades for high air delivery and air spread.

The five blades ensure that every corner of the room gets adequate air circulation.

The lights and speed controls have separate chain cords. Hence, altering the speed of the fan does not affect the lighting arrangement. This fan comes equipped with a 3-speed pull cord control feature for speed regulation.

It has a 1250mm swing that makes it an ideal fan for living rooms.

The decorative antique brass lights add to the attraction while providing ambient lighting to the room at the same time. It does not have an inverter motor.

Hence, this fan has a higher power consumption of 70 watts as compared to its peers in the market.

Pros: Good things

  • Three-blade and four-blade models are also available
  • Excellent performance characterised by high delivery and low noise
  • Has a gorgeous appearance to complement its exemplary performance

Cons: Poor things

  • The five blades make it a massive fan

3. Crompton Greaves URANUS 1200BLK Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Crompton Greaves is another reputed manufacturer of top-quality fans in India. This four-blade fan with decorative lights is one of the latest offerings from Crompton Greaves.

Crompton Greaves URANUS 1200BLK Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The blade size of 1200mm (48 inches) makes it an ideal fan to have in the hall or living room. The attractive designing of the lights add to the flavour.

The gold finish designing, four blades, and three lampshades make for a gorgeous-looking appliance in your living room.

This fan blends beautifully with the other furniture in the room as well. Crompton Greaves ceiling fans have always performed excellently over the years.

This four-blade ceiling fan with lights delivers air to every corner of the room. The 1200mm sweep and a high-rated speed of 320rpm ensure a minimum air delivery performance of 200 cmm.

This ceiling fan works on a powerful motor that consumes 72 watts of electricity. The fan comes with a pull cord for controlling the speed as well as the lighting arrangement.

Crompton Greaves fans come with the right balance of aesthetics and utility to help maintain your room fresh and airy.

Pros: Good things

  • Magnificent carvings for a royal decor
  • Excellent metallic finish featuring exquisite designs on the blades
  • Decorate lampshades enhances the beauty of the appliance
  • Facility to remove the lights if you have a low ceiling

Cons: Poor things

  • Replacing bulbs can be an issue because these rotating bulbs are not available at all electrical stores

4. Crompton Uranus 1200 IVY Uranus 1200mm 72-watt

Crompton Greaves manufactures some of the most attractive ceiling fans in the market. Performance wise, these fans are the best in the business.

The excellent gold finish design along with the four blades and three lampshades make it a super fan to adorn your bedroom and living room as well.

Crompton Uranus 1200 IVY Uranus 1200mm 72-watt

This ceiling fan comes with a powerful motor that can propel the 1200 mm blades at speeds of 320 rpm to ensure a minimum air delivery of 200 cmm.

These ivory coloured fans present a beautiful sight as they offer the right balance of aesthetics and utility.

The best aspect of this ceiling fan is that it makes the minimum of noise while lending a premium look and feel to your living room.

The wide sweep of this ceiling fan ensures that every corner of the room gets a refreshing blast of air every time you switch it on.

The lighting arrangement is an excellent one making this ceiling fan one of the best fans with light for bedrooms.

Pros: Good things

  • Excellent look and design with an attractive gold finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sturdy and durable hanging rod

Cons: Poor things

  • You need special bulbs that have spiral threads.

5. Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with light, 5-blade

Hans Lighting ceiling fans may not be as famous as Usha fans or Crompton Greaves fans. However, they are equally efficient when it comes to air delivery and appearance.

Hans Lighting ceiling fan with light is one of the best ceiling fans with lights for medium-sized and large rooms.

Hans Lighting Ceiling Fan with light, 5-blade

This fan comes with five 48-inch blades that are capable of delivering a top speed of 320 rpm to ensure adequate air circulation in your living room, bedroom, or office patio.

Besides, the five-blade fan presents an attractive appearance to entice people to appreciate it. Apart from its excellent looks, the fan is a noiseless performer.

The Hans ceiling fan with lights is easy to install. It features three attractive lampshades that add to its beauty. These three lights can give adequate light to your entire bedroom.

Switching the lights on or off should not be an issue as the fan comes with separate controls for brightness and speed adjustment.

Pros: Good things

  • Does not weight much in spite of having five blades
  • Noiseless motor to give you unhindered sleep
  • Attractive appearance
  • Excellent performance

Cons: Poor things

  • Need an expert to install it properly
  • Replacement bulbs are hard to find

6. Orient Electric Spectra Under Light 1200mm

Orient is reputed for manufacture innovative ceiling fans to provide the highest degree of comfort. PSPO technology is one such endeavour.

Similarly, the three-blade Orient Electric Spectra ceiling fan with lights is another innovation.

Orient Electric Spectra Under Light 1200mm

This attractive fan with multi-colour LED lights and remote for smooth functioning can revolutionise your bedroom.

The remote function enables you to switch off or control the speed of the fan without having to step out of bed. It also comes with a timer function, whereby it becomes possible to switch off or on at a specific time.

In spite of having three blades, this ceiling fan has an air delivery of 230 cmm. It is because of the 1200mm sweep and the high rotation speed of 320 rpm.

The copper motor enhances the fan’s durability while providing maximum comfort. The multi-colour LED display is the highlight as this fan features 5 LED lights allowing for multiple colours and intensity adjustments.

Controlling the lights and the fan speed is possible with the convenient remote unit. Performance wise, it is among the best ceiling fans with lights and remote. Appearance wise, it is enticing because of its premium finish.

Pros: Good things

  • Classy looks coupled with exemplary performance
  • Extensive air coverage
  • Remote control unit for convenience
  • Adjustable lights make it more attractive than it looks

Cons: Poor things

  • It is not possible to control the fan with a mobile app
  • The motor makes noise when running at low speeds

7. Crompton Greaves Jupiter 1200 mm 220-240V, 50Hz, Ceiling Fan

Trust Crompton Greaves to come up with innovative ideas while manufacturing ceiling fans. This model, Crompton Greaves Jupiter, is one such ceiling fan with four lights that not only illuminate the room but also enhance the attraction quotient.

Crompton Greaves Jupiter 1200 mm 220-240V, 50Hz, Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has exemplary looks, but it is a tremendous performer as well, The brass finish makes it look attractive and durable at the same time.

This Crompton Greaves fan features a durable motor that delivers noiseless performance at all speeds.

The five blades with a span of 1200mm can rotate at a maximum speed of 300 rpm, thereby ensuring optimum air delivery of 210 cmm that should cover every corner of the room.

This fan has four lampshades perfectly aligned to give an adequate lighting for small and medium-sized rooms.

The cord controls for adjusting the intensity of light and fan speeds make this fan easy to control. Crompton Greaves fans are good on the power consumption aspect as well. This fan consumes around 75 watts of power.

Pros: Good things

  • The brass finish makes it attractive and durable
  • A powerful performance by delivering optimal air to all corners of the room
  • Ideal for medium-sized bedrooms and living rooms

Cons: Poor things

  • Proper installation required as customers have reported falling off the lampshades because of inadequate support

8. Syska Arty LED 1200mm Ceiling fan

Syska manufactures some of the best LED lighting equipment in India. This Arty LED ceiling fan with lights is a novel experiment by Syska. It is an innovative product in many aspects.

Syska Arty LED 1200mm Ceiling fan

This fan features three broad blades and a high-quality motor to power them into the rotation. The rotation speed of 340 rpm is one of the fastest in the industry. This speed, coupled with the broad blades ensures powerful air delivery of 220 cmm.

The fan has an exemplary look, as it uses dust-resistant and corrosion-free paint to ensure a longer life for the blades.

The LED lights are the highlighting aspects of this ceiling fan. These lights come with a dimmable feature that is controllable using a remote control unit.

The 3-stage dimmable LED lights give ambient lighting, thereby enhancing the overall feeling in the room. It is possible to adjust the fan speeds using the remote control unit. The timer function is an additional attraction, as it is ideal for use at night.

Installing this fan is easy. Thus, it qualifies as the best modern ceiling fan with lights.

Pros: Good things

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Strong, durable, and silent motor
  • Perfect designing of blades for even distribution of air
  • Excellent LED lighting

Cons: Poor things

  • Not a reputed fan manufacturing brand
  • Indians tend to plump for reputed brands rather than try out new brands

Buyer’s Guide for Decorative Ceiling Fans with Lights

Decorative Ceiling Fans with Lights

Typically, one does not do too much of research while buying a ceiling fan. Most of the time, it boils down to only two aspects:

  • Brand
  • Budget

However, there are few more things that one should consider. Below seven are the checklist you should lookout for.

1. Cost of the ceiling fan

Generally, ceiling fans are available in the range of Rs 1500 to Rs 3500. However, ceiling fans with lights can be comparatively expensive.

Some of the top ceiling fans with lights are available between Rs 4800 to Rs 8500. It is because such ceiling fans come with additional features like LED lights, remote control units, and stronger motor in comparison to the standard ceiling fans.

2. Where will you place the fan

The location where you propose to place the fan gains importance. Usually, people install ceiling fans indoors in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.

However, it is also possible to install these fans outdoors, such as gardens or outdoor patios. Under such circumstances, one should go for a fan with a Wet Rating that can withstand rain and other elements of nature.

If you propose to install your fan in patios not have direct exposure to the elements of nature, ensure that these fans come with Damp Rating.

3. Blade span size

Ceiling fans come with varying blade span ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches. The blade span depends on the size of the room.

Room size in square feetBlade span in inches
Up to 80 24 to 42
100 to 15044 to 50
150 to 30052 to 60
More than 3002 fans of blade span equal to 42 inches

The pole length is also a crucial factor as it depends on the height of the ceiling. This chart should make things clear for you.

Ceiling Height in FeetLength of the pole in cm

4. Different lighting options

Different lighting options are available for ceiling fans with lights. They are LED, fluorescent, or halogen lamps. LED is the best option.

However, these lights have a unique holder arrangement. Such lamps are not readily available at the general retail shops. You have to visit a retail shop selling such specific bulbs.

5. Motor for efficiency and airflow

The motor present in these ceiling fans is responsible for determining the airflow. Outdoor spaces do not require much airflow distribution as compared to closed areas like garages.

Rooms have windows, and hence, there is enough air circulation. DC brushless motors  (BLDC) are available today. These motors are highly efficient.

The higher the efficiency, the more is the energy saving. DC motor fans can be 70% more efficient than the standard models. The energy start rated fans are 20% more efficient.

6. Matching to the exterior theme

The ceiling fans should match the other furniture in the room. Hence, it is better to go for a high-quality premium finish to ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan to match exterior theme
Ceiling fan to match exterior theme

Brass finishes are the best. Aluminium blades and body are also useful because they are free of corrosion. Nowadays, we have dust-free finishes. Such fan blades do not allow dust to settle on them.

7. Different ceiling fan controls

Usually, you have wall control regulators for ceiling fans in India. These are ideal for families with kids, especially in multipurpose rooms. Ceiling fans with lights come with specific other control options such as,

Remote ControlThe remote control unit makes it convenient for adjusting the speeds of the fan and the intensity of the lighting arrangement. It is also useful in rooms having a high ceiling as the pull cord facility can be out of reach for everyone.Pull CordGenerally, ceiling fans with lights come with pull cord attachment having different controls for adjusting speeds and light intensity. Such fans are ideal for guest rooms and rooms with low ceilings.Reverse rotation Of the fans, we have reviewed, the Orient Electric Aeroslim Champagne ceiling fan model comes with the reverse rotation feature.

This feature is helpful in the winter season as it can keep the room warm by circulating the warm air near the ceiling across the various parts of the room. It is a climate-control feature.

Over to You

A good ceiling fan can enhance the entire decor of your interior. In this post, we have shared a buying guide and reviewed different decorative ceiling fans with lights. We hope this should ease your task and will help to buy a fan that matches your need. Please let us know which one you end up buying!

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