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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Indian Home | 2023 Guide

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Indian Home

To remove the dust from your precious space with ease, you need the best vacuum cleaner for your home. That will help you to enjoy faster, stress-free tidying-up. To make the right choice, you need to know which is the best vacuum cleaner suitable for Indian homes.

However, today there are so many types of vacuum cleaners in India – wireless, bagless, wet and dry, handheld and the life-changing robot vacuum cleaners. In this post, we’ve rounded up the absolute best ones you can buy in India.

List of Best Vacuum Cleaners for Indian Home

Philips vacuum Cleaner1900 WEPA-101.5 litre2 years
Inalsa Spruce Vacuum1200 WBag type2 litre2 years
Karcher Vacuum Cleaner
Best Heavy-duty (home)
1000 WCartridge filter17 litre1 year
Eureka Forbes Vaccum
Best Lightweight
1000 WBag type1 litre1 year
BLACK+DECKER Vacuum800 WCloth bag filter0.9 litre1 year
Prestige Vacuum Cleaner1200 WAdvanced HEPA10 litre1 year
Balzano Aero Vac Vacuum
Best Stick Model
600 WCyclone HEPA1 litre1 year
AmazonBasics Vacuum700 WHEPA1.5 litre2 years
American Micronic Vacuum
Best Heavy-duty (office)
1600 WHEPA21 litre1 year

* Capacity – Dust Bag Capacity of vacuum cleaner

Detailed Review of Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Office

Vacuum cleaners come in many designs and brands. This sections discusses all features in details for each of our top picks.

1. Philips 1900W vacuum Cleaner

The Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 might not have the most pocket-friendly price tag but is one of the best vacuum cleaners you can lay your hand on. It is compact and can be easily moved around owing to its large wheels. This stylish blue and black model by Philips has power cyclone 5 technology that leaves air cleaner than ever by separating dust from the air.

Philips 1900W vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • The 1900 watts power and 370 watts suction make it one of the best mid-budget Vacuum cleaners
  • Turbo Brush removes 25% more dander and hair.
  • The advance dust container ensures hygienic emptying.
  • It features automatic cord winding.
  • Active lock coupling allows hassle-free attaching and detaching different nozzles.

Filters and Brushes

The Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 uses an EPA10 filter. It gives a standard performance but isn’t as effective as HEPA filters. The brushes that come with this vacuum cleaning unit are:

  • Turbo Brush– It removes dirt, dust, dander, and hair from the floor and flat surfaces.
  • Soft Brush– It is suitable for vacuuming furniture and car-interiors.

What does the package includes?

  • The main vacuum unit
  • 1 soft brush
  • 1 turbo brush
  • Multi-clean nozzle
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

PROS (good things)

  • High suction force
  • Leaves air clean
  • EPA 10 filter
  • 2 years warranty
  • For both home and commercial use

CONS (poor things)

  • Price on the higher side
  • Fewer attachments
  • Does not have a blower
  • Action radius is just 9m

2. Inalsa Spruce-1200W Vacuum Cleaner

The Inalsa Spruce 1200 watts vacuum cleaner should be your choice if you want a portable machine to have blower and suction at the same time. This machine will not only take care of your house but can care for itself as well as it is equipped with an overheat protection feature. The suction power of 180 watts and 360 swiveling wheels enable you to draw out the unwanted particles in an efficient and convenient way.

 Inalsa Spruce-1200W Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • The vacuum unit has on-body storage space for the pipe and comes with a retractor.
  • Thermal overheat protection shuts down the engine for a short while in case of over-heating.
  • Dust-bag full indicator that prompts right at the time the machine needs a change.
  • Inbuilt blower unsettles stubborn dust from surfaces and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.
  • Its cloth bag type filter is washable and reusable.
  • You can as well adjust the suction power with a button that is there on the handgrip.

Filters and Brushes

You will not have to shell-out money to change the filter of this Vacuum cleaner. Because the Inalsa Spruce 1200W Vacuum cleaner uses a cloth bag filter that you can wash and reuse.

The brushes that come along with this Vacuum cleaner are;

  • Floor-cum-Carpet Brush- For cleaning floor, carpets or other flat surfaces.
  • Crevice Nozzle cum Upholstery Brush– Crevice nozzle is ideal for pulling out dust or cobwebs from the corners. The attachable upholstery brush is for cleaning curtains, cushions or furniture.
  • Sofa Brush- This brush is dedicated for cleaning sofas, couches, and lounges.

What does the package includes?

  • The main unit
  • 1 sofa brush with slider
  • 1 blower plate
  • 2 extension pipes
  • Crevice nozzle with detachable upholstery brush head
  • 1 floor/carpet brush
  • 1 washable cloth bag

PROS (good things)

  • Overheat protection
  • Retractable pipe
  • 360-degree rotating front-wheel
  • Washable filter
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Has blower feature
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight & easy to move around

CONS (poor things)

  • Meant only for dry surface
  • The blower is not powerful enough

3. Karcher 1000W Vacuum Cleaner

This one is an immensely popular model with over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon. It is a robust and multifunctional vacuum unit that can clean both dry and wet surfaces. This appliance uses German technology and gives super-powerful performance with just 1000 watts power! The Karcher WD 3 is yet another mid-budget vacuum cleaner which is best within its range.

Salient Features

  • The practical blower removes dust from places where brushes cannot reach.
  • This cleaner is superb for both wet and dry surfaces.
  • It has designated slots for accessory storage on the main unit.
  • This vacuum cleaner isn’t the lightest, but it is certainly easy to wheel around.
  • It is easy ‘pull & push’ locking system.

Filters and Brushes

The Karcher WD 3 uses a washable cartridge filter that minimizes the recurring cost of buying filters. The brushes and other cleaning attachments that come along with the Karcher WD 3 are:

  • Wet and Dry floor nozzle– A single nozzle to pick up dirt, pebbles, leaves, water or spilled drinks.
  • Crevice Nozzle– it is ideal for dirt that won’t come off easily.

What does the package includes?

  • Vacuum cleaner unit
  • 1 hose pipe
  • 2 extension pipes
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dust bag
  • Cartridge filter

PROS (good things)

  • Powerful suction and cleaning function
  • Efficient blower
  • Uses 1000 watts and saves energy
  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Attachment storage on the body
  • Washable cartridge filter
  • 17-litre dust bag capacity

CONS (poor things)

  • Limited attachments
  • The power cord is not retractable
  • Does not have an on-site warranty
  • Fewer service centres.

4. Eureka Forbes 1000-Watt Home Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a portable Vacuum cleaner model that gives a power-packed cleaning, the Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip 1000 watt is the right choice. This canister model vacuum cleaner has a number of attachments to ensure every corner of your house remains clean and free from dirt, dust or mites. The appliance is lightweight with an automatic cord winder to render it with mobility and space-efficiency.

Eureka Forbes 1000-Watt Home Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • 1000 watts power and 1700 suction motor provide decent performance in eliminating unwanted particles.
  • Power cord length of 2 meters enables you to move it across the room.
  • The cord is retractable and is stored in the body of the vacuum cleaner.
  • This appliance has an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to change the dust bag.
  • You can regulate the suction, using its ‘suction-control’ feature.

Filters and Brushes

This appliance uses a bag-type filter. The Cleaning heads and Brushes that come along with this cleaner are;

  • 1 carpet brush– sucks dust and dirt of floor and carpet
  • Crevice nozzle– It sucks dust off the hard-to-reach corners of a house
  • 1 upholstery brush– Ideal for running over beds, sofas, and cushions
  • 1 Multipurpose brush– For cleaning showpieces, hardwoods, racks and tiles

What does the package includes?

  • Vacuum cleaning unit
  • 1 piece of flexible hosepipe
  • 2 tubes for extension
  • 1 carpet brush
  • 1 crevice nozzle
  • 4 complimentary dust bags
  • 1 upholstery nozzle

PROS (good things)

  • Easily portable
  • Great performance
  • Easy to store
  • Budget-friendly
  • 6 attachments
  • Complimentary dust bags

CONS (poor things)

  • Capacity is 1 litre
  • Not suitable for wet surfaces
  • Does not have a blower

5. BLACK+DECKER 800Watts Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for the best hand-held vacuum cleaner that you can carry around from place to place, we have it right here for you. This sleek white model is easy to store and simple to use. It comes with a seamless working mechanism within a competitive price.

BLACK+DECKER 800Watts Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • This vacuum cleaner by Black+Decker can perform the function of a blower as well.
  • It is lightweight, hassle-free to operate and convenient to store
  • The bag type filter is washable, which eliminate recurring expenditure on new filters.
  • The 5-meter-long cord, along with several attachments, gives a wide access area.

Filters and Brushes

The Black+Decker VH-801 800 has a washable cloth bag filter that can be easily removed and put back in. This vacuum cleaner comes with 3 brush heads for thoroughly cleaned interiors of your house and vehicle;

  • Upholstery brush- Clean carpets and floor with the upholstery brush
  • Turbo Brush– Reaches places where the upholstery brush cannot.
  • Multi-our purpose Brush- to run over random objects that have gathered dirt.

What does the package includes?

  • Vacuum cleaner unit
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Blow nozzle
  • Shoulder strap
  • Multipurpose brush
  • Upholstery brush
  • Turbo brush
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Extension hose

PROS (good things)

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Can vacuum clean and blow away layer of dust and debris
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Washable cloth bag

CONS (poor things)

  • Not suitable for larger homes
  • The suction force is decent but not very powerful

6. Prestige 1200 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Prestige is an Indian brand well-known for making quality products at an affordable price. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for both wet and dry surfaces. You can easily move it around in spite of its bulky body owing to the 360-degree swivelling wheel.

Prestige 1200 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • This Prestige vacuum cleaner uses an Advanced HEPA filter.
  • The blower helps get rid of debris in areas where suction heads cannot reach.
  • Power suction cleans dry and wet surfaces like a pro.
  • It has an ‘auto-cut-flow’ cuts the inflow of liquid automatically when the dust barrel is full and prevents engine damage.

Filters and Brushes

The Advanced HEPA filter of this appliance will suck-out most of the dust, dirt, pollen, dander, allergens, and mites off the air it sucks in. After which, it will release the same air back into the room. The brush heads that come included in its package are:

  • Floor Brush- Ideal for picking up small particles off the floor.
  • Absorbing Brush– It is for absorbing liquids from the floor.
  • Corner Brush– To scrub-off and collect accumulated dirt layers that form in the crannies and corners.
  • Crevice tool- it is perfect for power-suction of the suspended particulate matter.

What does the package includes?

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Floor brush
  • Corner brush
  • Absorbing brush
  • Crevice head
  • Hosepipe
  • 3 Extension tubes

PROS (good things)

  • Large capacity dust bag
  • Easy mobility
  • Prevents water overflow into the bucket automatically
  • Advanced HEPA filter
  • Suitable for wet and dry cleaning
  • Has Blower

CONS (poor things)

  • The power cord is not retractable
  • Heating issues
  • Fewer service centres

7. Balzano Aero Vac 600W Small Vacuum Cleaner

The Balzano Aero Vac is your friend if you are searching for a vacuum specifically to clean floors and carpets. Weighing just about 4 pounds, it is a bagless model. You can move it around freely and tuck it away in any corner or closet of the house. You will be amazed by its performance once you bring home this stylish yet cost-effective cleaner.

Balzano Aero Vac 600W Small Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • This lightweight vacuum cleaner can be maneuvered easily.
  • Uses advanced cyclone HEPA filter that is washable.
  • It will turn the appliance off automatically when it overheats.
  • Has an easy-to-empty dust cup for hassle-free operation.

Filters and Brushes

The machine uses ‘ Advanced Cyclone HEPA Filter’ that uses centrifugal force to separate dust from the air. This vacuum cleaner comes with the following brush heads:

  • One floor brush– This is the primary attachment that cleans the floor.
  • Crevice Nozzle- Use it to clean dirt and debris off places where the floor brush won’t reach.

What does the package includes?

  • The vacuuming unit
  • Chrome tube
  • 1 floor brush
  • 1 crevice nozzle
  • Small dirt cup capacity

PROS (good things)

  • easy to handle
  • Affordable price
  • Heat protection
  • Good suction force
  • An advanced cyclone HEPA filtration

CONS (poor things)

  • Small dirt cup
  • Heating issues
  • Not ideal for wet use

8. AmazonBasics 700W Vacuum Cleaner

If you are in quest of an overall amazing cleaning appliance, you must settle for the AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner. Its sleek black body is of the cylindrical type with an auto-cord rewinder. This vacuum cleaner will leave your house a super-clean and hygienic owing to its high-grade HEPA filtration.

AmazonBasics 700W Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • The energy efficiency rating of this product is ‘A,’ which means it consumes lesser power and saves money on electricity bills.
  • It has an ‘A’ rating for re-emission of dust while cleaning the hard floor; the same is ‘D’ while it is cleaning carpets.
  • The HEPA 12 filter ensures that 99.5% of dust, allergens, and house pollutants get trapped in the filter.
  • The filter is washable, which reduces its operating cost.
  • It produces low sound (78 dB) and will not disturb your child during exams or muff the sound coming from the TV.
  • The suction regulator on the appliance offers versatility, which caters to your varying needs.
  • No messy long cords as it has a rewindable cord feature that works perfectly well.

Filters and Brushes

This appliance uses a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, grade 12, to ensure that 99.5% of dust and other pollutants are eliminated from the air that passes through the cleaner.

The cleaning brushes that come along with this AmazonBasics vacuum cleaner are;

  • Carpet/Floor Brush– This is the largest brush that has a ‘switch’ on it to shift from ‘carpet mode’ to ‘hard-floor mode.’
  • Turbo Brush– It is perfect for pulling out debris and dander from sofa-corners, underneath cupboards and similar places.
  • Multi-purpose Dusting Brush– This one is best for dusting racks, shelves, car-dashboards, etc.

What does the package includes?

  • The main unit
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 2 complimentary paper bags
  • 1 turbo brush
  • 1 carpet brush
  • A crevice nozzle
  • 1 multi-purpose brush
  • Single hose pipe
  • 1 Hepa-12 Filter
  • User guide

PROS (good things)

  • Power-packed performance
  • Good customer service
  • HEPA-12 filter
  • Washable filter
  • Rewindable cord
  • Suction control
  • Saves energy
  • 2 years warranty

CONS (poor things)

  • Not for wet surfaces
  • Dust bag capacity is low
  • Lacks blower function

9. American Micronic 1600W Vacuum Cleaner

This one is by far one of the best on our list of the best Vacuum cleaners. However, we have placed it towards the end because of its price range, which is a tad bit on the higher side. Also, it has a traditional model that might not go well with modern interiors. However, this machine is suitable for both wet and dry surfaces and will leave your house without a speck of dust.

American Micronic 1600W Vacuum Cleaner

Salient Features

  • It has a ‘Tank Drain’ which will enable you to dispose of the trash pretty easy.
  • You can use it to clean both dry and wet surfaces.
  • The dust bag that comes along with this vacuum cleaner is washable
  • It performs the 2-in-1 action of suction and blower
  • Stainless steel body accounts for its durability.

Filters and Brushes

The American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDx uses a HEPA filter to purify the air that escapes through it after being pulled in through suction.

The Brushes that come along with this appliance are;

  • Floor Brush– With this, you can scoop up any dry or wet trash from the floor.
  • Upholstery Brush– This brush is the one to use on sofas, divans, lounges, and beds.
  • Crevice Nozzle– to perform suction on the tough-to-reach corners.

What does the package includes?

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Floor/carpet brush
  • Hosepipe
  • 2 extension pipes
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Warranty Card
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Instruction Manual

PROS (good things)

  • 21-liter dust bag capacity
  • 1600 watts power
  • suitable for dry and wet cleaning
  • Stainless steel body
  • HEPA filter
  • Impressive suction
  • Blower works well

CONS (poor things)

  • Makes slightly more noise
  • Non-retractable power cord
  • Price on the higher side

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Best Vacuum Cleaner for Indian Home?

Vacuum cleaner that works well on floors and carpets need not necessarily be effective in eliminating dust from your sofa upholstery or computer keyboards. Therefore, you have different types of vacuum cleaners for different purposes.

This guide will walk you through each type of vacuum cleaner and explain the benefits and drawbacks.

1. What type of vacuum cleaner you need?

Domestic vacuum cleaners come in many types. Below 5 are main vacuum categories and we will look at them in details.

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner (most common type in India)
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Type of vacuum cleaners in India
Type of vacuum cleaners in India

a) Canister vacuum cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaner comes with a cylinder integrated with a motor and a storage container. The cylinder has a suction nozzle that connects to a hosepipe. This equipment can be a bit heavy. Hence, you have wheels that allow you to drag the equipment wherever you go.


  • Does not make much noise
  • Has different types of attachments to cater to different uses
  • Moving the equipment is easy


  • The instrument can be a bulky one
  • The hose, wand, and telescopic tubes make it difficult to store
  • Usually you find cords getting entangled

b) Handheld vacuum cleaner

This is comparatively lighter model capable of easier manoeuvrability. The canister model is not efficient while cleaning the car interiors and other tricky locations. The handheld vacuum cleaner caters to these tasks easily.

These are compact equipment that you can carry everywhere easily. Not weighing more than 2 kg, this vacuum cleaner does not have any bags for collecting dust particles. The modern-day handheld vacuum cleaners do not have electric cords as they function on the strength of an inbuilt battery.


  • Compared to the other models, they are light and easy to handle
  • Cleaning floors, sofa sets, and car interiors is easy with this vacuum cleaner
  • Comparatively inexpensive


  • Usually they run on batteries. Hence, you face power issues.
  • Even though they weigh only 2 kg, you have to carry them. That makes it a bit cumbersome.

c) Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaner stands upright. This is a recent addition to the Indian market. You can see these vacuum cleaners in almost every home in countries like the US. This is most ideal to clean halls and large open carpet areas. The nozzle head is very near to the carpet / floor thereby making it very easy to clean floors.


  • Compared to the canister cleaner, this one is easy to store
  • This vacuum cleaner is the best when it comes to deep cleaning of carpets and floors.
  • This machine has larger bags as compared to the canister models.
  • The flexibility of the hose and the upright nature of the machine make it versatile.


  • Not possible to manoeuvre beneath furniture items
  • Not feasible for cleaning sofa sets
  • Does not have a retractable electricity cord
  • Comparatively heavier, hence difficult to clean staircases

d) Stick Vacuum cleaners

Compared to upright vacuum cleaner, stick model is easily manoeuvrable. You can use this vacuum cleaner to clean areas where the upright cleaners cannot. Cleaning beneath furniture and staircases is easy using this machine. You can also use this vacuum cleaner to clean the interiors of cars.


  • Extremely light and easy to use
  • No need to bend over thereby making it great for people with back problems
  • Works on batteries hence, no cause for entangling of wires and electrical cords
  • Ideal for picking up litter, cleaning interiors of cars


  • Not perfectly ideal for cleaning carpets and floors
  • Fairly small dirt collection bin

e) Robotic Vacuum cleaner

Thes are the most advanced type of vacuum cleaner available in India. These machines look like the UFOs you see in science fiction movies, but on a smaller scale.

You can set the timing for the machine to start on its own. Ensure that the battery has enough power. There are machines capable of recharging on their own when it senses low battery levels. They find their way to the docking station and start the recharge process themselves.


  • Compact and handy to use
  • Programmable to function at any time
  • Can clean below furniture and all over the rooms
  • Automatic charging facility


  • Cannot clean staircases
  • Incapable of cleaning sofas, beds and other items placed at a height
  • Smaller dirt collection container requiring weekly maintenance

Summary of vacuum cleaner types and their use

UprightRemoving dust from large and plush carpets. They also work well on hard floors.
CanisterCleaning bare floors, staircase, hard to reach areas, sofa sets, underneath furniture, upholstery, carpets, curtains etc.
StickLight-weight and handy perfect for quick cleaning tasks. Good for cleaning spills, underneath furniture, staircase, car interiors.
Hand-heldGood at small cleaning tasks and spot cleaning. Can be used for cleaning closets, car-interior, vents, windowsills, cobweb from the corners, couch, vents, car-interiors, upholsteries.
RobotPerfect fit for those who don’t like vacuuming or stuck with a busy life. Works well for cleaning floors, carpets and mattress.
Steam MopCleans only hard surfaces. Can be used on the wooden floor, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and linoleum. Some attachments can help with cleaning countertops, wall, ceiling, and furniture.
Wet / DryCleaning wet/dry garbage from the garage, commercial sites, and workshops.

2. With Bag or Bag-less: Which one is good?

Bags can hold more dust and they are easy to dispose. However, you do not know whether the bags are full unless you remove them to have a look. The reusable bins are transparent. This allows you to judge the volume of dirt inside it thereby allowing you to empty it easily.

The canister vacuum cleaners come with a bag inside the container. In case you go for the upright machine, you have the option to use a disposable bag or a reusable bin.

3. Wet vs Dry vacuum cleaners

Wet vacuum cleaners are useful for picking up glass pieces and water/drinks spilled on the floors/carpets. You can also clean bathroom floors. It saves a lot of time mopping up the floors.

4. What type of filters used in vacuum cleaner?

The present-day vacuum cleaners come equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. They are capable of eliminating 99.99% of dirt, dust, pollen, and other impurities as small as 0.3 microns.

The HEPA filter consists of a glass fibre arranged in the form of a mesh to trap the minute particulate matter. There are other types of filters such as foam filter, charcoal filters, cloth filter and disk filter.

5. How noisy they are?

Noise has nothing to do with the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners working with a cyclonic action do emit a lot of sound. Check out the levels to avoid disturbing other families.

6. Is it easily portable?

Having a portable cleaner is always handy as you can transport them to various parts of the rooms easily.

This is an important part in your decision making process. You should be identifying the areas that require cleaning before deciding on the type of machine to buy.

7. Do you need cordless or wireless type?

Tangling of the cords is a major area of concern in any vacuum cleaner. Hence, you might feel the need for a cordless cleaner. Check out you major usability areas.

You have vacuum cleaners with retractable power cords. The wireless battery operated machines are useful but require frequent charging. They lose efficiency when you have batteries with low charge.

8. What additional accessories available?

Check out the accessories that come with these vacuum cleaners. The canister type cleaners come with different types of brushes and telescopic extension tube. Check out for the compatible brushes for cleaning radiators, TV and electronic equipment etc.

Common Questions on Vacuum Cleaners

1. How often we need to replace the vacuum bags?

You replace the bags after they become full.
If you have hairy pets and children in your home, the usage frequency is high. Under such circumstances, the dust bags get filled up earlier than usual. Similarly, vacuuming carpeted floors can also full up the bags quickly.

2. What is the best Vacuum cleaner brand in India?

Some of the best vacuum cleaner brands in India are: Dyson, Mielie, Eureka Forbes, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, American Micronic etc

3. Why my vacuum cleaner suddenly started making loud noises?

Check your vacuum bag or the filters. When they become full or covered fully with debris they start to create some noise. This is because they try harder to create a suction when the inside full.
To fix the excessive noise, clean all the dirt from filters or replace the vacuum bags with a new one.

Over to You

In this post we have seen some of the best vacuum cleaner for Indian homes available online today. Detailed buying guide should help you choose your vacuum cleaner with ease.

Make sure you buy the right one for your usage and ensure that you eliminate the dust and the pollen from your house.

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