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8 Best Exhaust Fans for Kitchen & Bathroom | 2023 Guide

Best Exhaust Fans in India

Ventilating your home replaces stale or foul air with clean, fresh air. Exhaust fans are an essential appliance for that purpose.

In a kitchen, exhaust fan sucks out smoke, fume and prevents grease or other formation from building up on your wall or ceiling. Similarly, in a bathroom it sucks out bad odour, stale and very humid air hence improving the quality of the air inside. Choosing the right exhaust fan can make a difference, and we are here to help you.

In India, some of the most popular brands for exhaust fans include Usha, Havells, Luminous, Crompton and Orpat. This post should help you decide on which exhaust fan to buy online.

Before proceeding, Is it safe to buy an exhaust fan online?

Yes, absolutely! Because you get great deals and discounts when you purchase it online. Buy make sure to buy from a reputed online store like Amazon or Flipkart because they are trustworthy.

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Why do you need an exhaust fan?

If you are confused and not sure regarding your purchase then check out the benefits of an exhaust fan and we are sure that this will help you in coming to a concrete decision.

So, here are more details

#1. Reduces Humidity 

The first and the most important benefit of using an exhaust fan is that it reduces the humidity levels in the room drastically. This is really important to ensure proper perspiration during the hot and dry days. Since the exhaust fan removes the air from the room, the humidity is also reduced drastically. It is a must have in bathrooms, washing areas and in the kitchen as well.

#2. Gets rid of fumes and odours 

The second benefit of having an exhaust fan is that it can help you in getting rid of fumes and odour. After a spicy meal, the toilet area can get really stinky and the air fresheners might only be able to help you with masking the odour. In such a case, the exhaust fan can prove to be of great help as it can throw all the stinky air outside the bathroom and hence freshening up the bathroom for the next person. The same is the case in the kitchen. It can simply remove the smell of the strong curry from the kitchen and stop it from spreading around the room.

#3. Removes Smoke and Pollutant

Another good part about the exhaust fan is that it can remove the smoke and other such pollutants from the room. This scenario is especially true for the kitchen. The exhaust fan can actually remove the smoke while you are frying parathas or any other thing and in addition to this, the exhaust fan is quite effective in removing the carbon dioxide which is generated during the usage of LPG stove.

#4. Removes heat 

In certain cases, the exhaust fan will remove the heat from the room as well. This is true when the temperature of the room exceeds the normal temperature outside. This could be because of various reasons but the exhaust fan will circulate the air and remove the heat/

#5. Removes moisture from wall

If the room is very humid then there are chances that the fabric inside the room and the walls of the room may start accumulating moisture and it may show signs of that. The walls may also accumulate tar if you have smoke inside the room. The exhaust fan can save you from such a turmoil.

#6. Comfort for the summer

Lastly, the exhaust fan will improve the comfort levels inside the home with the help of all these factors listed above. Moreover, it is a convenient method and economical method to improve the comfort level

List of Top Exhaust Fans in India

Before processing with detailed review, let us quickly compare features of best exhaust fans available in India.

Kitchen Exhaust FansMaterialRPMDimensionsWarranty
Luminous Vento Delux Exhaust FanPlastic135032x32x15 cm2 years
Havells Ventilair DSP Exhaust FanMetal135029x29x20 cm2 years
Usha Crisp Air Exhaust FanPlastic130032.2×31.2×15.4 cm1 year
Orpat Ventillation Exhaust FanPlastic180012x20x20 cm1 year
Sameer Air Exhaust FanPlasticN.A37x37x15 cm2 years
Crompton Brisk Air Exhaust FanPlastic237035x35x13 cm2 years
Maa Ku Aluminum Die Cast Exhaust FanPlastic250017x17x5 cm1 year
Orient Ventilator Dx 250mm Exhaust FanPlastic125011.5×11.5×13 cm1 Year

Detailed Review of Best Exhaust Fans in India

When it comes to choosing an exhaust fan, there are many factors to consider. Everything from the size of the room to the climate you live in can tell you something about the type of exhaust fan you need. Below are best ones to buy in India.

1. Luminous Vento Delux 200 mm Exhaust Fan

Second from our list comes from Luminous brand – which is suitable for a medium sized kitchen or room. This exhaust fan is specially designed with 5 blades which ensure optimum air delivery compared to other fans.

Luminous Vento Delux 200 mm Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is made up of high quality plastic which makes it not only sturdy enough but also easy to clean and maintain. This exhaust fan comes with safety guard and will automatically shut off after operation.

The simple design and efficient functionality of this product ensures all the odors and fumes are sucked out of the room very quickly. The modern and stylish design makes it easy to blend in the interiors of any kitchen room.

Unlike the first product, the manufacturer of this product is providing 2 year warranty. The product is easy to install and doesn’t need expert for the same.

Pros: Good things

  • Good fan with sufficient exhaust capacity
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Fits properly
  • Noise free
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Good quality plastic material
  • Value for money

Cons: Poor things

  • Fan speed is a bit low.

2. Havells Ventilair DSP 200 mm Exhaust Fan

The brand Havells is a very well-known and trusted brands in India. Their products have been known to be delivering high quality products that are affordably priced. They only used latest technology and innovative solutions while designing their products.

Havells Ventilair DSP 200 mm Exhaust Fan

Among their products, Ventiliar DSP is one of our best picks for exhaust fans. It is an extraordinary product with fantastic performance.

High quality metal is used for both body and blades. They help in sucking out the odors and fumes, leaving a pleasant and fresh environment. The 3 sharp blades distribute the air uniformly inside the kitchen.

A bird guard or grill is attached to the fan which makes it highly durable. It comes in powdered coated metallic finish which blends well with any interiors. It just consumes 40 watts so you don’t have to worry about the power bills. This exhaust fan produces only 40 – 50 db which is tolerable enough.

Pros: Good things

  • Quite long lasting
  • Specially designed metal blade
  • Quite enough
  • Consumes less energy
  • Comes with in-built bird guard
  • Highly durable
  • Powder coated metallic finish

Cons: Poor things

  • Suction force is not up to the mark.

3. Usha Crisp Air 200 MM Exhaust Fan

The first product from our list is from a famous old Indian company – Usha. The products from this brand are well known for quality and amazing modern features. From their wide product range, we picked out the best exhaust fan.

Usha Crisp Air 200 MM Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan has sleek and stylish design, so it will blend easily in any modern kitchen interiors. During the plight of exhausting the air, it doesn’t make much noise. Once you stop the operation, the shutter present to it will automatically shut off.

The body and blades of this product are completely rust proof. The high quality blades ensure optimum performance and sucks out odor and fumes very quickly. It consumes 40 watts power and has operating voltage of 230 volts.

If white color exhaust fan doesn’t blend well with your interiors then Usha Crisp Air (Brown) is also available in brown color. It has all the same features like auto-shutter, rust proof blades, noiseless functioning and others.

Pros: Good things

  • Comes with automatic shutter
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Rust proof body and blades
  • Quite in operation
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Consumes 40 volts of power

Cons: Poor things

  • The fan runs at lower rmp rate
  • Doesn’t come with a plug

4. Orpat Ventilation 6 inch Exhaust Fan

Orpat ventilation fan is a fantastic product to lay your hands on. This brand is quite popular and most trusted ones in the market. They are well-known in providing out of the box ideas. If you are planning to purchase a product that is capable of maintaining fresh environment in your kitchen then this is a worth consideration.

Orpat Ventilation 6 inch Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan is quite sturdy in nature and robust in design. As high quality plastic is used to make its body, there is no chance of getting corroded or rust.

Unlike other products, this one has a unique blade design and comes with blades. This feature contributes to higher air flow. So you can be assured to fresh air all the time.

The inner fuse protection of this exhaust fan is highly durable. It comes with an inbuilt safety grill. It is very easy to install and operate as well. It is even suitable for mounting on glass window – which a rear feature and not available in most of the products available in the market.

Pros: Good things

  • High quality plastic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Higher air flow
  • Unique 6 blade design
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted even on glass window
  • Rust proof body

Cons: Poor things

  • It is a bit noisy.

5. Sameer 250 mm Air Exhaust Fan

This Ventilation Fan from Sameer’s is a versatile and incredibly economic and budget priced exhaust fan which comes in  2 different sizes of 150 mm and 250 mm.

Sameer 250 mm Air Exhaust Fan

Highly noiseless in operation, the Sameer ventilation fan, as mentioned has 2 sizes to choose from. For small homeowners and people with a comparatively smaller kitchen, the 150 mm fan is a suitable fit. For families with a slightly larger kitchen, a 250 mm fan would seem comfortable. Also, the 250 mm variant is suitable for small restaurant kitchens with constant activity.

Apart from using it to drive away odours from the kitchen, this fan is highly helpful in eliminating of bathroom odours, miniscule air particles, smoke and excessive moisture too.

While those are the wonderful aspects of this fan, it lacks in speed to compensate. With no regulatory toggling, there is a possibility for many individual shipped pieces may have low speed in operation. To avoid this, observe the operation for a few days before the return window closes for better results.

Priced at a very economical rate, this fan is apt in its operation, minimal in design and most importantly, highly durable. Sameer even provides you with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for any product manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

Pros: Good things

  • Apt for kitchen and bathroom
  • Available in 150mm and 250mm designs.
  • Durable body
  • Minimal design
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Low fan speed

6. Crompton Brisk 250 mm Air Exhaust Fan

Crompton is one of the oldest and popular brands in India. One of the products from their wide range is Crompton Brisk Air – a high-speed ventilating fan which sucks out bad air and fumes within just minutes.

Crompton Brisk 250 mm Air Exhaust Fan

Its sleek and stylish design adds charm and elegance to your beautiful kitchen décor. It is very light in weight so if you want to change the placement or if you want to remove the cleaning, it is completely easy.

As the fans and body are completely made up of high-quality plastic, you no longer have to worry about rust damage. The 5 blades of the exhaust fan make sure the air is distributed evenly. The fan runs at a speed of 2730 RPM, so it ensures proper air flow. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty.

Pros: Good things

  • Very light in weight
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • High-speed ventilating fan
  • 2-year warranty
  • Highly durable
  • In-built safety grill
  • Doesn’t produce much noise

Cons: Poor things

  • The backside ventilation fins are a bit of low quality.

7. Maa Ku Aluminum Die Cast Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for affordable kitchen exhaust fans then this has to be your choice. This is a robust and powerful exhaust fan which ensures excellent performance.

Maa Ku Aluminum Die Cast Exhaust Fan

The corrosion-less body of the exhaust fan is made from high-quality metal which makes it durable and long lasting. This exhaust fan comes with 5 specially designed blades that ensure better air delivery compared to other exhaust fans.

The exhaust fan is made from quality aluminium die cast material which makes it extremely durable and easy to maintain. The high-efficiency motor of the fan gives an excellent performance while consuming minimal power. This exhaust fan comes with 1-year replacement warranty.

Pros: Good things

  • High-quality aluminium die cast material used
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Highly durable
  • Rustproof
  • High-speed ventilating fan

Cons: Poor things

  • Doesn’t have in-built safety grill.

8. Orient Electric Ventilator Dx 250mm Electric Exhaust Fan

On number 6, we have an exhaust fan from Orient Electric and as you know, this is a very reliable brand. You must check out this exhaust fan from Orient Electric and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Orient Electric Ventilator Dx 250mm Electric Exhaust Fan

The fan comes with a shutter to which switches to on or off position as per the exhaust fan and at the same time the fan is made of high quality material. Since we are talking about the body, we would like to tell you that the body of this fan is made of resin and this not only makes it durable but it also makes it very easy to clean the fan. Overall, it is one of the best product in Indian market.

Salient features

  • Comes in two models so you can choose between the sweep of 200 mm and 250 mm.
  • Body and Blades are made of resins
  • Maximum speed of 1250 RPM and air delivery of 13 Cu M/m
  • Has a power rating of 45 watts
  • Total fan size is 8 inch and can fit the duct of 11.5 inches

Pros: Good things

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Features a 5 blade design
  • Small, powerful and has a very good design
  • Low noise level

Cons: Poor things

  • Low airflow can be a concern

6 Things to Look for While Buying an Exhaust Fan

Not all the exhaust fans work in same fashion. They vary in many different ways. So it is best to decide which factors go well with your need before buyging.

Below, we have factored multiple things to consider while buying a best exhaust fan as per your need.

1. Size of the fan

A normal 12 inch (304.8 mm) sized domestic exhaust fan is good enough for expelling smoke and fumes from a small to medium sized kitchen of 10x9x8 cubic feet size. Large sized kitchen exhaust fans are suitable for commercial kitchens in restaurants.

Size of exhaust fans in industries and factories is far larger than common commercial complexes or any restaurants. These are not wall mounted but are rather ceiling mounted with an entirely different rotation proportions.

2. Blade material

The build material of the blade dictates the longevity of the fan. Blades for exhaust fans come in either

  • Metal
  • Plastic

When it comes to kitchen exhaust fans, it is best to opt for fans with metal blades as they are easy to clean and maintain. But the problem with metal blades is that they tend to get rusted or tarnished. One has to periodically take care and clean up after from time to time.

For bathroom exhaust fans, Plastic blades are suitable. Plastic blades are easy to install and are light in weight. Compared to metal blades, they are economic in pricing too. But the durability of plastic blades is questionable and one has to be on the lookout for that

3. Air delivery volume

It indicates the volume of stale air that can be expelled by an exhaust fan and it is measured in m³/hr.

High speed exhaust fans have better air delivery compared to the normal ones but they also have a higher energy cost. Usually, this information is mentioned on the product specifications or instruction manual.

But there is a major factor that most people tend to overlook when it comes to high-speed exhaust fans is back drafting.

“Backdrafting” refers to the reintroduction of oxygen into a fire or hot areas which is a likely phenomenon could lead to two things.

  • Fire Hazards
  • Introduction of toxic gases into the bathroom

Backdrafting is a common reasons of fire and biohazard escalations in many public catastrophe incidents. Unless you are a industrial or a restaurant personnel with proper care and maintenance planned for large exhaust vents, do not got for heavy and high speed exhaust fans.

For personal and residential use, always go with noiseless and medium speed exhaust fans.

4. Energy efficiency

High speed fans consume more energy to run compared to normal exhaust fans. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or use it for commercial purpose then choose high speed fans. Or else you can go with normal exhaust fans.

5. Noise generation

High speed metal exhaust fans have a high noise level of 74.3 dB while regular exhaust fans have a sound level of around 60 dB.

Industrial usage fans are okay with noise levels as most of the time, they tend to drown and go redundant amidst many machinery sounds around them. Same is the case with large kitchens in restaurants.

When it comes to residential exhaust fans, it is important to have a noiseless fan.

6. External mesh

Most kitchen exhaust fans come with an external gourd or metal mesh that prevents accidental contact with the moving fan blades.

While plastic fans may not entirely need this mesh, it is important that metallic fans have meshes as such to cover their sharp blades

How to Clean an Exhaust Fan?

Exhaust fans require different structures or grooves to be cleaned because of their design. However, the basic process of cleaning an exhaust is the same.

1. Unplug the wiring that connects the fan with the power source
2. Detach the fan from its fixed place.
3. Unscrew all of the parts from its sheath and mesh to its motor

Steps to clean the mesh

  • Take out the mesh and place it separately.
  • First, pour hot boiling water through the filter
  • Take some 3-4 litres of hot water and mix a ½ cup of ammonia in it. Make sure you are wearing a face mask while doing this.
  • Soak the mesh in this mixture for some time and remove to scrub and dip again.
  • Now after you have scrubbed off all lint, fat or grease in it, wash it another round in hot water
  • Now wash it again with cool water and let it dry

Clean the blades

  • For cleaning metal blades, you can use sodium phosphate cleaning solution with a secure face mask.
  • Otherwise, take a soap and water solution. You can also add ½ a cup of ammonia to this.
  • To this mixture, add 2 tablespoons of baking powder and ample amounts of warm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot or boiling.
  • Now soak the blades in this mixture and take it out.
  • Wearing secure rubber gloves, scrub off grease, lint and dust off the blades.
  • Dip it again in the mixture and then after the dirt is gone, soak it for a small while in cool water.
  • Keep the blades off to dry in a dark and cool place

Steps to clean the motor

Do not use water or anything moist to clean the motor. Instead, use a dry cloth and canned air to spray and dust it off the dirt. Make sure you are not heating up the motor in the process.

  • One of the major problems of cleaning up an exhaust fan is that the grease, dirt and lint need excessive scrubbing.
  • If the solutions do not work, try using more concentrated caustic chemicals. Make sure you are wearing protective gear while doing this cleaning.
  • For faster drying, use paper or cotton towels
  • After all of the material is dry and clean, fix up the fan and reinstall it to its proper place. Before you install it, make sure you have dusted its resting place properly with a broom or a dry towel.

Common Questions on Exhaust Fans

How exhaust fans ventilate a kitchen?

Exhaust fans work on the method of air re-entry. By creating small but powerful suction winds through rapid rotation of wings, exhaust fans suck in local hot and humid air, throw it outside and tend to displace it with cool and clear air from the outside to inside.

Can stove top exhaust fans help in cooling a room?

The main function of an exhaust fan is to make sure that it throws out the hot and humid air in the room. Thus this is totally dependent on where and how you place the exhaust fan.

How do you size an exhaust fan?

The size of the exhaust fan is dependent on several factors. The first one is the size of the duct that is in the room and hence you need to match the size of the exhaust fan assembly with the size of the duct if you do not want to incur any extra expense. As per another thumb rule, the CFM capacity of the exhaust fan should be determined as per the size of the room. So, if your kitchen is 6 feet x 5 feet in dimensions then you need an exhaust fan with the minimum capacity of 30 CFM.

What is CFM?

Cfm means cubic feet per minute, it is defined as the amount of air volume moved by the fan.  Opt for a fan with minimum cfm of 50. Most of the fans come with cfm of 50-100. A fan with cfm of 50 is suitable for small sized rooms.

What are timer features in the fans?

Timers of the fans are used to shut off the fans at a fixed time. Not important but always comes in handy.
While typical exhaust fans may not have an exhaust fans, if you are in the need of an exhaust fan that works in a crowded place such as for your restaurant or your workplace, consider this as an option.

How long should you run your bathroom exhaust fan?

After using the bathroom for a shower or for any other usage, the recommended time for the running of the exhaust fan is about 20 minutes to clear out, expel and eradicate all odours formed in it.

Over to You

Choosing the best exhaust fan system is an important part of your home’s ventilation system. Therefore, exhaust fans are important part of your home.

This post has given you expert guide to choose best exhaust fan along with list of most popular ones in India. Go through the details and let us know which one you opted for!

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