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SMARTLIST » Kitchen Appliances » Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen | 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen | 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen

A mixer grinder is an essential tool of any modern Indian kitchen. From making purees and sauces to grinding spices and even chopping vegetables, the broad application range of a mixer grinder makes it such a valuable home appliance. If you are in search of a best mixer grinder then is the choice very obvious in India?

Answer is No.

The different offers can be overwhelming or even confusing, but to ease the stress, we have list of 10 best mixer grinders in India, in the hope that it will help you to make a better purchase decision.

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List of Best Mixer Grinders in India

Preethi Mixer Grinder
Best Seller
750 watt52 Yrs (product)
Yrs (motor)
Sujata Mixer Grinder900 watt31 Year
Bajaj Mixer Grinder500 watt31 Year
Lifelong Mixer Grinder500 watt33 Years
Philips Mixer Grinder750 watt31 Year
Inalsa Jazz Mixer550 watt33 Years
Orient Mixer Grinder500 watt32 Yrs(product)
2 Yrs(motor)
Butterfly Jet Elite750 watt41 Year
Bosch Mixer Grinder1000 watt42 Yrs(product)
2 Yrs(motor)
Evereaday Grinder500 watt32 Years

Detailed Review of 10 Best Mixer Grinders in India 2020

If you are in the market looking for that perfect Indian mixer grinder then expect to feel confused with the numerous options available. To make your task easier, we have hand selected some of the most suitable and best selling models. Read on to find our unbiased reviews on each product, along with their features, pros, and cons.

1. Preethi 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi is a famous Indian brand with many happy consumers. They have been providing high quality kitchen appliances across India, since a decade. The Zodiac MG218 is really a magnificent product which makes the food processing at an ease.

Preethi 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Usually, when you run the device (most of the mixer grinders) for a long-time, the motor gets heated up very quickly. To overcome the heat issues, it has come with a fast cooling technology which cools the device in less time.

With all the wonderful features make this produce most deserving for second place in our product list. This product is the best when it comes to mixing, grinding, and juicing.

The device comes with a 3-speed control knob at the front side to adjust according to the user requirements. It just utilizes 750-watts of power and operates at a voltage of 220-240 V. As the motor runs at high speed, produces more noise than usual.

The master chef plus jar kneads the dough in just a minute and chops the vegetables in 4-different sizes. Safety indicator on the machine alerts you by emitting light when it turns to red. In addition to these feature, the manufacturer offers warranty services of 2-years on product and 5-years on the motor.

If you’re looking for a mixer grinder with great performance, power and budget then this Preethi mixer grinder is for you. The major disadvantage of using this product is that it produces noise which is unbearable to hear. Besides, it comes on expensive side.

Pros: Good things

  • Multi-functional blades
  • 3-speed settings
  • Elegant design structure
  • High performance motor
  • Consumes 750 Watts of power
  • 5 jars – processing, mixing, grinding and juicing
  • 2 years on product, 5 years on motor

Cons: Poor things

  • 80 db of noise level
  • Is a bit expensive

2. Sujata 900-Watt Mixer Grinder

Sujata is a local Indian brand known for providing high quality products at affordable prices. Among their product range, Powermatic plus juicer mixer is worth every penny you spend. Since its inception over a decade, it has been used by many residential and commercial consumers – and has maintained its popularity among them with its quality and performance.

Sujata 900-Watt Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder comes with 900 Watt motor and double ball bearings which makes it one of the most efficient mixer grinders in Indian market. With high quality materials and components, this appliance will run for many years trouble free.

It comes with a juicer with unique honeycomb filter mesh which yields higher and finer juice. With 220000 rotations per minute, food will retain all the aroma, nutrients and taste. It can run continuously for 90 minutes – so it is perfect for longer usage.

This appliance comes with transparent juicer jar and efficient mixer jar. The high quality stainless steel blades have the efficiency of cutting through even hard ingredients like carrots, beetroot, spices, pulses and others.

Powermatic mixer juicer is totally shock-free, low maintenance, and safe. Manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on this product.

Pros: Good things

  • 900 Watts motor
  • 22000 rpm operation
  • Unique honeycomb mesh filter
  • Low maintenance
  • Trouble free running
  • Totally shock-proof
  • High strength stainless steel blades
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • 90mins continuous

Cons: Poor things

  • Cleaning and maintenance is a bit difficult because of white color exteriors

3. Bajaj 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj – a brand that is most trusted and well-known among the people in India. Since 1983, Bajaj Electronics Group has been able to deliver high quality, innovative gadgets and appliances across.

Among their mixer grinder product range, Bajaj Rex is most popular choice in India. It is specially designed to improve the kitchen the taste of your favorite food items with a perfect blend of natural ingredients.

Bajaj 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

It comes with 3-stainless steel jars – liquidizing jar (1.25 liter), multipurpose jar (0.88 liter) and a chutney jar (0.3 liter) to match with your mixing or grinding needs. And the easy gripping handles are provided for smooth functioning of the device.

Moreover, the jars come with high quality PP lid that helps to keep the contents of the jar intact and prevents spillage. The 3 speed settings allow you to grind at different speed levels – low, medium, high.

Key Features

Multi-functional blade system is suitable to mix all sort of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients effortlessly. To perform this operation, it just utilizes 500-watts of power and thereby saves your power bills.

The durable multifunctional stainless steel blades help to grind/blend ingredients of different textures. A motor overload protector system alerts when you put more ingredients in the jar than required or during power fluctuations.

LED indicator ensures whether the device is currently working or not. The rust-proof plastic body is made of premium quality ABS plastic materials that will not corrode and last-longer. Furthermore, it enhances the overall look of the mixer grinder in a kitchen.

A rubber anti-skid feet prevents the device from sliding on the table or counter top while you are using it. The manufacturer comes with 1-year warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Bajaj mixer grinder comes with exceptional features and offers outstanding performance to the users. It does not require professional installation. When you use the mixer grinder for the first time, you may experience bad smell which is due to the motor. Do not worry! If the problem is continued further, consult the brand service center.

The major disadvantage of using this product is that it gets heated up quickly when used for a longtime and makes noise due to continuous motor operation. And the top protective cover which is made of rubber material can be loosening due to improper fit design to the jar.

Pros: Good things

  • 500 Watt motor
  • Comes with 3 jars (1.25L, 0.88L, 0.3L)
  • Rust-proof body
  • LED indicator
  • Multi-function blade system
  • 3 speed settings – low, medium and high
  • Overload protection
  • Tower shaped design
  • Matches any kitchen interior

Cons: Poor things

  • A bit noisy than several other models
  • If used for a long time, then get overheated
  • Top protective cover gets loose over regular wear and tear

4. Lifelong 500-Watt Mixer Grinder 

Since 25 years of its inception, Lifelong has been committed to providing high quality and innovative solutions to people across the world. Amid their product range that include kitchen appliances, personal care and wellness solutions, mixer grinder are well known for their capabilities.

Lifelong 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro mixer grinder is a durable kitchen appliance that lasts longer in everyday use. It gives superior juicing mixing and grinding performance as per the user convenience.

Of all the popular brands and models, this lifelong product is considered as the best budget mixer grinder in India due to low-price nature and also satisfies the basic requirements of mixer grinder.

This wonderful device comes with 3 jars- liquidizing jar (1.25 liters), dry and wet grinding jar (0.8 liters), and chutney jar (0.5 liters). Extra thick and flow breakers in jars for fast, effective grinding and to have longer lifespan.

You can operate the machine in 3-speed modes using a control knob. It has a 500-watt motor along with overload protector which protects the device from malfunctioning when you put more load into the jar.

Easy grip handles and anti-skid feet are a part of compact design structure that helps to safeguard the device from falling down. The product manufacturer offers 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Overall, the performance of lifelong mixer grinder is too good. It comes with robust stainless steel blades to support all types of chopping at one go. Moreover, you cannot run the device for a long time as it produces a loud noise of 80-90 dB. Most of the people do not like to hear such awkward sounds from a high-end mixer grind.

Pros: Good things

  • 500-Watts power consumption
  • Motor overload protector
  • Robust stainless steel blades
  • Shock-proof nature
  • Flow breakable thick jars for long life
  • Easy grip handles
  • Anti-skid design
  • 3-speed settings
  • Backed by 1-year guarantee

Cons: Poor things

  • Not capable of continuous running for a long time
  • Produces 80-90 db noise

5. Philips 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Philips has been in the industry of providing high quality kitchen appliances across the world. Their HL7756/00 750 Watt mixer grinder is an exceptional product with some amazing features.

Philips 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder comes with advanced air ventilation system which ensures faster cooling in over heating situations. And moreover this features ensures a longer life for the motor. Apart from that, it comes with a durable coupler which is made up of toucher plastic material – it ensures continuous grinding performance without any issues.

It comes with high quality stainless steel jars which enable grinding of batters, purees, pastes, powders and others with an ease. They come with special rubber gaskets fixed into their lids which ensure smooth and secure locking.

Blades are made of high quality stainless steel material as well which are sharp enough for mixing, grinding, and juicing the available natural fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Auto cut-off feature stops functioning of the motor and the suction feet ensures less vibrations while working.

It comes with a unique triangular compact shaped body with less grooves which ease the cleaning and maintenance process.

Overall, this ergonomic design mixer grinder enhances the capacity for maximum grinding and gives tremendous results in seconds. It is backed with 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The only thing that most of the customer’s complaint is that it produces loud noise while working. Other than that, it’s totally worth the money.

Pros: Good things

  • Powerful turbo motor for continuous grinding
  • Unique triangular body design
  • Long lasting plastic ABS body
  • 25mins continuous grinding
  • Specialized blades for smooth grinding
  • Advanced air ventilation for faster cooling
  • Removable spout and blade
  • Plastic coupling on sieve for longer life
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Very powerful motor
  • Capable of handling heavy grinding

Cons: Poor things

  • No gasket for dry jar
  • Noise level is a bit more than other models

6. Inalsa 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

Inasla is the best mixer grinder juicer India that offers high power motors and controls to offer all your favorite recipes. The product is available in purple-white color combination and the compact body design makes easy to fit in small kitchens.

Inalsa 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

It features 3 jars – 1.2-liter liquidizer jar for blending milkshakes, juice, 0.8 liter for dry grinding of spicy contents, and 0.5-liter jars for making chutneys. Overload protector safeguard the device motor against the sudden overloads. The specially designed high-quality stainless steel blades make the chopping or mixing process easier.

Using the 550-watts motor power, you can continuously run the device for 30-minutes without any failure. The non-slip rubber feet design holds the machine strongly and the break-resistant jar lids prevents against the breakage.

For instant results, it is equipped with pulse function to increase the life of blade jars and prevents motor from sudden load. Besides, the manufacturer offers 2-years of warranty on the product.

The performance of Inalsa mixer grinder is good. Sometimes, you may experience the bad smell ejecting from the motor. It is due to the motor getting heated up very quickly at the initial stages. Other than that, it’s totally a good one to buy.

Pros: Good things

  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 900Watts powerful motor
  • High strength stainless steel jars
  • Vibration free operation
  • Totally shock-proof safe
  • Over-load protection mechanism
  • Comes in a compact design structure

Cons: Poor things

  • Blades don’t match with motor speed

7. Orient 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Orient is another well-known Indian brand popular in providing exceptional products to their consumers. When it comes to heavy duty grinding of fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients, nothing can beat the Orient Electric Mixer Grinder.

 Orient 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Orient Electric Mixer Grinder is the best budget mixer grinder that is suitable to use for a small family.  We’re also impressed with the flow breaker jar that is efficient for fast grinding. This durable and high-efficient mixer grinder is powered by a 500-watt copper motor, stainless steel jars and other small accessories to ensure longer life and heavy duty grinding.

Flow breakers present in the jars ensure fast and efficient grinding within minutes. For this to happen, it has come with 3-speed controls with incher that you can adjust the motor speed to low, medium, high and to have smooth texture or hard of your choice. And the rotating speed of the blades can be altered using this control knob.

Key features

The motor is made of copper material which utilizes 500-watt of power supply for efficient mixing, grinding, blending and juicing. The operating voltage is 220-240V and frequency of 50Hz.

You will also get 3 different sized jars- 1.25liter, 0.8, 0.5 come with extra thickness ensures durability and enables the wet or dry grinding process, chutneys.

The tiny suction foot at the bottom of the mixer holds tightly for strong support. And the overload protection feature is provided for the motor to balance the ingredients perfectly. If the limit is exceeded, the motor stops functioning and end up giving the uneven blend of food particles.

Overall, the performance of Orient mixer grinder is good and best to use for small homes. The blades are made of nickel material to ensure fast mixing or grinding of tough ingredients. Besides, it is backed with 2-years warranty on the product and motor as well.

Pros: Good things

  • 500-watts of power supply
  • Comes at very low prices
  • High performance copper motor
  • Overload protection mechanism
  • Operating voltage is 220-240V
  • Comes with 3- jars of different sizes
  • Made of nickel blades for fine grinding
  • 2 years on product, 2 years on motor

Cons: Poor things

  • Generates 80db noise which is a bit high

8. Butterfly 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Butterfly is one of the Indian leading brands which has been recognized for its high quality standards. This brand has been exporting its products to several countries that include Sri Lanka, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Mauritius.

Butterfly 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Jet Elite mixer grinder from their product range has taken place in our list because of its amazing features, hassle free operation and capability. This mixer grinder is well-known for whipping up chutneys, masalas, and yummy masalas in no time.

This device is powered with 750W heavy duty motor which enables you grind even hardest and trickiest food ingredients like turmeric, pulses, and others without any hassle. It comes with 3-speed knob which makes it convenient to switch to any desired level as per your requirement.

It comes with 4 stainless steel, highly durable and multi-purpose jars which make the grinding process convenient and easy. These jars are rust-resistant, corrosion free and stain proof. With a nice stainless steel finish, these jars add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

The lids of these jars are made up of polycarbonate and are transparent to see through the grinding process. The 4 jars are fitted with sharp blades that can grind through all kinds of food produce. As they are made up of stainless steel, it is quite easy to clean and maintain.

Manufacturer has provided anti-slip pads at the bottom of the device, so that it will not trip while using it. The design and stylish looks of this device are exceptional and unique.

Pros: Good things

  • Aesthetically beautiful and elegant
  • ABS body
  • Comes with 4 jars with unbreakable lids
  • Special ventilator to reduce motor heating
  • 750 Watts powerful motor
  • 3 speed settings
  • 2-years warranty on the product

Cons: Poor things

  • Makes some noise.

9. Bosch 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

The brand Bosch has been developing high quality home and kitchen appliances across the world. Because of the perfection, attention to detail, innovative designs and high quality materials, products from this brand are hailed as the finest in the market.

Bosch 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

Technology used in this mixer grinder is a bit different from others – it has unique stone pounding technology which ensures traditional pounding effect to break down the food ingredients. This process also ensures authentic taste and aroma to the batters, powders or pastes.

Innovative active flow breaker feature of this product is amazing – it provides fluffier and tasty batter every time. The juice jar makes it easy to juice even hard food ingredients like coconuts, carrots, and others.

TrueMixx product comes with jar lid locks and strong suction feet which ensures stability while it is in operation. The uniquely designed blunt blade with thick edges doesn’t cut dry ingredients, but strikes them with impact force, thus giving a pounding effect. This gives the coarse texture and adds aroma and flavors to the recipe.

It has a powerful 1000W motor with pure copper winding which is capable of delivering high torque and high performance. The high quality robust nylon component ensures durability and performance even with regular wear and tear.

A concealed bush at the bottom prevents any leakage or oil or liquids. 2-years warranty is provided on the motor and other components by the manufacturer.

Pros: Good things

  • Blunt pounding blade for grinding dry ingredients
  • High performance
  • Concealed bush for preventing contamination
  • 30 minutes’ motor rating
  • High-grade stainless steel jars
  • Unique lid-locks and strong suction
  • Overload protector for safe operations
  • 1000Watt powerful motor
  • Hands-free operation
  • Active flow breaker
  • 2-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Noisy
  • The lids are prone to breakage 

10. Eveready 500 Watts Mixer Grinder

Eveready is another Indian brand that is known and trusted for its quality products at affordable price. The Glowy Mixer Grinder from Eveready no exception – it comes at a cheaper price (i.e., below 2000). Isn’t that wonderful…?

Eveready 500 Watts Mixer Grinder

This mixer grinder is equipped with 500Watt power motor is suitable enough for handling tasks for 3 to 4 member family. Its simple operations and high performance will help you accomplish blending, mixing and liquidizing operations with utmost ease.

This product is suitable for handling tasks that include blending, juicing, grating, chutney, mincing, and wet grinding. This machine comes with 3 jars with different sizes. The blades fitted to these jars are made up of high quality stainless steel.

Eveready glowy mixer grinder comes with a sleek, stylish and compact design which fits into any type of kitchen interiors. Being compact, it doesn’t take much of your kitchen counter space. Manufacturer equipped this product with drain cuts that make it easy to clean, even in the case of spillages.

This device is equipped with motor overload and over-heating protection feature which prevents any potential accidents due to overheating. Manufacturer is providing 2-years warranty on this product.

Pros: Good things

  • Compact, sleek and stylish
  • ABS stainless steel
  • Three speed control with incher
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • Anti-skid suction feet
  • Leak proof jar lids
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 2-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • A bit noisy than other products.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Chose a Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen?

How to Chose a Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen?

When it comes to a kitchen gadget to help with complex Indian cooking, there are many options. Different brands, features and other facts.

So let us check many things that play a role in picking our best pick mixer grinders in India.

1. How many jars and their sizes?

The number of jars depends on your requirements. If you have a large or joint family, then a heavy duty motor mixer grinder with more 3 – 4 jars will be sufficient enough. More number of jars means you can complete the tasks within less time. If you are a small family, then a normal mixer grinder with 2 jars (for dry and wet grinding) should be enough.

Wet grinding jars come with tight lids to ensure the liquid or paste doesn’t get out of it while the grinding is in process. You can even grind coconuts for making chutneys. Usually, the dry grinding jars are much smaller than the wet grinding jars. You can use it for grinding spices and grains into a fine powder.

Most of the mixer grinders present in the Indian market comes with three jars – larger one for juices or grinding batter, medium one for other wet grinding tasks and a small one for chutneys and grinding dry ingredients. These jars should be sufficient for small and medium sized families.

2. Which blade types included?

Blade types in mixer
Blade types in mixer

There’re different types of blades used in mixer grinders and each has its own specification. Most of the blades are made of stainless steel material to last longer and yet handles the task quickly. You can also change the blade from time to time depending on the usage and should be cleaned properly. Here, in this section, we’ve given different types of blades and its usage for mixing/grinding/juicing. Have a look!

Blade TypesApplications
Shredding discTo shred cheese, fruits and vegetables
Coarse graterGrate vegetables like carrots, beetroots, chocolate, and creams.
Slicing discTo slice fruits and vegetables
Dry grinding bladeGrind dry masala, rice and sugar
Wet grinding blade 1Blend lentils to paste, make lassi
Wet grinding blade 2Puree kaju, vegetables and fruits
Chutney grinding bladeFor preparing chutneys and pickles

3. How good is the motor speed?

It’s always good to choose a mixer grinder that comes in different speed settings to offer the best cooking experience. They operate efficiently at different motor speed settings to control the blade. And the blade speed control mechanism ensures that the food items kept in mixer grinder do not overflow when it reaches the maximum speed.

Usually, the speed of motor is measured in RMP (Revolutions per Minute) which is the number of times a mixer blade rotates per minute. Most of the mixer grinders come with a motor speed ranging from 10,000 to 23,000RPM. While operating the appliance, do not run it on high speed for a long time. For most of the tasks, medium speed or speed up to 15,000 RPM is sufficient enough.

Finally, a powerful motor lets the blades operate at more rotations per minute which enables to grind the ingredients within a less period of time.

4. How much power it consumes?

The regular mixer grinder consumes 500-watts motor power which is good enough for grinding spices, nuts, chilies, ginger, garlic, etc. But the higher the wattage, the heavier the load it can handle. But, the modern mixer grinders utilize 750-watts of power for preparing Dosa, Idly and other food items.

Anything above 600 Watts can be a bit noisy. And moreover, you must look at mixer grinders that are highly energy efficient and saves your electricity bills. For Indian kitchens, mixer grinder with 500Watts power is sufficient enough. However, if you have a large family, then purchase a mixer grinder with 750Watts.

5. What speed controls and settings available?

It’s always good to choose a mixer grinder that comes in different speed settings to offer the best cooking experience. They operate efficiently at different motor speed settings to control the blade. And the blade speed control mechanism ensures that the food items kept in mixer grinder do not overflow when it reaches the maximum speed.

Speed control option is another important factor to consider while purchasing a mixer grinder. It allows the user to set the speed of the mixer grinder as per the cooking requirements- low, medium, high. Suppose, if you want to operate at high speeds, simply turn or switch the device to high mode and vice versa. It will ensure the fast processing of ingredients in the mixer grinder.

If you are purchasing a juicer mixer grinder, then it better to purchase a model that comes with slow speed setting. This option ensures the fruits or vegetables churn delicately and smoothly to ensure the juice retains all the vitamins and nutrients.

Finally, one more feature to look into is pulse specification or electronic speed sensor which is specially designed to monitor the speed and grinding process. Apart from that, it also programmed to increase the speed setting according to the requirement.

6. Does it come with overload protection?

Sometimes, we overfill the jars with ingredients or run the mixer grinder for a longer period of time. The overload can cause the risk of motor burning. In order to avoid such issues, manufacturers have introduced overload and overheat protection feature. This feature acts as circuit breaker to prevent the motor from any further damage.

7. Is safety lock included?

Just like any other electrical appliance, safety lock is one of the important factors to consider before purchasing a mixer grinder. This feature ensures that the machine is locked properly to prevent any accidents and damages while the mixer grinder is operating. As mixer grinder often comes in contact with liquids regularly, safety has to be foremost factor. Apart from that, check whether power cables, earthing connection and others are in proper condition. Finally, make sure the base of the appliance is strong and balanced. If not properly balanced, then it can tumble while operation and cause unnecessary accidents. Also make sure the jars have to be properly locked before starting the appliance.

8. How good is the quality ?

As mixer grinders are common kitchen appliance will be used on a daily basis, it is vital to make sure they last for a longer period of time. And for that to happen, the mixer grinder should be made up of high quality plastic (outer body), stainless steel (jars) and components for motor. If the lids of the jars are made up of plastic, then it is important to make sure break proof materials are used for making them.

It is important to check the durability and quality of the material used for the main unit, jars and blades. In most cases, the main unit is made from plastic while the jars and blades are built with stainless steel. And the connection between them is established using a PVC rubber material for mixing the ingredients effectively. When it comes to steel quality, make sure it is of 304 grade as it will resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Also the stainless steel blades should retain the sharpness for longer time.

9. What is the warranty duration?

The warranty period of a mixer grinder is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before making a purchase, check out the warranties offered. In this time duration, repairs and replacements are taken care off in case something goes wrong.

Usually, most of the mixer grinders come with 2 to 5-years of warranty. Some of them even more as high as a 7 or 10-years warranty period. However, the higher duration will be provided on the motor and not the body of the appliance.

10. Does it come within your budget?

What are your budget requirements? Want to spend generously or you have a price constraint? Based on how much you want to spend, do a price comparison between the models within your budget limits. Usually, juicer mixer grinders are much more expensive than just mixer grinders. Apart from that, mixer grinders with both wet and dry grinding capabilities are much more expensive.

11. What maintenance is needed?

Within warranty duration, an authorized dealer will take care of the service and maintenance. However, once the warranty expires, you should visit a local dealer or service center for getting the repairs done. For easy and affordable service, you can sign up AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with vendors to get the service or repairs done on time without any hassle.

12. What other features available?

  • Switch Type: A mixer grinder has two switches – a piano and a rotary switch. Piano switches have buttons which can be switched on and off as per requirement. While rotary type has knob which can be dialed as per the needs.
  • Spatulas: Some of the brands provide a spatula (either wooden or plastic). This helps you mix the ingredients in the jar between the grinding. When compared to hands, using a spatula is more hygienic and safe to mix or remove ingredients from the jar.
  • Slip Proof Feet: Having slip proof feet is important to maintain the balance of the appliance on the kitchen platform. As you will be working with liquids as well, choosing a product that doesn’t slip will be more helpful.

Common Questions on Mixer Grinders

Usually what components are included in a mixer grinder?

A standard mixer grinder comes with the central unit and 2,3 or 4 numbers of different sizes and shapes jars included.
Generally, the central unit is built from plastic and jars and blades inside are made with stainless steel.
Different jars are used to perform various tasks like wet grinding, dry grinding, making juices etc. Stainless steel makes jars and blades durable and robust enough to perform harder grinding tasks and ensure long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Can I use mixer grinder without holding the upper lid?

Yes, you can use the mixer without holding the upper lid, but you have to make sure that, you close the lid correctly and the jar doesn’t contain much food.
When you start the motor, it vibrates. Hence, there is a chance of spilling out the food from inside the jar.

How much power does a mixer grinder consume?

Typically power requires by a mixer grinder ranges between 450 to 750 watts. If you want to use it for basic grinding requirements like grinding spices, chillies, garlic, ginger, onions etc. then 450 watts motor is enough. But for making Dhosa batter, rice powder etc. then you need 750 watts of mixer grinder. You should go for higher watts for harder grinding tasks.

Why do I get burnt smell when I use mixer grinder?

It is normal to get smoke or burnt like smell for the first few times of uses. But if you get that smell even after few times of applications, it might be an indication of a faulty motor, and in that case, you should contact the customer care.

How can I reduce the noise of the mixer?

Usually, a mixer grinder will make some noise, that it should be as minimal as possible. There are a few steps you can follow to reduce the noise.
– You should purchase a mixer which makes little noise.
– Use a rubber mat to place the mixer.
– Keep the appliance away from the wall.

Are mixer grinders considered safe when water or other liquids are used?

Yes, they are. For ensuring safety, we recommend choosing mixer grinders that are ABS shock free. This ensure quality grinding with minimum chances of damages and shocks caused due to overload or any other reason.

Over to You

We have come to the end of our best mixer grinders list for current year, and the final choice is now up to you. Check the buyer guide for details. Preethi Mixer Grinder is undoubtedly our best pick, however there are other good choices as well. Check the features that suit your need.

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