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SMARTLIST » Kitchen Appliances » Best Soda Makers for Home in India | 2023 Guide

Best Soda Makers for Home in India | 2023 Guide

Best Home Soda Maker Machine

In the hot summer, if you want to transform a plain old water into a more fun and versatile beverage then home soda machine is your ideal partner. People call this seltzer, soda, sparkling, or fizzy water. But you should ensure to buy one of the best soda makers to prepare carbonated H2O at home.

Read further to know:

  • Our hand-picked list of best soda makers for home use
  • Guide on what to consider while buying soda machine

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Besides saving you money in the long-run, a soda maker puts you in control of the ingredients in your drinks and is an environmentally friendly choice since it means fewer store-bought bottles and cans going in the trash.

Let us check reasons you need to buy a soda machine:

  • Convenient to have at home and prepare on-demand
  • Cost-effective as compared to buying soda from outside
  • Eco-friendly – save you from using tons of plastics
  • Healthier – much better than drinking sugary drinks that are filled with artificial sweeteners

List of Best Soda Makers In India

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker1LBPA free bottle1 CO2 cylinder
DrinkMate Soda Maker1LBPA free bottle3 oz CO2 cylinder
Isi Soda Siphon1 quartzStainless steelCO2 chargers
SodaStream Source Sparkling
Water Maker
1LBPA free bottle60 liter carbonator
sold separately
Fomagas Soda Maker1LBPA free bottle8 gram CO2 cartridges

Review of Best Soda Makers In India

Let us take a deeper look into each of the best soda makers listed earlier.

1. Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker 

Mr. Butler soda maker can change the flat drinking water into a refreshing fizzy drink in a few seconds. This comes in a black finished bottle that can add up to the aesthetics of your kitchen. It is quite easy to use and can be comfortably used by any age group.

Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker
  • Capacity of bottle – 1L
  • Carafe material– BPA free bottle
  • Cartridges–  CO2 cartridges

It does not require any battery or electricity to carbonate the plain drinking beverage. There is a button on top of the device that starts the carbonation by just pressing it (press 6-7 time).

This maker is quite efficient, along with plain water it can also carbonate any of your favourite juices.

It uses one CO2 cylinder that can make 25 to 35 Litres of Soda and one 1L BPA-Free PET bottle. This can serve a lot of people at the same time. In case the CO2 cylinder becomes empty it can be exchanged with a full cylinder at nominal amount for the gas.

How to operate?

  • Fill the bottle with your flat drink
  • Insert the bottle making sure the nozzle is inserted in the bottle’s head
  • Press the button 6-8 time and get a carbonated drink.

PROS (good things)

  • Makes fizzy drink in seconds
  • Eco-friendly- PET bottles are reusable and made of BPA free material
  • Makes IL of carbonate drink in just Rs 4
  • Very simple and easy to use

CONS (poor things)

  • Cartridge might not be easily feasible

2. DrinkMate Soda Maker 

This is a true contender of the best soda maker. If you want to carbonate different kinds of beverages then this is a good deal. Along with water, juice, coffee, wine, energy drinks and more beverages can be carbonated.

DrinkMate Soda Maker
  • Capacity– 1L
  • Carafe material– BPA free bottle
  • Cartridges–  3 oz CO2 cylinder

There is no need for electricity or batteries, the frizziness can be controlled by two release buttons. This fizz infusing technology is combined with control pressure that makes drinkmate an ideal soda maker.

It uses a BPA free bottle which maintains the hygiene level of your drinks.

PROS (good things)

  • Patented detachable Fizz Infuser
  • BPA free bottle
  • Visible volume mark

CONS (poor things)

  • Cannot be washed in a dishwasher

3. isi Soda Siphon 

iSi has constructed this high-quality stainless steel, elegant looking soda maker. This is compatible with a CO2 charger that can carbonate tap water or bottled water.

isi Soda Siphon
  • Capacity of bottle– 1L
  • Carafe material– stainless steel
  • Cartridges– CO2 chargers

It also features a measuring tube that prevents any accidental overfilling. And if you want personalized results that is also taken care of by the manufactures with its pressure control valve.

It can make 1 quart of soda and this is perfect to serve you at your cocktail parties. You can easily make healthy fizzy drinks with this.

PROS (good things)

  • Prevents overflowing
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Can be used with water and other juices

CONS (poor things)

  • Doesn’t include cartridges

4. SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker

Convenience is the main USP of our fourth product. You can make fresh sparkling water just by pressing a button. With this product a 60L of carbonator is sold separately. This also includes a BPA free bottle.

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker
  • Capacity– 1L
  • Carafe material– BPA free bottle
  • Cartridges–  60 liter carbonator sold separately

This 60L capacity is enough to serve your entire family.

You can make any flavourful aerated drinks easily with this device. It also features a LED carbonator indicator and snap lock bottle technology that makes it more convenient for bottle insertion.

PROS (good things)

  • Personalized carbonisation
  • 60L capacity
  • Can carbonate other beverages

CONS (poor things)

  • Comes without carbonator

5. Fomagas Soda Maker 

FOMAGAS soda maker can save a lot of your time. It just requires 30 seconds to transform water into great tasting sparkling soda. You can also add lime or other juices to make it flavorful.

Fomagas Soda Maker
  • Capacity– 1L
  • Carafe material– BPA free bottle
  • Cartridges–  8 gram CO2 cartridges

This comes with two main components- one liter bottle and 8gram recyclable CO2 cartridges.

It just works on a push button without the requirement on electricity or batteries. You can use any desired liquid to make a fizzy drink.

How to operate?

  • Putting CO2 into the main unit
  • Cap the bottle and rotate it
  • Wait 20 seconds, shake for 5 seconds
  • Open the bottle to drink

PROS (good things)

  • Requires just 30 seconds for carbonation
  • Comes with 8gram recyclable CO2 cartridges.
  • Easy to operate

CONS (poor things)

  • Not very durable

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Best Home Soda Machine

Aside from saving some money (we’ll get back to that), there are several other reasons why sparkling water makers are a smart investment. To ensure you get the best products from the market, below are a few of the most significant factors to keep in mind.

1. Your budget

For a majority of people, the beginning point is possibly the price of the unit. We recommend that you should not opt for just one model since it is the low-priced unit of them all. There is the likelihood that the performance finds the middle ground in the interchange of its overall cost.

2. Versatility of the machine

Many soda makers are designed for carbonating water and adding flavor after, but some can be used to carbonate any liquid you like, including fruit juices, cocktails, and wine. If you’re typically making plain carbonated water, you probably don’t need a model that’s able to carbonate your iced tea.

3. Size of CO2 tanks

Soda makers can use small (usually 8-gram) CO2 cartridges, medium-sized 3-ounce tanks, or small cylinders (14 ½ ounces, usually described as 60 liters) of CO2 to carbonate the liquid. Some models are restricted to one size, while others can use multiple sizes or even be converted to use the large refillable tanks intended for beer brewing. If you’re planning on making soda regularly, a larger tank is likely a better bet.

4. Build quality

This denotes the durability and toughness of the soda maker. It must be crafted out of exceptional materials that are proficient in enduring any sort of settings. The metal and plastic are the 2 of the majorly prevalent materials. Opting for the metal units is a superior choice since they a more durable. This is moreover a decent choice of material since it has a further sophisticated aesthetics.

5. Aesthetics and ease of use

Many of us don’t just have the required tolerance to cope with the complications. Select a product that is as forthright to function as conceivable.

Together with this, the aesthetics must be an imperative consideration in addition. You must search for a product that is ideally going to match the whole appearance of your modern kitchen.

Common Questions about Home Soda Machine

1. Is a soda maker worth a buy ?

If you are on a budget and don’t particularly like soda, then we recommend you not buy a soda maker. Apart from initial cost, the CO2 and syrup are your main long-term costs when purchasing a soda maker.
But if you have large family or friends visiting often, then it is worth buying one.

2 Is soda alcoholic beverage?

No, carbonated H2O is not an alcoholic. But, you can add alcohol if you so wish.

3. How does a soda maker work?

Soda machine carbonates water by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder to create soda water (or carbonated water) to drink.

Over to You

Not many have thought a simple water at home could be turned into a bubbly treat, which is refreshing and fun to drink. A best soda maker can just make that for you! Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker is our overall best soda machine for home use. Make sure you check our detailed review to ensure it meets your family’s needs as well.

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