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SMARTLIST » Home Appliances » Best Steam Mop in India | Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner Review 2023

Best Steam Mop in India | Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner Review 2023

Best Steam Mop in India

Steam cleaning could be the answer to keeping our homes safe, clean and germ-free. Heat treatment has been shown to be effective at killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Best steam mop is the perfect solution to disinfect items that you can’t launder or clean using regular detergents, such as soft furnishings, upholstery, mattresses, and other surfaces used by multiple people.

Moreover, steam cleaning requires nothing more than water from your tap, and you won’t need detergents or harsh chemical products. But which steam cleaner you need to buy? There are many brands and designs available in India and this post helps you figure which is the best steam cleaner with a detailed guide.

List of Best Steam Mops In India

Karcher Steam Cleaner1900 wNA1 year
Shark Ninja SteamBest Pick1500 w13 inch1 year
Deerma Steam Cleaner1600 w7 inch1 year
Sienna Flex Steam Mop1500 w11 inch1 year
Bissell Vacuum / Steam Mop1100 w11 inch2 year

** Width – cleaning width of the mop in inches

Detailed Review of Best Steam Mops In India

Let us take a deeper look at top steam cleaners. Each of our picks have features and pros unique to them, so make sure it meets your needs at home.

1. Karcher SC 3 Plastic Easy fix Steam Cleaner

While Karcher SC 3 is not the most compact model out there, you surely get a highly powerful steam cleaner of an industrial-grade.

Karcher SC 3 Plastic Easy fix Steam Cleaner

It has a very high wattage rating of 1900 watts, which is the highest in this article, making it the most powerful unit present here. However, it can offer this while having a 2 unit design, which is not the most practical design out there.

Thanks to its high-performance rating, it is able to heat up water within 30 seconds so that you can start using this steam cleaner right away. Karcher offers a 1-year long warranty with its steam cleaner to make sure that it keeps working for a long time. Unfortunately, Karcher has not given any specific cleaning width, which can be an issue for some.

Salient features

  • Wattage rating of 1900 watts
  • Heats up water within 90 seconds
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty

PROS (good things)

  • High-performance steam cleaner
  • Large cleaning mop
  • Offers wheels on the primary unit

CONS (poor things)

  • Does not mention a cleaning width rating

2. Shark Ninja Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

SharnkNinja and its Steam Pocket Mop is one of the most popular options out there if you are looking for a steam cleaner. It can be a great option for all those of you who want a steam cleaner for using it at home, thanks to its small and compact design.

Shark Ninja Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

Despite having a compact design, you get a pretty decent wattage rating of 1500 watts with it. The best thing about this steam cleaner is that you get a cleaning width of 13 inches, which is the highest in this article.

Because it uses steam, you can expect it to offer up to 99.9% sanitization.

Salient features

  • Wattage rating of 1500 watts
  • Uses a 13-inch cleaning width mop
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty

PROS (good things)

  • High width steam cleaner
  • Offers 99.9% sanitization
  • Compact and home-friendly steam cleaner

CONS (poor things)

  • A bit on the expensive side

3. Deerma ZQ600 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner

If you are on a budget, you should consider the Deerma ZQ600 steam cleaner because it is the cheapest option present in this article. And as you would expect, it is made for home usage because of its form factor as well as performance numbers.

 Deerma ZQ600 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner

Speaking of performance, you get a very high wattage rating of 1600 watts. But, since this has a cleaning width of 7 inches, it is not made for heavy-duty usage. Thankfully, the lower cleaning width results in a compact and handy steam cleaner, making it quite practical. The compact form factor also results in a small water tank capacity of just 230 ml.

Salient features

  • Wattage rating of 1600 watts
  • Uses a 7-inch cleaning width mop
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty

PROS (good things)

  • Affordable steam cleaner
  • Small and compact design
  • High power rating

CONS (poor things)

  • Small cleaning width rating

4. Sienna Flex Steam Mop (SSM-4003)

Sienna and its Sienna Flex steam mop can be another great option if you want a unit made for home-usage. Thanks to its simple and compact design, it can be used even in small home spaces without any issues. A great thing about this steam cleaner is that it offers a 1500 watt power rating, which is quite decent for most users.

Sienna Flex Steam Mop (SSM-4003)

One of the most unique things about this steam cleaner is that it comes with an adjustable handle with a variable height ranging from 39 inches to 46 inches. As for its cleaning width, it is rated at 11 inches, which is quite decent for home use and should offer decent performance to the user.

Salient features

  • Wattage rating of 1500 watts
  • Uses an 11-inch cleaning width mop
  • Includes a 1-year long warranty

PROS (good things)

  • Offers an adjustable height handle
  • Works on various surfaces
  • Decent performance for most users

CONS (poor things)

  • Slightly on the heavy side

5. Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

Coming to the last option in this article, we have Bissell Symphony, which is one of the more premium steam cleaners out there.

Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop

In fact, this vacuum cleaner is the most expensive steam cleaner present in this article. While you only get a wattage rating of 110 watts with it, this steam cleaner still offers an 11-inch cleaning width, which is quite good enough.

And it is able to offer while being quite small and compact. One of the best things about this steam cleaner is that it offers a 2-year long warranty which is quite better than others.

Salient features

  • Wattage rating of 1100 watts
  • Uses an 11-inch cleaning width mop
  • Includes a 2-year long warranty

PROS (good things)

  • Highly reliable steam cleaners
  • Compact yet powerful steam cleaner
  • Easy to use for cleaning

CONS (poor things)

  • Quite an expensive steam cleaner model

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for When Buying Steam Cleaner?

They’re here to make mopping so much easier and may be enjoyable(!). Steam mops help you keep your place clean with ease and in efficient manner. However, you should ensure to buy best steam cleaner while making this investment.

Let us look at key criteria in choosing steam mop.

1. What type of steam mops is good for you?

There are three main types of steam cleaner, so it’s worth thinking about what you’re going to want from yours before you buy.

a) Steam mops

These tend to be more compact and lightweight, easy to set up and ready to use in a matter of seconds. They have a water tank attached to the handle, and should heat up in about 20 seconds. Many come with a swivel head, making it easy to maneuver and reach under furniture and kitchen appliances. While they’re best at cleaning sealed hard floors, many steam mops can also refresh carpets and rugs when used with the necessary attachment.

However, they’ll need refilling more often than cylinder cleaners, though.

b) Cylinder steam cleaners

Cylinder models are usually heavier but have wheels to move them around the home. They tend to have the same functions as two-in-one mops, but with a more powerful steam output along with higher capacity water tanks that need refilling much less often.

c) Two-in-one steam cleaners

These act like a regular steam mop, but with the added benefit of a detachable handheld component. They’ve got more tools for different jobs that you can use to clean bathroom tiles, kitchen tops, and other washable surfaces. They can do the same cleaning tasks as cylinders, but with a smaller water tank capacity and lower power output. The handheld element is great for quick tasks, like cleaning the hob, the base of your oven or tiles.

2. What is the water tank capacity?

The smaller the water tank, the more often you’ll have to top it up. The larger the tank, the longer it’ll take to heat up before it’s ready to use, but it will last longer.

  • Cylinder models tend to have large capacities, with some holding up to two litres
  • Steam mops tend to have somewhere between 250-450ml.

3. How much time it takes to heat up full tank?

How long a steam cleaner takes to heat up before it starts pumping out steam when filled with cold or room temperature water is largely determined by the size of the tank. This can vary greatly between models.

This may be as little as 20 seconds for a steam mop and two minutes for a cylinder.

4. Does it offers variable steam option?

All but one of the models in our top ten have variable steam settings, be it an adjustable control dial or buttons for different settings.

But don’t be put off if there’s only one setting. If you’re only using the cleaner for quick and simple tasks, it should still get the job done just as well.

Steam Mop vs a Bucket of Hot Water: Which is good?

  • Once you fill a regular bucket with hot water, it immediately starts getting cold and losing its disinfecting and sanitizing properties—not to mention, it often gets dirty after the first mop rinse. A steam mop, on the other hand, retains its heat, so it always stays at the optimal temperature to disinfect floors.
  • With steam mop, you’ll never have to use harsh chemicals with overpowering scents—which aren’t ideal for use around kids, pets, or anyone with allergies—to make sure your floors are as clean as possible.
  • Another plus is that the high temperatures a steam mop reaches lift tough stains without requiring extra scrubbing, providing a deep clean for even the yuckiest of bathroom floors. It also gets them spick and span in a fraction of the time because it eliminates the need to stop, re-soak, strain, scrub, and repeat.

For the above reasons, you’ll never want to go back to a regular old mop and bucket after you give it a try with a best steam mop.

Common Questions about Steam Cleaners

1. What can I clean with steam mops?

Steam mops can be used on any surface that is not heat sensitive. This includes your floor, mattress, furniture, and much more. 

2. What chemical I have to use with steam cleaner?

No chemical has to be used. Steam cleaner has to be used by only filling water.

Over to You

If you are ready to discover the cleaning power of steam, then Shark Ninja Steam Mop is our best pick because of its multi purpose use and other reasons mentioned earlier. Check our detailed guide to find best among steam mops, cylinders and everything in between to help you decide the best one for your cleaning needs.

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