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Best Washing Machine Stands and Trolleys | 2023 Guide

Best Washing Machine Stands in India

A stand for washing machines is a very important and must-have accessory if you want to make your washing machine safe and moveable. As a bonus some of these adjustable trolleys are also good match as a stand for your refrigerators. However, which is the best washing machine stand for your needs?

However, there are too many brands present in the market that sell washing machines. So are the varying needs for washing machine stands. Then, which washing machine stand is best for you?

Check this post for detailed users guide and list of best washing machine stands to buy online in India.

List of Best Washing Machine Stands in India

Washing Machine StandsMaterialAdjustable?Load Capacity
Smart Shelter Washing Machine Trolley
Best Pick
Mild SteelYes140 Kgs
Bosch Washing Machine Stand
Best Pick
Powder coated steelNoNA
NTC Washing Machine StandPowder coated ironYesNA
INSAK HOMES Washing Machine StandPowder coated steelYes150 kgs
Irkaja Washing Machine StandPowder coated IronYes160 kgs
Joshi Trollies Washing Machine StandMetalNo70 to 80 kgs
Aviksha Enterprise Washer StandStainless steelYes150 kgs
Glister 4-Pieces Washer StandPlasticNo60 Kgs

Review of Best Washing Machine Trolleys in India

Now it’s time to explore all the features of these best washing machine trolleys. So based on your washing machine, check what feature best suits your need.

1. Smart Shelter Washing Machine Trolley

This washing machine stand from Smart Shelter is our top pick as it is durable, made of 100% metal and adjustable. You can alternatively use it to mount a refrigerator or dishwasher as well.

This washing machine stand is certainly for all the smart buyers who want to make the best use of their money. This trolley is particularly useful as it can cater to your needs over the years, even if you change the machine. It’s 140 kgs of load-carrying capacity makes it a must buy on our list if you are searching for a good trolley stand.

Smart Shelter Washing Machine Trolley

The polypropylene wheels swivel around easily all the way up to 360 degrees and are fracture resistant. These wheels also dampen noise and vibration, which are two common things when a washing machine is running (especially in the drying mode).

You can adjust the length and breadth of this washing machine stand according to your requirement and depending on the dimensions of your machine. The minimum dimension of this trolley is 16.5 x 19.5 inches, and the maximum is 25.5 x 32 inches. Its height is adjustable too.

This stand has a minimum of 3 inches height, which you can raise up to 1 inch and make 4 inches.

Best Features:

  • Size adjustment mechanism,
  • Height adjustment mechanism,
  • 360 rotatable polypropylene wheels,
  • Rubber jacks on each side

PROS (good things)

  • Economical price
  • Sides and height adjustment mechanism
  • 100% metal build
  • Rust-resistant paint
  • 1-month warranty
  • 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Dampens noise and vibrations

CONS (poor things)

  • In spite of the rubber stand, the machine vibrates a bit

2. Bosch Washing Machine Stand

If we talk about quality build and durability, then this Bosch Siemens washing machine stand will perhaps be the first choice of many. It is made of powder-coated steel that can withstand heavy loaded machines. Its solid build and coating make it water and corrosion-resistant.

This is the best washing machine stand to settle for if the size matches. Also, it is a tad bit costly as compared to all trolley stands on this list. But you must also consider that quality comes with a price. However, for some reason, the company says that this product is best for front-load washing machines only, and so we would advise you to buy it for the same.

Bosch Washing Machine Stand

It does not have wheels. So, easy movability is not something this offers. Also, the stand’s dimensions are not adjustable either, which restrains its use.

The washing machine stand is primarily meant for Bosch and Siemens appliances. It has the dimension of 540mm X 490 mm. However, if the measurement of the gap between your washing machine’s legs is exactly 540mm X 490 mm, you can buy it as well, irrespective of the brand.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • 5 Kgs weight,
  • High-quality powder-coated steel,
  • Anti-skid feet,
  • Resistant to corrosion and water,
  • Best suited for top-load machines.

PROS (good things)

  • Excellent quality
  • Is extremely durable
  • Brand value
  • is corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable height mechanism

CONS (poor things)

  • A little on the pricey side
  • Dimensions are not adjustable
  • Does not have wheels

3. NTC Washing Machine Stand

Everyone wants, loves, and looks for products that are economical and durable at the same time. If these are the criteria you have, you will love this washing machine stand by NTC.

If you love value for money products, you should settle for this washing machine stand. This one will give you a good amount of movability and ease of use. If you are buying the stand ahead of the washing machine, or want a stand for multiple uses, this is a pretty good option.

NTC Washing Machine Stand

It is made of thick powder-coated iron and is rust-resistant, which makes it durable. This stand has adjustable arms, that can stretch from 480mm to 760 mm. The breadth can be adjusted between 400mm to 600mm.

The washing machine stand has wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and also have rubber stands on all four sides.

It is easy to assemble and comfortable to move around. But, this cloth washer stand is especially for those who have a top-load machine at home, but owners of front-load machines can buy this trolley stand too.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • Adjustable length and breadth,
  • Rust-resistant coating,
  • 360 degrees rotating wheels,
  • Vibration-reducing rubber stands.

PROS (good things)

  • Economical pricing
  • length and breadth adjusting mechanism
  • It is rust-resistant
  • Made of good quality Iron
  • The wheels swivel 360 degrees
  • Vibration reducing stands

CONS (poor things)

  • The maximum capacity is only 8 kgs
  • Wheel quality can be better

4. INSAK HOMES Washing Machine Stand

First things first, this washing machine trolley is the only for top-load machines. It is a universal trolley stand that can accommodate pretty much any machine with a door on the top. The maximum load capacity is a whopping 150 Kgs, which further makes it one of the best washing machines stands in India.

This is yet another great washing machine stand to purchase. The adjustable mechanism, smooth-moving wheels, and premium quality metal body are ideal for a top-loading washing machine.

INSAK HOMES Washing Machine Stand

This trolley is made of powder-coated iron and is rust-resistant. It is durable, affordable, and universal! It can extend its arms quite a bit to accommodate most machines.

This washing machine stand has rubber jacks that you need to lower once you have positioned your appliance.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • Extendable length and breadth,
  • Smooth swivelling wheels,
  • Rubber jacks for stability and noise reduction,
  • Made of rust-resistant iron with powder coating.

PROS (good things)

  • Quality build
  • Durable and anti-rust coating
  • The maximum load capacity of 150 kgs
  • Rubber jack reduces vibrations and noise
  • 1-year warranty

CONS (poor things)

  • Only for Top Load machines
  • The wheels are made of plastic

5. Irkaja Washing Machine Stand

Who said that washing machine stands barely make any difference to the outlook of a home? This particular product has a quirky look with a white body and green wheels, which will surely add a definition to the appearance of the machine.

We would suggest this product to all who want a versatile stand that can endure a lot of weight. Its outlook, build quality, and features make it one of the best washing machines stands in India.

Irkaja Washing Machine Stand

The trolley stand has adjustable arms that you can extend and shrink according to need. The minimum length of it is 19 inches and is extendable up to 32 inches. The breadth is 16 inches, at the minimum and 26 at the maximum. You can as well adjust the height from 3.5 to 4.5 inches.

Its body is entirely made of iron and is powder-coated to repel rust. The wheels give this washing machine stand great movability. It rotates 360 degrees so that you can move freely along with the cloth washer in your house.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • Heavy duty metal,
  • Durable and rust-resistant,
  • Adjustable dimensions,
  • 360-degree rotating wheels

PROS (good things)

  • Easy to Install
  • Economical
  • Easy movability
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Durable
  • Quirky look

CONS (poor things)

  • Takes time to adjust sides

6. Joshi Trollies Washing Machine Stand

Those of you who want an open space beneath the trolley for easy cleaning must like this one. As this sleek, black washing machine stand has a height of 8 inches above the ground. It has four wheels attached to each leg. The height of each wheel is 3 inches, and the metal pipe is 5 inches in length.

It is an uncomplicated trolley that you should buy only after measuring out the length and breadth between the legs of your washing machine. The rubber wheels are not the smoothest and while they do an excellent job at absorbing vibrations, but not great for stabilizing your washing machine.

Joshi Trollies Washing Machine Stand

However, the dimensions are not adjustable. So, measure out the length and breadth of your washing machine before you purchase this trolley online. Its dimensions are 21.5 L x 21.5 B x 8 H inches.

This stand by Joshi Trollies has soft edges so that no accidents occur. The body material is iron, but the wheels, on the other hand, are made of rubber.

The manufacturer also warns the user not to let this stand come in contact with corrosive fluids, such as laundry stain removers, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, etc. You must note that this trolley is suitable only for top-loading machines.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • Sleek look,
  • Rubber wheels to absorb vibrations,
  • 8 inches height

PROS (good things)

  • Sleek design
  • Elevated height
  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Durable
  • Sturdy

CONS (poor things)

  • Fewer features
  • Non-adjustable arms
  • No rubber jacks
  • Lacks anti-corrosion coating

7. Aviksha Enterprise Washing Machine Stand

This grey trolley for top load washing machines is a versatile product that can smoothly carry other appliances too; such as dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. It has wheels that rotate in all directions.

Some consumers have complained of its clips becoming rigid. It also lacks an anti-rust coating. However, it offers a ton of other features at a pretty reasonable price. If you love its features more than the drawbacks, this one is definitely for you.

Aviksha Enterprise Washing Machine Stand

With this stand, you will not have to put extra effort in pulling the rubber jack. To provide security and stability to the cloth washer, all you have to do is just flip the locks that are attached to each of its wheels.

You can also adjust the dimensions of this washing machine stand. The minimum length is 45 cms, which can be stretched to 70 cms. The breath can be extended from 40 cms to 70 cms. The maximum height of this product is 11 cms.

Best features of this washing machine trolley

  • The anti-skid wheel locking system,
  • 150 kgs load capacity,
  • Anti-slip rubber pad on the top panel,
  • Embedded balance level indicator.

PROS (good things)

  • Rubber pads for anti-slip function
  • Wheel locking technology
  • quality build and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good weight-bearing capacity
  • All size top-loader machines can fit

CONS (poor things)

  • Only meant for top-loaders
  • Lock clips can sometimes become rigid
  • Does not have anti-rust coating

8. Glister 4-Pieces Washing Machine Stand

If you like to keep life hassle-free, then you will love this particular machine stand on our list. With these stands, there is no messy assembling or caring for the coating. These are plain plastic stands of sturdy quality.

If you are a person who wants to stay away from the modern concepts of fixtures or would like a cost-effective option, we have these for you. These are simple, old-school, and very easy to use.

Glister 4-Pieces Washing Machine Stand

What makes them one of the best? Well, it is their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility.

These are four pieces of plastic footrests with the dimensions of 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches. You can as well place a dishwasher or a fridge on top of these.

Best features of this washing machine stand

  • 2 inches thickness,
  • Multipurpose stand

PROS (good things)

  • Uncomplicated
  • Economical
  • Sturdy
  • Plastic is naturally rust and corrosion resistant
  • Is suitable for both front and top load machines

CONS (poor things)

  • Cannot withstand a load over 60 kgs
  • Manual adjustment of placement can be a little hassle
  • Does not have anti-skid rubber layer on the bottom

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider When Buying a Washing Machine Stand?

There are also many varieties of stands or trolleys present in the market or even in the online market. That will allow handling different types of weight and sizes.

This section focusses on different aspects to washing machine stands that are important to keep your appliance safe and comfy!

1. How brands differ in features?

Stands by different brands differ in many ways, here is the generic guideline:

  • Bosch and Siemens: These stands are designed and developed by BOSCH. The unique square frame pedestal is a heavy-duty square frame pedestal. Tested according to the German Standards, this square frame pedestal is the best because it provides high stability and minimal vibration.
  • INSAK Homes: The trolleys provided by INSAK are universal as well as adjustable, which makes it a very handy buying option. They are movable, giving your washing machine mobility and making your work easy.  Also, these stands are suitable for all brands like: Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, Samsung, IFB, Videocon, Bosch etc.
  • Smart Shelter: These stands have a size adjustment mechanism so that they can accommodate all front load / top load washing machines. Its use is dynamic because it can accommodate almost all brands. It’s 100 % Metal Body has an amazing load-carrying capacity of 140 kgs.
  • Aviksha Enterprises: With 4 heavy duty double wheels, it makes your washing machine very portable. It has an anti-slip rubber pad on top of the panel. It helps to provide a firm grip on the machine feet. Even this stand is compatible with washing machines of all sizes.

2. What is best fit size for your appliance?

  • Weight: From 5kgs to 160 kgs, there are durable stands for big, small and medium washing machines. Many brands offer a range of stands in different sizes, while some brands exclusively cater to either small, domestic machines or the large, commercial ones. It is advisable that your stand is capable of taking as much load as your machine.
  • Height: Another aspect of this is the adjustability factor. Many stands have height adjustability. Even if they don’t, stands are usually 3-4 cms high. Most adjustable stands can be adjusted by length, height, and width of the stand.

3. Is there a stoppage mechanism for safety?

The jacks at the bottom of the washing machine stands play an important role. They are an important feature of the quality of which should be kept in mind to keep your machine still.

  • The locking mechanism that comes with a buffer helps in keeping machine still
  • The rubber jacks can handle the washing machine vibration by absorbing it
  • Heavy-duty twin wheels along with a great locking mechanism. There are two lock wheels and two plain wheels stand available and the user can choose the wheels that they find best for them
  • The metal wheels with 360 degrees rotating mechanisms are available to provide excellent grip
  • Polypropylene wheels are other types of wheels that provide a nice grip to the washing machine
  • Pedestal wheels that have anti-skid and anti-vibration mechanism help in absorbing machine vibrations
  • The washing machine stands come with anti-slip rubber panels that provide a firm grip to the washing machine feet.

Common Questions on Stands

1. Is it safe to use stand or trolley for washing machines?

Of course yes, but make sure you know the stoppage mechanism. Stands helps you to move washing machine easily from one place to another, helps to avoid corrosion by water spills and overall improves the durability of washing machine.

2. What is the important criteria to get a washing machine stand?

You washing machine capacity and type is important factor to choose the stand. Also, stand should carry the weight of your washing machines. Apart from these other criteria is mentioned earlier in this post.

3. Which is best: adjustable or non-adjustable washing machine stand?

It is always recommended that you go for an adjustable stand because then you can set it as per your requirements. But a non-adjustable one is not all that bad because it also helps in the safety of your washing machine.

Over to You

Best washing machine stands not only make appliances moveable but also help in protection of any appliances. Therefore, make sure you buy the one that really meets your considerations. For the reasons mentioned earlier, we find below two as best washing machine stand and trolley in India:

So consider a durable and adjustable stand or trolley because the will provide you more space and also the value for money.

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