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6 Things to Consider When Buying Electric Shavers in 2023

buying best electric shaver in India

There is a spectrum of men’s shaving habits. It is challenging to choose between the dizzying array of models. This guide will help you decide which features are most important to you and help you narrow down your choices while buying best electric shaver in India.

On one end you’ll find badger brushes and “safety” razors. These men take pride in the slow, precise, and therapeutic qualities of a close shave done right. On the other end, you’ll find men who have given up on shaving entirely because they find it a hassle (this spectrum does not include men who want facial hair).

Most men fall somewhere between these two extremes, but you probably see yourself closer to one side than the other. Before deciding which one to buy, lets find why we need electric shaver.

Should I Buy an Electric Razor?

Answer is probably overwhelmingly YES, check out the reasons below. If you recognize yourself few of the below, you need to go for buying best electric shavers in India.

  • You’re busy. There’s no two ways about it: electric shavers are just a lot faster than traditional wet shaving. Wet shaving, of course, gives you a much closer shave, but if you don’t mind having a baby-butt smooth mug, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time shaving, electric can definitely save you a few minutes.
  • You’re lazy. It’s also easier. You just grab it, turn it on, rub it around on your face, and bam – you’re done. If shaving feels more like a chore to you than an art, you might be a good candidate for the electric shaving team. Quick pro tip for the super lazy: you should also think about investing in a good nose hair trimmer.
  • But you still care about quality. Investing in a quality electric razor will give you good, consistent shaves. It gets the job done, and can give you the look you’re going for without sacrificing much quality. Really, the only differences between an electric shave and a straight or safety razor is closeness and the experience. If these things aren’t the highest on your priority list, then electric is the way to go.
  • You don’t like a lot of maintenance. If, for example, you choose to shave with a straight razor, you’ll probably have to replace the blade every three or four shaves. You’ll still have to perform a little bit of maintenance with an electric shaver – just not nearly as much. Most manufacturers recommend you replace the blades every 12 months. So, you can get a lot of shaves under your belt before having to put new blades in.

Complete Guide for Buying an Electric Shaver

A good quality electric shaver causes little or no skin irritation. You are less likely to get nicks and cuts for getting a clean shave using electric shaver. So before deciding buying an electric shaver consider below important points.

1. Decide your Budget

Price points on electric shavers vary enormously; a quality electric shaver will set you back anywhere between Rs.500 and Rs.50,000. It is worth spending as much as you can afford as a quality shaver well looked after will last many years.

Having said that, as feature advancements have trickled down to the less expensive ranges all of the major brands have really good options at all price points and our offering includes excellent buys regardless of your budget. So consider features listed below as well while buying an electric shaver.

Don’t forget to bear the price of spare parts and replacement blades in mind. Ensure that the expense of keeping your shaver functioning properly fits into your overall budget.

2. Popular Brands for Shavers

There are several big players in the electric shaving market; Philips, Braun, and Panasonic to name the most well known. When it comes to shaving something as valuable as your face we always recommend choosing a trusted and reputable brand and we are proud to stock the biggest selection of branded shavers available online.

Men generally favor one brand over the other and this mainly comes down to personal preference. But as a general rule, when it comes to rotary shavers Philips is the market leader whereas Braun is the key player for foil shavers. We recommend to check some of the best Phillips electric shavers in the market.

3. Decide on Wet Shaving vs Dry Shaving

Another key decision is wet shaving versus dry shaving. Dry shaving is super fast and clean so is the ultimate in easy shaving and many men prefer the speed and convenience of a dry electric shaver. As well as dry use, some electric shavers can also be used wet, with a shaving gel or foam giving you the best of both worlds. Some can even be taken into the shower, though we wouldn’t recommend submerging them completely. Panasonic in particular offer fantastic wet and dry technology.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before getting your shaver wet, as not all are suitable for use in this way.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance of Shaver

Cleaning is a vital component of your electric shaver care and maintenance routine and you should clean your shaver after every usage. If you do it regularly it’s a quick job and not a big deal but some men just don’t have the time or inclination. The more advanced models of shaver come with their own built in cleaning and charging stations so they can clean themselves.

men shaving guide

Simply pop your shaver into the base unit and leave it to do it’s magic. It’s a hassle-free way to keep your shaver clean and hygienic. You do however need to do is top up the cleaning fluid or replace the cleaning cartridges from time to time so there is an additional cost.

5. Foil Shaver or Rotary Shaver

Electric shavers fall into one of two categories; rotary and foil.

Foil Shaver

A foil shaver is made of a thin, curved metal foil that covers a cutting blade. When moving back and forth, the foil glides over the contours of your face whilst the blade cuts stubble as it pokes through the perforated foil. Foil shavers are great if you have a shorter, thinner beard and want to achieve a close shave every day. They are also favored by men with delicate and sensitive skin who are susceptible to razor burn as they tend to be less harsh on the skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin pay close attention to your technique and use a quality shave preparation product to protect your skin and help prevent irritation.

Rotary shaver

A rotary shaver, on the other hand, has three or four round heads which move easily in a circular motion around your features. Cutters spin below the heads as they move over the face, cutting the hair. Rotary shavers generally suit gentlemen with slightly longer stubble who don’t want to shave every day. They are also more effective on men with with medium to coarse beard density and tougher skin.

6. Rechargeable or Battery Operated

Electric shavers can be mains powered, battery operated or rechargeable and the option you go for will probably be dependent on your lifestyle. Rechargeable shavers are ideal for use on the move, providing the flexibility and convenience to shave anywhere, anytime, however, the battery life may become a hindrance if it needs to be recharged too frequently. There are a number of battery operated travel shavers on the market; these are great for occasional use but are not cost effective for more regular shaving as the cost of batteries will soon stack up.

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  1. Electric shavers are great to use as opposed to the old conventional razor shave, as one does not sustain burns and cuts which you always have from razor blades.

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