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10 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gas Stove in 2023

Buying gas stove guide

To make the best choice of the available options in the market, it’s important to consider few factors like a number of burners, manual vs auto ignition, gas stove size, price and warranty information. This detailed tutorial just helps you to make informed decision while buying your next gas stove.

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What should I look for when buying a gas stove?

Below listed are some of the criteria you have to consider while shopping a gas stove online:

1. How many number of burners required?

There are mainly 4 types of gas stoves based on the number of burners –

  • 1 burner
  • 2 burners
  • 3 burners
  • 4 and more burners

2 burner gas stoves are most popular and widely used in India. But 3 burner gas stoves and 4 burner gas stoves are also becoming increasingly popular. The number of burners you need depends on the size of your family.

Thumb rule

4 Burner Gas Stove – Best suits medium to large families (like more than 5 members).
3 Burner Gas Stove – Best suits a family having 4 – 5 members
2 Burner Gas Stove – Best suits a small family having 2 – 3 members
1 Burner Gas Stove – Perfect for bachelors and individuals

2. What is a Burner Distance?

The distance between 2 successive burners is said to be called as a burner distance. Having a 3 or 4 burner gas stove does not mean you will be able to use all the burners at a time. In order to do so you will have to check the distance between the burners. Lack of adequate space between the burners won’t allow you to use different sized vessels simultaneously for cooking.

3. Which Gas Burner is Best – Brass Burner Vs Aluminum Burner?

When you’re purchasing a gas stove, it’s important to look for burners that are made of brass or aluminum material. On a comparison note, brass burners and aluminum burners are good and have durable nature, good quality, and performance. Moreover, its working depends on the nozzle size and gas distribution system. Let’s have a look at both the gas burners!

How it works?
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc which looks more beautiful in gold color. They’re perfect for both outdoors and indoors because it can withstand even in unpleasant conditions. The major advantage of using this brass burner is that it provides superior heat and distributes evenly to the pots or containers for cooking delicious food.
How it works?
Aluminum burners are considered as the traditional burners that have been established years ago. They can easily be wrapped and deform. Also, they’re less corrosion resistant and have a shorter lifespan than brass burners. It is not safe to use in a home with kids and keep it away from children’s reach.
Easy to setup.
Corrosion resistant.
Highly durable nature.
Can withstand weather conditions – rain and cold. 
Absorbs heat quickly.
Very economical to buy this type of gas stove.
Have a low melting point.
Less corrosion resistant.
Expensive gas burner
Have a short lifespan

In summary, brass burners are more resistant to corrosion, heat and more durable. Though it comes at expensive rates, delivers outstanding performance to the users in terms of cooking tasty food, even heat distribution, etc. If price is not a concern, buying a gas stove with brass burner is a smarter choice.

4. What should be the size of Gas Stove?

The first thing you need to look into is the gas stove size. Most of the stove models do come in rectangular or square shaped and have a width of 60, 70, 80 and 90 cms.

It is best to choose the size of the gas stove depending on the size of your kitchen counter and range of the chimney hood. Further, it also helps you to operate comfortably and looks great in a kitchen.

5. What are the Different Types of Gas Stove Burners?

Most gas stoves come with different powered burners – large burners for boiling potatoes, pasta and frying, medium burners for cooking rice and simmering soups and curries and simmer burners for cooking delicate sauces, melting butter, etc. On the basis of mode of ignition, burners are further classified into 3 types, namely- standing pilot, electric ignition, sealed burners.

a) Standing Pilot

Some of the gas burner gas stoves do come with standing pilot option. It means that the flame constantly burns under the cooktop. As it generates the flame constantly, consumes more energy than other gas stove models. Moreover, it comes in a simple design structure.

b) Electric Ignition

Electric ignition feature is mostly seen in the upgraded gas stove models that work completely on electricity. Some brands even utilize LPG gas and can be ignited with a simple switch- manual and automatic. In manual operation, you need to use hands to control the flame using knobs by tuning to low, medium and high levels.

Manual Vs Auto ignition Gas Stove

Another important feature in a gas stove is the type of operation i.e. manual operation and auto ignition. Both are completely different and help you to prefer a particular style of cooking.

 In manual operation, you need to lighten the burner using a lighter or matchsticks to cook delicious food. Whereas, auto ignition feature will turn on the flame without users interaction 
It is not safe to use this method all the time as it may cause skin burns, rashes, allergies, etc.Comparatively safe
Not much expensiveThese kinds of models are more costly than manual devices.

c) Sealed Burners

Sealed burners are another type of gas stove burners that are sealed with the cooktop. These are quite different from others and may not heat the pots or utensils quickly. Yet, sealed burners are very easy to clean and maintain.

6. Price and Warranty Information

While buying a gas stove, price and warranty information is very important to watch out for. Most of the Indians do attract for offers, discounts, and cash back schemes. If you do love the product that has exceptional features and best match with your requirements then you shouldn’t look after money unless your budget is limited.

Higher the price, the better features you get to use the device efficiently. Besides, the manufacturers do come with warranty services to attract the customers. If the product manufacturer didn’t mention the warranty details, then it’s your duty to ask sales representatives, manufacturers about the warranty information given on the particular product. Further, it will save your repairing costs within the specified time duration- 1year, 2years or 5years.

7. Stylish and Ergonomic Design

Earlier traditional models do come with a simple design structure that’s the only intention is to provide efficient heating. Now, they’ve upgraded with variety of surfaces like glass top, steel; number of burners, and heating options. They even look more attractive and stylish than ever before. It’s up to an individual to look after different gas stoves available in the market that perfectly matches with the home requirements.

8. Should it be ISI Certified?

ISI is abbreviated as Indian Standard Institute. It is actually a standard certification mark in India developed by BIS- Bureau of Indian Standards. It is mandatory to have ISI- certified for certain products to sell in India, especially the electrical and electronic home appliances- switches, cables, motors, heaters, etc.

When you decide buying a gas stove, it’s important to check whether they’re ISI-certified or not. Because certified brands or gas stoves do follow the safety standards while designing and helps you to protect from dangerous threats.

9. Which is Better – Glass Top Gas Stove or Stainless Steel?

Burner grates are available in different materials – cast iron, brass, thin steel, etc. These materials can withstand high heat and clean easily. Most modern gas stoves come with smooth glass surface which makes easy to clean and maintain. But these surfaces are prone to scratches.

10. What Type of Control Knobs to Choose?

Control knobs are usually rotary switches used to provide input to the device. Gas stoves feature control knobs according to the number of burners present on the device. Uneven matching of control knobs results in a faulty device.

So, choose a gas stove that comes with properly sized control knobs that are easy to grip and use. Also, make sure there are clear pointers around the knob.

Pros & Cons of Gas Stoves over other Cooktops
Pros & Cons of Gas Stoves over other Cooktops

FAQ – Buying Gas Stove Online

1. What factors should I consider while purchasing gas stoves online?

The following are the few important factors that everyone must be familiar with, while purchasing the gas stoves online in India. Check the details in earlier sections for more.
– Gas stove size
– Control knobs
– Type of burners
– Gas stove surface
– Number of burners (2-3-4)
– Auto vs Manual ignition feature
– Price and the warranty information

2. Are gas stoves better than electric stoves?

Both gas and electric stoves have advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at them that will surely help you to decide the best one as per the requirement.

4. What is the average lifespan of gas stoves?

By taking majority into consideration, the life expectancy of gas stove may typically vary from 5-10 years depending on burners, gas stove surface, the frequency of usage, cleaning, and maintenance. If you do not maintain the device properly, then the performance decreases and hence the average lifespan.

5. Do gas stoves emit carbon monoxide?

When you lit the gas stove to cook your favorite food, it utilizes the LPG gas present in the cylinder and hence emits the carbon monoxide. Though it is not dangerous, you must handle carefully while cooking in an enclosed area. Otherwise, it results in suffocation, health issues, and fire explosion.

6. What is the difference between a gas hob and a gas stove?

Gas hob is designed to seamlessly fit on the kitchen counter top while a gas stove is a freestanding appliance unit. Although the two serve the same basic function, built-in hob-top gas stoves are sometime a better alternative to conventional gas stoves for the below reasons:
– Ease of use and looks better
– Faster and more convenient cooking
– Safer than gas stove

Check this video to know what is gas hob and which are the best ones to buy for Indian kitchen:

Safety precautions to consider while using gas stoves

Precautions while Cleaning your gas stove

– For effective cleaning, remove burners, and pan supports. Now, soak them in hot water containing liquid soap.
– Never use aerosols or flammable liquids to clean the gas stove.
– After washing allow it to dry for some time under sunlight and keep back in its original position.
– Do not allow the food to boil or heat for a long time as it may increase the chances of fire or explosion.

Take help from the expert

– If you have difficulty in connecting the gas stove to the cylinder, contact the gas dealer for help.
– Do follow the instructions, warning labels given on the booklet for proper installation and safe handling.
– When you smell gas, do not light the stove or cigarettes or any other item near to the gas stove as it may result in a huge loss- man and property.

Other safety tips to consider

– Do not let your children touch or play in the kitchen while you are cooking.
– Make sure to turn off the stove completely when there is a gas leakage.
– Switch of the corresponding knob before you remove the cooker or dish from the burner.
– Do not place cardboard, plastic bowls or other kitchen equipment on the top of the burner.
– Close the cylinder valve when you don’t use the gas stoves for cooking your delicious foods!

Info-graphic: Gas stove safety precautions

Info-graphic: Gas stove safety precautions
Info-graphic: Gas stove safety precautions

Over to you:

Let us know how you find this guide useful while shopping a gas stove online. Lets us know what other questions you have while buying a gas stove. We are glad to hear from you!

What are the best gas stoves to buy in India? Check this video for details!

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