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Best Hair Dryers in India | 2023 Guide

Best Hair Dryers in India

When used correctly, best hair dryers can give you wavy, straight, or a blown-out look that looks shiny and healthy. They also keep the hair look gorgeous, healthy and protects against dandruff, excess heat. You can just do it in the comfort of your home, without visiting a salon.

However, there are plenty of hair dryer tools out there in the market to choose from. It might be a daunting task to pick one that is best and keeps you and your hair company for years to come. Read further for detailed buying guide, and list of our top products to narrow down your search.

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List of Best Hair Dryers in India

Philips HP8100/46 Best Pick1000 W2 Years
SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer1200 W2 Years
Havells HD3151 Hair Dryer1200 W3 Years
Choba Shoptoshop Hair Dryer2000 W2 Years
Nova NHP 8100 Hair Dryer1200 W2 Years
Hana Stylish Hair Dryer1500 W2 Years
Wahl 5439-024 Hair Dryer2000 W2 Years
Vega VDH-05 Hair Dryer 1000 W1 Years
Rozia HC8201 Hair Dryer1500 W2 Years
Remington D5000 Hair Dryer1800 W2 Years

Best coil hair dryer in India (ionic)

List of Best ceramic hair dryer in India

Best tourmaline hair dryer India

Detailed Review of Best Hair Dryers in India

Let us now check each of these dryers for hair to review their features and designs.

1. Philips – Best Hair Dryer

Philips, a well-known Indian brand with consumers across the world. When it comes to hair styling products, HP8100/46 is one of the best and affordable hair dryers in the market. Phillips hair dryer occupied 1st position in the list due to the strong air suction to dry the hair. It is cleverly designed such that the compact and lightweight design makes easy to carry and handle effortlessly.

Philips Hair Dryer

Thermo protect feature provides optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. It features advanced concentrator technology with a quick-heat head for steady and uniform stream of air to dry out the hair without making it frizzy.

2-speed setting (low and high) are provided which help you adjust according to your hair type. To perform the drying process, the Philips hair dryer uses 1000-watts of power that is very much suitable and safe for everyday use.

The product development team of Philips have given a modern and ergonomic design to this product. Being compact and light in weight, you can handle it easily. The 1.5-meter length cord enables you to access the areas without any issues.

PROS (good things)

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Thermo protect temperature setting
  • Advanced concentrator technology
  • Consumes 1000-watts of power
  • Comes with 2 flexible heat settings
  • 2-years of manufacturing warranty
  • Heat up or dries the hair in 15-minutes

CONS (poor things)

  • Cannot blow the cool air
  • Available in single colour

2. SYSKA Hair Dryer

Syska is yet another famous brand in India with has maintained the quality, genuine price and assured after sale service. Compact and foldable design makes this product easy for you to carry wherever you want. The hidden secret of this hair dryer is that it utilizes 1200-watts of power for everyday drying and styling your hair.

SYSKA Hair Dryer

Like Philips, SYSKA hair dryer comes 2 speed settings –low, high for the convenience of users to dry up the hair strands. The concentrator present in the device helps to maintain the hair moisture levels for hair styling.

The overheat protection feature protects the hair from damaging i.e. when the excess heat is released from the device. Heat balancing technology distributes the hot air evenly to dry out the hair quickly and a big wind inlet reduces the spinning/ curling of hair for efficient drying.

PROS (good things)

  • Heat balance technology
  • 1200-watts of power supply
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Hot and cool air blower function
  • Compact and light weighted design
  • Foldable handle for easy accessing
  • Comes with 2 speed settings (low, high)

CONS (poor things)

  • Power cord length is too short.

3. Havells Hair Dryer

Havells India Limited is one of the India’s leading companies in providing household solutions. This brand has pioneered in terms of quality, cutting-edge technology and quicker service. The HD3151 hair dryer from Havells brings a perfect balance for drying, styling and makes the hair frizz-free.

 Havells Hair Dryer

1200-watts motor provides gentle airflow of dry air leaving you smooth and shiny hair. By setting the dryer to optimum level, it will let you to dry out the hair quickly. The heat balance technology ensures distribution of air to prevent hair damage and results in less exposure to heat.

It features a detachable nozzle that allows you to set the airflow in a specific direction for blowing the hot air. By detaching the nozzle, the device covers hot air to a maximum distance. Cool air shot gets activated when you set the temperature to low mode, styles the hair with a smooth finish for long-lasting results.

Honeycomb inlet is featured at the back to ensure the hair do not gets scrambled while drying the hair. 1.6-meter long power cord offers maximum flexibility, comfort, and helps to move freely while styling. A storage hook is also provided to hang perfectly on walls, doors, hangers etc.

PROS (good things)

  • Honeycomb inlet
  • Easy foldable handle
  • Heat balancing technology
  • Features 3 cool shot settings
  • Double protection mechanism
  • Requires 1200-watts power for drying
  • Honey comb inlet for tangle-free hair
  • Detachable concentrator with fixed nozzle
  • Comes with 3-temperature settings i.e. hot, warm, and cool

CONS (poor things)

  • Not an ionic flow
  • Make some noise while operating

4. Choba Hair Dryer for Men and Women

CHAOBA is an entry-level hair dryer that comes with finite number of useful features like concentrator, and nozzle that helps to dry and style your hair. This professional hair dryer is best to use for salon or family members – men, women. We’re also impressed with the powerful wind motor-fan which utilizes 2000-watts energy for smooth functioning of the device.

Choba Hair Dryer for Men and Women

The detachable concentrator nozzle emits the stream of concentrated air which can further be used for straightening and styling the hair. Overheat protection mechanism ensures device safety by turning it off automatically when you forget to switch off or used for hours.

It has got hot and cold air options to allow the user to dry out hair, condition and then style it. A long 2-meter power cord makes it easy to move and access freely when connected to a power source.

PROS (good things)

  • Healthy breeze mode
  • Overheat protection feature
  • Advanced concentrator technology
  • Thermos protect temperature setting
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes in an ergonomic design
  • Utilizes 2000-watts of power supply

CONS (poor things)

  • Cannot be folded
  • Makes noise while working
  • Doesn’t come under warranty

5. Nova Hair Dryer

Nova is a new brand yet its standard quality hair dryer comes with a lot of useful features and is available at affordable prices. It incorporates Ion conditioning technology which emits ions to eliminate frizz, seal the cuticles and keeps the hair shine using the essential natural oils. Advanced EHD technology distributes the right amount of heat and prevents damage to the hair.

Nova Hair Dryer

The thermo protect temperature setting facilitates the fast drying by setting to the ideal temperatures while conditioning the hair. A concentrator nozzle type attachment is used to get a concentrated stream of air to straighten or style the hair. It even dries the hair 20% faster than other hair dryer brands.

The dryer comes with overheat protection to help the hair from burning and 2 heat settings for adjusting the airflow and makes it suitable for all hair types.

Style the hair while you dry it by accessing to hot and cold feature. To make it happen, it utilizes 1200-watts of power which is good enough for day-to-day usage.

PROS (good things)

  • Overheat protection
  • Hot and cold feature
  • Thermo protect settings
  • Relievers from mental stress
  • Attachment type concentrator
  • Ionic conditioning technology
  • 1200-watts of power supply for hair drying

CONS (poor things)

  • Produces noise while operating

6. Hana Hair Dryer for Men and Women

If you are looking for a high quality hair dryer at cheaper rate, then HANA professional is the right choice. This stylish hair dryer comes with patented shielding technology and strong air suction capacity that helps to dry up the hair quickly from a distance.

Hana Hair Dryer for Men and Women

It offers 3 speed/heat settings for those who use dryers on a regular basis. You can adjust the settings to reduce the damage to the hair. Also, this amazing functionality makes perfect to use for people with short hair.

This dryer is suitable for both women and men. You can style your hair within less than 2 – 3 minutes depending upon the hair length. As this styler comes with hanging loop, you can store it easily whenever you want.

The 2.8 length cord makes it easy to dry hair in even hard-to reach areas. the manufacturer offers 24-months of warranty for repairing against the defects from the date of purchase. The soft and stylish design makes easy to handle and carry to other locations.

PROS (good things)

  • Robust wind motor fan
  • Convenient hanging loop
  • Patented heat shielding technology
  • 2000 Watt power consumption
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • 3 speed settings
  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Overheating protection
  • Low noise

CONS (poor things)

  • Plastic quality is less

7. Wahl Hair Dryer

The hair dryers from the brand Wahl are suitable for all types hairs. This professional level hair dryer comes with a high wattage power of 2000-watts which creates optimum airflow and gentle drying makes easy for everyday usage.

Wahl Hair Dryer

With the variable speed settings option, you can adjust the airflow to low/high as per your needs. It makes use of Tourmaline technology which generates negative ions to keep the hair frizz-free. The unique foldable handle gives a smooth, comfortable grip and helps to move freely as you required.

The hair dryer features 2 heat and 3 speed settings so as to adjust the airflow and heat as per the convenience of users. It comes with 3 attachments- 2 concentrators and 1 diffuser which allow easy and convenient styling of all hair types.

The durable nature makes it as one of the best hair dryers out there in the market. Though it is on expensive side, offers exceptional performance of hair drying to the users.

PROS (good things)

  • A concentrator.
  • 2000-watts of power supply.
  • Comes with 2-speed settings.
  • Plug and play type hair dryer.
  • Backed with 2-years warranty.
  • Features a tourmaline technology.
  • Perfect for drying and styling your hair

CONS (poor things)

  • Heavy weighted design
  • A bit expensive than other hair dryers

8. Vega Hair Dryer

Vega is famous brand in India for beauty, styling and cosmetic products. Among their wide product ranges, their hair dryers are one of the best and affordable as well. In contrast with the above-mentioned hair dryers, the presence of professional AC motor promotes faster airflow and helps to dry out the hair in less time.

Vega Hair Dryer

The diffuser distributes the hot air evenly and is well-suited for making wavy and curl hairs. The concentrator nozzles give precision styling and air control within the device. It also comes with 2 heat and speed settings that can be adjusted as per the user requirement.

A cool shot button dispenses the cool air to set and style your hair. It should only be done when the hair drying is completed.  Otherwise, you may experience improper hair setting.

To perform hair drying and styling the Vega hair dryer uses the power in between 1800-2000 watts for smooth operation. After usage you can protect the device from damaging with a foldable custom design option.

PROS (good things)

  • Detachable nozzle
  • Powerful airflow suction
  • 2 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Safety automatic overheats
  • 1800-2000 watts of power supply
  • Hanging loop and cool shot button

CONS (poor things)

  • Doesn’t come with warranty
  • Poor design quality

9. Rozia Hair Dryer

The compact and ergonomic design structure helps to handle the device effortlessly. It utilizes 1800-watt power to delivers quick results and distributes the hot air evenly to the hair.

Rozia Hair Dryer

It has come with plenty of features like slim nozzle, cold shot, hanging loop, and 2 combined temperature/airflow settings to make the hair drying easy and enjoyable. Slim nozzle is placed at the blower section for concentrated airflow (high/low – depending on your choice) and easy styling.

Further, you can adjust the dryer using 3 heat and 2 speed settings for styling and flexibility. The 1.8-meter of power cord length helps to access the dryer and move freely for convenient handling.

the product comes under 1-year of warranty from the date of purchase. It helps to dry and make the hair curls quickly. Moreover, the lightweight and ergonomic design attracts the audience and allows them to wish for it.

PROS (good things)

  • Removable air filter
  • 3 heat + 2 speed settings
  • Removable concentrator
  • Cool shot
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • Features 2 concentrator attachments

CONS (poor things)

  • Build quality is not good

10. Remington Hair Dryer 

Last one from the list is Remington hair dryer. It is best in making the hair shiny and glamorous on a long run. That’s why we’ve given as one of the best hair dryers brands in India.

Remington Hair Dryer

Though it comes on expensive side, supports all hair types – short, medium, large. It utilizes 1876-watts of motor power which is good enough to dry the hair quickly (i.e. in just few minutes).

A detachable nozzle is used for precise drying and styling. This amazing hair dryer has cool shot button to dispense the cool air from the machine to set according to the desired hair style.

Above all, the dryer comes with excess 2 heat and 2 speed settings so as to adjust as per the user’s convenience and requirements.

Overall, the performance of Remington premium hair dryer is good and best to use in home, saloons, beauty spas etc. The only disadvantage of using this product is that when you set the device to high mode, your hairs starts burning and loosen its strength.

PROS (good things)

  • Ionic conditioning
  • A detachable nozzle
  • Suitable for hair drying and styling
  • Comes with 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • 1876 Watts power supply

CONS (poor things)

  • Comes at high prices
  • Doesn’t come with foldable option

Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider While Buying a Hair Dryer?

Hair dryers can sometimes look too similar or too different from each other. Choosing one might become too challenging. Therefore, we have prepared a guide to help you in choosing the hair dryer that will keep you company through good and bad hair days.

1. Choose high wattage for quick drying

We recommend going for a hair dryer with at least 1800 to 2000 watts.

The wattage of dryer determines the motor’s wind-blowing power. If the motor isn’t strong, you’ll end up using more heat to dry your hair and possibly doing a lot of damage in the process.

Therefore, a hair dryer that can produce stronger wind will help the hair dry quicker without the need to raise the heat settings. A higher wattage is recommended for those with very fine or easily damaged hair, as well as those with long, thick hair that takes almost forever to dry. 

2. Which type of hair dryer is best for you?

Hair dryers are of three types based on their structure

  1. Handheld hair dryer
  2. Salon hood hair dryer
  3. Wall mounted hair dryer

Handheld hair dryers are the most common hair dryers, these dryers are compact size dryers and are also called as travel hair dryers. Whereas wall mounted hair dryers are also called as hotel hair dryers because these are generally designed for hotels, resorts and cruise. Salon hood hair dryers are different from the handheld and wall mounted hair dryers, these hair dryers are used in parlours or salons, generally used by professionals. Now coming back to the point, features to be considered before buying a hairdryer.

3. What type of material to choose from?

The hair dryer material refers to what the motor parts are made of or coated with. These materials interact with hair differently, so choose one that’s going to bring out the best look out of your tresses. There are 4 different materials used in general:

  1. Ionic
  2. Ceramic
  3. Tourmaline
  4. Titanium

Comparison of material type of hair dryer:

Good forThick and frizzy hairThin and fine hairThick and frizzy hairLong and very thick hair
Not Good forThing and fine hairThick and frizzy hairThin and fine hairThin and dry hair
Heat producedUneven and dryEven and consistent but a bit harshEven and consistent but a bit harshEven and consistent but a bit harsh
Possible hair damageVery highLessVery lessLess
Apprx CostAffordable (within Rs.600)Medium priced (starts from Rs.1200)Very costly (starts from Rs.200 to Rs.25000)Medium Priced (starts from Rs.1000)

a) Ionic Hair Dryers

If you see the word “ionic” in hair dryers, this means the dryer blows out negatively charged ions, which quickly break down positively charged water molecules. This cuts down on the drying time and prevents your hair from getting frizzy, so if you have thick hair, you will definitely benefit from these ionic hair dryers.

With ionic hair dryers, you can use a lower heat setting, which can preserve the natural curl definition in your hair. It also adds shine to the hair – great for those who are following the curly hair method. However, if you have thin hair, ionic hair dryers might lessen the volume in your hair and cause it to look limp.

b) Tourmaline hair dryer

Some, but not all, ionic hair dryers are made with Tourmaline, a gemstone coating that contains minerals that naturally emit negative ions. Tourmaline hair dryers are recommended if you want to go for more sleek and straight hairstyles. However, Tourmaline ionic hair dryers tend to cost more than other types.

c) Ceramic Hair Dryers

In terms of the price, if you want the middle ground between ionic hair dryers and traditional drug store ones, go for ceramic hair dryers. The internal parts are coated with this material, which produces heat that is consistent and relatively gentle

This type of hair dryer distributes heat evenly, boosts shine, and does the least damage to the hair, assuming it is not used longer than necessary. Like ionic hair dryers, ceramic dryers speed up the drying process. 

This type of hair dryer is recommended for all hair types, especially those with fine or delicate hair that has been damaged in the past.

d) Titanium Hair Dryers

Titanium hair dryers can produce the highest heat among the bunch and are also the lightest. Dryers with this material optimize drying time, heat distribution, and temperature consistency.

If you have thick hair that takes a long time to dry, you might want to go for this one since they tend to be smaller, easy to handle, and the combination of high heat and high wattage significantly speeds up the drying process. 

Titanium dryers are light, so you can use them for an extended period. However, if your hair is fine, delicate, or is easily damaged, titanium dryers aren’t for you. The high heat may just cause more damage to your already sensitive hair strands.

4. What are the additional accessories to look for?

Different hair dryer brands and models will have additional features and included accessories. So check out what you would be interested to have:

  • Cold Air Blaster – This feature helps to seal the hair’s outer cuticle, locking the moisture and improves softness. If the hair is brittle and dirty, then it will help to reduce the coarseness. It also prevents any additional damage caused by heat.
  • Nozzle – It lets the air and heat flow in one direction to ensure the targeted hair area gets dried up quickly. If you are experiencing frizzy hair, absence of nozzle can also be a reason. Without nozzle, hair flows in all directions, pushing the cuticle up and leaving frizzy hair.
  • Diffuser – This feature is suitable for people with curly hair and who wants volume. It helps to add volume and embrace hair’s natural texture. It will help smoothen and lock the curls while blow drying. For curly hair, it is better to choose a diffuser with thicker separator as it preserves the shape of curls.
  • Concentrator – Concentrator snaps on at the end of the blow dryer and emits hot air in the form of a concentrated stream. This feature allows you to straighten your hair with the dryer and reduce frizz.
  • Comb Attachment – It is very convenient to have a comb attachment as you can style your hair while drying it. Make sure the comb attachment can smoothly glide through your hair, leaving it untangled and shiny throughout.
  • Cord – Choose a hair dryer with considerably long power cord so that you can hold it over your head freely as your style your hair. Some hair dryers come with retractable cord features which makes them easy to store.
  • Low EMF – Some people are worried about electro-magnetic field emissions. Some hair dryers have high EMF, while some have low. If you use hair dryer regularly, then check EMF before purchase.
  • Quick Dry – Some hair dryers come with quick dry feature, which is suitable for working women.
  • Dual Voltage – If you travel frequently, then having a hair dryer with dual voltage feature would be highly beneficial.

Pros and Cons of Using Hair Dryer Regularly

There are some good things and a bad thing to consider while using dryer for your hair.


  • Decreased Drying Time: Thick and long hair take long time to dry. Using Ionic hair dryer breaks down water particles, leading to faster water evaporation and thus cutting down the drying time by 50%.
  • Minimum Heat Damage: When compared to standard blow dryer, hair dryers are much gentle as they use less heat to dry hair. As the amount of time taken to dry the hair is reduced, the hair damage will also be less.
  • Reduced Frizz: Frizzy hair is prone to static which is why ionic hair dryers are perfect. Ionic technology will release negative ions which neutralize the static charges, minimize frizz, tighten cuticles and create smooth finish. Ionic hair dryers also reduce surface tension which prevents the hair getting tangled.
  • Smooth Hair – Negative ions released by ionic hair dryer lock the moisture in the hair cuticle, leaving the strands smooth and luxurious. This makes it easy to style your hair as well.
  • Comfort – As hair dryers are light in weight, you can easily you them to style your hair without straining the hands, shoulders or arms. If you travel a lot, then smaller units can be handy.
  • Durability – Ionic hair dryers have a longer lifespan and durability than conventional hair dryers. However, high quality ones can be a little expensive than blow dryers. But they are worth every penny you invest.


The only drawback of hair dryer is – if used repeatedly, then it can drain all the necessary moisture and make the hair frizzy and brittle. This can ultimately lead to hair falls as well. However, if you have to use hair dryer regularly, then you can try semi-drying your hair.

Common Questions about Hair Dryers

1. Can usage of Hair Dryer damage our hair?

Yes, excessive use may cause damage. And multiple types of research have suggested that the use of a Hair Dryer causes damage to Hair.

2. Is a Hair Dryer produce radiation?

Yes, as most of the Hair Dryers use thermal air production technology, they produce radiation. So, it is recommended to place the hair dryer at some distance.

3. Can Hair Dryer cause Hair Fall?

Yes, using a hairdryer in an inappropriate manner can cause hair to fall.

Over to You

As seen in this post, there are many distinct brands of hair dryers available in India and also you can find large varieties of hair dryers online, below is a short list of some best hair dryers in India. We have selected our best hair dryer tools as Philips HP8100/46 based on may factors. Additionally, given our other top choices as well.

Make sure you select the device based on your hair type and needs – refer top hair dryer list for more.

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