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SMARTLIST » Baby » Best Roller Skating Shoes (Incline & Quad) for Kids in India | 2023 Review

Best Roller Skating Shoes (Incline & Quad) for Kids in India | 2023 Review

Best Roller Skating Shoes in India

As we entered 2020, the COVID-19 took away normality and people started looking for a way to fill their time. Thus, a whole a new generation got geared up and ready to find out what all the fuss was about with roller skates in the 70’s and 80’s era. This is post is about best roller skating shoes to buy online in India.

If you still have doubts on roller skates usage, take a look at TikTok and Instagram. Every kid wants to be a roller skater these days. And while that’s amazing, if you’re serious about it, you need to get the right gear to ensure you don’t fall flat on your face, or lose interest and end up wasting your well-earned cash.

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List of Best Roller Skating Shoes for Kids

Roller Derby Girl’sBest PickQuad54 mm608ZPlastic
Nivia Super Inline SkatesIn-line80 mmABEC 5Aluminium
Cosco Sprint Roller SkatesIn-line80 mmABEC 7Aluminium
Hoteon Inline SkatesIn-line80 mmABEC 7Aluminium
Jaspo Blue Derby IntactQuad60 mmAnti- skid vinylPlastic
Klapp Inline SkatesIn-line100 mmABEC 5Aluminium
Jonex Fix Body Senior SkatesQuadNACarbon steelAluminium

Detailed Review of Best Roller Skating Shoes for Kids in India

Check this detailed review of best roller skates to buy online in India. While reviewing we considered various factors as listed below:

  • Brand –  we’ve selected names that are renowned for their performance and style in India.
  • Quality – we’ve taken the overall spec, design and durability of materials as well as technical features.
  • Materials – We’ve put the materials chosen in each of the boots under totally under the GH spotlight.
  • Reviews – we use the insider intel from consumers in Amazon and Flipkart, so you know our final list are tried and tested.
  • Price – when it comes to value, you need to get the right quality and performance from your roller skates.

1. Roller Derby Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skates

For boys, it’s better to use Roller Derby Adjustable Roller Skate that is available in small to medium sizes. It is made of good quality materials and hence the prices are high than the above-mentioned model.

Roller Derby Skate Shoes occupied 1st position in the list because of the exceptional quality and comfort. There are very good Amazon reviews and ratings for this roller skate.

 Roller Derby Girl’s Adjustable Roller Skates

Compared to other roller skate brands, it is available in white, pink color combination and is best to use only for girls. It is available in different sizes – small, medium and large to support different age group children.

When you look at the skate shoes, you may notice the frame that can be adjusted with a simple push button and the bearings helps to rotate the roller skate shoes. The 54 mm of urethane wheels makes easy to move smoothly on rigid surfaces.

In a nutshell, Roller Derby Skate Shoes best to use for beginners who love to skate. The size of roller skate can be adjusted to certain extent as the children grows.

PROS (good things)

  • 54 mm urethane wheels.
  • Cam-lever buckles closure.
  • Adjustable size roller skate.
  • 608 Z accelerator bearings.
  • Push button adjustable frame.
  • Best suitable for girls up to 6 years.
  • Lightweight roller skates (1.81 Kg).
  • 14*12*5 inch roller skate dimensions.
  • Looks beautiful white and pink color combination.

CONS (poor things)

  • Not suitable for teenagers.
  • Soft cushions easily come out of the shoes.

2. Nivia Super Inline Skates

Next one in the list is Nivia  Roller Skates. It is a decent quality product that has a rugged and sturdy build design to steal the customer’s attention.

Nivia Super Inline Skates

The 4 wheels are made from polyurethane material of size 80 mm to move freely even in hard surfaces. The ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings ensure longer life.

The frame is made of aluminium material which gives a strong support to wheels and shoes as well. Once you look at the rear-side of skate shoes, you will notice built-in brakes to give a support and ensures safety of children.

To add on, this amazing roller skate is available in different sizes, color combinations and affordable too. It is best to use at both indoors and outdoors without any worries.

PROS (good things)

  • Built-in brake system.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • AB EC-5 Carbon Steel bearings.
  • Durable and robust build design.
  • Wheels made using polyurethane materials.
  • Attractive black and blue color combination.

CONS (poor things)

  • Bit heavy weight.
  • Not available for teens, adults and elders

3. Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

This Cosco roller skate is a perfect model to match with the beginners and hobbyists.

Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

Cosco sprint roller skate brings joy and happiness into the lives by offering premium quality materials to support the foot size and does not make any side-effects.

It is of type imported inline skate and has a breathable shell which gives a comfortable feel and also delivers top notch performance.

The durable and large sized wheels come with bearings to generate high speed and ensures precise turning, flexibility. Aluminium frame offers greater stability to those who skate on roads, skate-paths, etc.

On the whole, this is one of the most popular and high-quality roller skates in India. It’s best to use for children above 8 years to offer the smooth skating experience.

PROS (good things)

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Durable aluminium frame.
  • Low rolling resistant nature.
  • Imported inline type roller skate.
  • Breathable shell and big wheels.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.

CONS (poor things)

  • Poor quality inner soles.

4. Hoteon Inline Skates (Blue, Red, Pink)

If your children are found of skating then immediately buy Hoteon skate shoes that come at affordable prices. This product is best to use for kids aged 3-7 years and come in different sizes small i.e. 26-32.

Hoteon Inline Skates (Blue, Red, Pink)

The inline design of the skate enhances the skating speed and thereby improves the lifespan.

They have faster bearings and the large 80 mm wheels to move quickly on skate paths, roads and other smooth surfaces.

As the children grew up quickly, this skate shoe is provided with a blue button on sides to expand the fitting length and straps helps to secure the ankle.

Easy turning wheels and with ABEC 7 bearings helps to spin the wheel freely. And the frame, integrated shell provides stability and control while skating on roads or any other areas.

PROS (good things)

  • Adjustable inline skate shoe.
  • 80 mm smooth running wheels.
  • ABEC 7 bearings for fast moving.
  • Suitable for children up to 3-7 years.
  • Available in blue, red, pink colors.

CONS (poor things)

  • Product quality doesn’t match with the standards.

5. Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Sebior Roller Skates Combo

When it comes to choosing the best roller skate for children aged 6-14 years, nothing can match with the Jaspo Roller Skate.

Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Sebior Roller Skates Combo

In contrast with other brands, this skate shoes come at low prices to make the gaming device accessible for everyone. Thus it is considered as one of the best budget roller skates in India.

What is included in the package?

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • A baggage and
  • Pair of roller skates

Helmet is made using harden PE shell i.e. multiple vents with soft inner lining to absorb the pressure. Whereas, knee pads and elbow pads are made of 4-layer fabric materials to adjust the elastic belt and Velcro gives a strong support so as not to fall down.

Toe stopper provides control and the 60 mm high speed ball bearings is incorporated in a anti-skid vinyl wheel to provide smooth and proficient moments while skating. You can also adjust the size of roller skate to match with the children foot size.

PROS (good things)

  • Light weight fiber chassis.
  • Durable polyvinyl wheels.
  • Cheapest roller skate in India.
  • 30 Kg of roller skate weight.
  • Suitable for children 6-14 years.
  • Toe stoppers for greater control.
  • Breathable foam at inner lining.
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, adjustable elastic belt, Velcro.

CONS (poor things)

  • Heavy weighted roller skate.
  • Build quality is not so great.

6. Klapp 100mm Wheel size Adjustable Inline Skates

Klapp is a newly launched company that is offering variety of gaming products like dumbbells, skateboard, gloves, cricket bats, badminton and much more at reasonable prices.

Klapp 100mm Wheel size Adjustable Inline Skates

The one we’re discussing is Klapp Inline Roller Skate. This is the only product in the list that is made in India by using high quality materials and best to use for unisex – both boys and girls.

The frame is made using the air grade aluminium material to give a strong support to the wheels and shoes. Push button on the frame helps to adjust the skate as per the user convenience.

Overall, this is a perfect roller skate for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level skaters. As they are made of fine quality materials, tends to have longer lifespan. 

PROS (good things)

  • Made in India.
  • Adjustable button to fit the shoes.
  • Suitable for both girls and boys.
  • Budget-friendly roller skate shoes.
  • Available in medium and large sizes.
  • Wheels are made of rubber materials.

CONS (poor things)

  • Customer’s complaint about the product quality.

7. Jonex Fix Body Professional Senior Roller Skates

Skating is more fun when you have the right pair of Jonex Professional Shoe Skates. This skating helps to stay strong, healthy and also make you learn new skating techniques. For this reason, most of the children opt for this model.

Jonex Fix Body Professional Senior Roller Skates

The bearings of this inline skate are made of carbon steel material to give a strong support and stability to the skaters.

4 wheels are made of polyurethane that are highly durable and allows the skaters to do certain stylish moves. Aluminium chassis frame gives a strong support for the wheels and the boots as well.

PROS (good things)

  • 4 polyurethane wheels.
  • Helmet and skate shoes.
  • Aluminium chassis for strong support.
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.

CONS (poor things)

  • Nothing that we found
  • Many complained that wheels damages quickly on hard surfaces.

How to Care and Maintain Roller Skating Shoes?

Below are useful tips and precautions to be followed while using roller skate shoes.

  • Wear sports shoes while you skate.
  • Must wear helmet and safety pads while you skate.
  • Children’s must be supervised under professionals for safety reasons and to guide them.
  • Do not pour or use grease and any other oils in wheels. Instead use kerosene oil for lubricating the wheels.
  • Do not skate in road, dangerous zone to avoid injuries and accidents.
  • Do not put the roller skate in water and also avoid from direct sunlight.
  • Adjust the position of wheels and shoe depending on the requirement.
  • Check the bearings on day-to-day basis to ensure the device is in good condition.
  • Children must wear helmets, hand and knee pads for safety reasons. If possible they should be supervised by the adults.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider While Buying Roller Skates?

These best-selling models online in India have top reviews from skaters who love to roll outside, on streets, or in parks and rinks. However, if you want to recheck these facts, what needs to be considered? Read further for our buyer’s guide to choose best roller skating shoes in India.

1. Which type of roller skate is best for you?

Roller skated come in many types as described below.

  • Rink and Rhythm Skates – Rink and rhythm skates are indoor roller skates designed for maneuvering, dancing and gymnastic style moves on the rink, as well as just general, smooth roller skating fun.
  • They have a higher cut ankle support boot, enabling you to get on down and skate your moves. Rink boots have a traditional toe stop brake whereas a rhythm boot has a jam plug.
  • Roller Derby Skates – These quad skates are designed to take the rough of the roller derby and are durable and sturdy but with fast, stable wheels that can power you out of a snarl up and tight turns.
  • Speed Skates – These quad roller skates are designed to go fast and often features a low-cut boot similar to a tennis sneaker, which helps you keep your speed around corners. They also come with speed wheels and higher ABEC bearings to keep you turbo-charged.
  • Derby and Speed Skates – A true hybrid roller skate, these give you the best of both worlds: the support and stability needed for a rink skirmish and the fast wheel joy for when speed is your thing.

2. What features you should watch out in Roller Skates?

Size & Fit – most roller skate brands are true to size, so go for your usual fit. But try them on and also check for stability and that your feet have some movement.

Wheels – you’ll need to make sure your wheels are the right type for your roller skating and whether you plan to do most of your skate action indoor or out.

Boot – for dancing or general rolling, a higher boot will protect the ankle and keep you secure whereas for speed demons, a lower shoe will give you the freedom you need.

Trucks & Plates – with the plates the base and trucks the bars that make the wheels turn, these are the adjustable foundations to your roller skates and need to be robust enough to take whatever you can throw at it.

Liner – for extra comfort and freshness, you could choose simple inserts through to full sock-like protective liners and memory foam, depending on the type of skating you are choosing to do.

Closure – you want to feel secure in your new roller quad skates, so choose a closure that works for you – lace, Velcro, with a comfort tongue and eyelets or hooks.

Bearings – the bearings will impact on the speed of your roller skates. Most bearings are rated by the ABEC system (1 to 9, higher numbers having a smoother roll).

Toe Stop – you need to be able to brake and stop safely so your toe stop is your roller-skating best friend. Fixed toe stops are great for general roller-skating use whereas rounded jam stops are used for tricks and skating gymnastics.

Style – fashion is one thing, and we’re not here to knock it, this is glam roller skating after all! But make sure you pick the right roller skate style for the type of rolling you are planning to do – general, rink, tricks, derby or speed.

3. Whether you want to use them indoor or outdoor?

Indoor quad roller skates give a smooth fast ride and skating in the rink is about speed, grace, tricks and dancing…as well as just all-round exercise and retro fun. Take it outside and you need your outdoor roller skates to cope with rougher terrain.

Common Questions on Roller Skates

Which roller skate shoe is best for beginners?

Inline and quad roller skates are the best skate types used for beginners. They help the newbie’s to learn and experience the skating without any fear and teach them how to balance the roller skate.

How to chose roller skate for outdoor and indoor needs?

The only difference between the indoor skate and outdoor skate is the usage and wheels. In outdoor roller skate, wheels are soft nature that helps to move freely in rigid surfaces. Whereas, indoor skate wheels are bit harder than outdoor quad skates to give smooth roll only on soft medium.

Can we use roller skating for weight loss?

Youngsters make skating as a hobby to enjoy and play with friends. At the same time, it is one of the beneficial activity which helps to reduce the weight at certain intervals. You will definitely see the results if you do skating on a regular basis.

Over to You

In this post, we have shared best-selling roller skating shoes in India that have rave reviews from users online.

We find Roller Derby (for both boys and girls) as one of the best ones to buy. However, ensure you visit product page for more details before confirming it meets your needs.

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