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SMARTLIST » Kitchen Appliances » Best Coffee Bean Grinders in India | 2023 Expert Guide

Best Coffee Bean Grinders in India | 2023 Expert Guide

Best Coffee Bean Grinders in India

The type and performance of best coffee bean grinders have a lot to do with how your coffee tastes, so choosing the right one is an important step in the brewing process. Even if you’ve purchased the coffee maker of your dreams, your morning cup of coffee is only going to be as good as the beans you’re using. And any coffee snob will tell you that you’re going to get much better results — and fresher-tasting coffee — if you grind coffee beans yourself, just before you need them.

You won’t have to break the bank getting one. If you’re looking for a good coffee grinder, you’re in luck as we have compiled the best of them. Here are the best coffee grinders in India that you can get!

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List of Best Coffee Grinders in India 2020

AnfimBest Electric Grinder Electric Burr1 kg1 year
SToK Coffee GrinderElectric Blade70 grams1 year
Koryo KCG151SG GrinderElectric Blade40 grams1 year
Ninja Coffee GrinderElectric Blade180 grams2 years
HARIO MSCSBest Hand GrinderManual Ceramic Burr100 gramsN.A.
Usha Coffee GrinderElectric Blade Grinder75 grams2 years
LWVAX Manual GrinderManual Ceramic Burr7 – 9 gramsN.A.

Detailed Review of Best Coffee Grinders in India

Let us take a deeper look into best rated and top selling coffee bean grinders to buy online in India. Check details and choose the one that best suits your need.

1. Anfim Electric Coffee Grinder

This Anfim is a well-known company that effectively provides the lowest to highest workload espresso grinders. These are well designed and comes with good technology and design. This grinder is one of the best electric burr coffee grinder that works best for home, small coffee shops and small offices.

Anfim Electric Coffee Grinder

It has solid heavy duty build quality with powerful motor (has steel flat burr blades) and polished alloy exterior will make you enjoy various styles of coffee. It performs a quiet operation and cleaning this grinder is also easy. The doser in this grinder will help you not to waste more and has stepped adjuster that makes it easy to use.

Salient features

  • Wattage – 300W
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 7.4 kg
  • Grinding Disc Diameter – 54 mm
  • Disc Material – Hardened Steel
  • Voltage – 220 to 240 V
  • Grinding Capacity – 1 kg/day
  • Dimensions – 150 W X 385 H X 335 D mm
  • Hopper Capacity – 400 grams
  • Speed – 1300 rpm
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Type – Burr Electric Grinder.

Pros: Good things

  • It comes with a powerful motor, large burrs, effective doser and stepped adjuster.
  • It has aesthetically pleasing, heavy build quality, and performs its operation with less sound.
  • Cleaning this grinder is also an easy task and also it comes in small size.
  • It runs with an excellent speed (grinding capacity – 1 kg per day) to achieve the desired consistency of grind quickly.

Cons: Poor things

  • It runs only on the electric power source.

2. SToK Coffee & Spice Grinder

This SToK 2 in 1 coffee grinder suits best for household purpose. It has a powerful motor (150W) with double stainless steel blades that works well to grind the coffee beans to your desired consistency. It acts as a multi-spice grinder that not only used to grind the coffee beans effectively but also grinds spices, herbs and more but always remember that it is only meant for dry grinding.

SToK Coffee & Spice Grinder

It comes with an elegant sleek and compact design that yields up to 12 cups of coffee and can be stored easily without taking much space. The safety switch of this grinder will make you operate it safely with one touch. The stainless steel blades comes with anti-corrosion sharp S5 blades for fast & even grinding and lasts longer.

Grinding Time

  • For Drip coffee maker, it takes less than 15 seconds to grind the beans perfectly.
  • For French Press, it takes 8 seconds to coarsely ground the beans.
  • For Moka Pot, it takes 15 seconds to get middle fine ground.
  • For AeroPress coffee maker, it takes 20 seconds to get fine ground.
  • For Espresso coffee maker, it takes 25 seconds to have ultra-fine grind.

Salient features

  • Type – Electric Blade Grinder
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Speed – 1600 to 1800 rpm
  • Grinding Capacity – 70 grams
  • Watts – 150 W

Pros: Good things

  • Comes with a large capacity that holds 70 grams of coffee beans (or for 12 cups) for grinding.
  • The powerful motor will grind the beans from coarse to fine range within a few seconds.
  • The elegant looks, compact design, durability, easy to use and store will make it more attractive.

Cons: Poor things

  • It comes with a fixed jar which makes you unable to wash.
  • Grinds only small quantity but not in bulk.

Note: It is recommended, for every 30 seconds usage you have to give a break of 5 minutes to the machine why because the over usage leads to overheating and thereby results in loss of aroma.

3. Koryo KCG151SG Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Container

The Koryo is a product from Big Bazaar (Future Group), India’s retail pioneer catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers. This coffee grinder is made of ABS plastic which is extremely durable that effectively grind the coffee beans to your desired consistency. You can utilize this grinder in home, small coffee shops or small offices.

Koryo KCG151SG Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Container

The stainless steel inner container (corrosion resistant) with sharp blades will help you in grinding the coffee beans with a capacity of 40 grams. Although, it has less grinding capacity of dry coffee beans but it helps you to experience a rich flavour every time that never before.

The safety switch will give you a complete access to turn on and off the coffee grinder when you get the desired ground consistency. The light indicator will alert you that the grinding is done completely and turn off the grinder. This option will help you to maintain the right temperatures and thereby helps to control the consumption of electricity.

Salient features

  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Type – Electric Blade Grinder
  • Power – 150 W
  • Grinding Capacity – 40 grams
  • Voltage – 220 to 240V
  • Material – ABS Plastic

Pros: Good things

  • The coffee grinder has stainless steel inner container with sharp blades that comes with anti-corrosion to provide you with an effective grinding and safe to use.
  • It is extremely durable that makes it resistant to impact.
  • Get complete control over the machine with a safety switch to turn on and off.
  • The light indicates whenever the grinding is done completely to remove the coffee ground and turn off the grinder to save the power.

Cons: Poor things

  • This grinder comes with less grinding capacity of about 40 grams.
  • The container isn’t removable which makes it slightly tedious to remove the ground coffee – difficult to clean the grinder.

4. Ninja Coffee and Spice Stainless Steel Grinder

This Ninja grinder will effectively make the dry grinding easy that comes with a single attachment in which it works well with any Ninja Auto-IQ blender/motor base. This grinder comes with a large capacity of 12 tablespoons or grind an enough coffee beans that covers a full 12 – cup carafe of coffee.

Ninja Coffee and Spice Stainless Steel Grinder

It is designed for optimal grinding performance with stainless steel grinding blades and bowl. Also, the built – in measurement marking in this grinder will make you to pour the ingredients directly in the grinding bowl with precise measurement and easy clean-up.

The clear viewing lid will allow you to see the perfect grind size and all the components are BPA proof and dishwasher safe. You can obtain fine to coarse coffee ground with this grinder.

Salient features

  • Type – Electric Blade Grinder
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Grinding Capacity – 12 tablespoons (or 12 cup)
  • Height – 6 to 7 inches tall
  • Weight – 500 grams
  • Speed – 21000 rpm

Pros: Good things

  • It is compatible with all auto IQ series (especially with Auto – IQ motor base 1000 watts or 250 V or BL480IND).
  • Quality and finishing of the product is good with fast grinding.
  • The capacity cam grinds an enough coffee beans for a full 12 cup carafe of coffee.
  • Comes with measurement markings that make you to pour ingredients with precise measurement and also it is easy to clean.

Cons: Poor things

  • It is only a jar without motor in which you have to purchase the motor base separately.
  • It consumes more power along with making some noise while operating.

5. HARIO Hand Grinder MSCS – 2B Coffee Mill

This Hario hand grinder is an ideal grinder for the coffee enthusiast that comes with ceramic burr grinder which is operated manually. This grinder comes with professional features and adaptable functionality. It is small, portable and lightweight that is suitable for home use (to get better control over grinding) due to its quality and solidness.

HARIO Hand Grinder MSCS – 2B Coffee Mill

It is ideal to grind the beans from coarse to fine grind with its rock solid ground breaking 166-Watt co-ordinate drive motor spinning at a speed of 1725 rpms.

Salient features

  • Type – Manual Ceramic Burr Grinder
  • Color – Black
  • Speed – 1725 rpm
  • Dimensions – 17.2W X 9.3D X 23.1H cm
  • Diameter – 9 cm
  • Weight – 480 grams
  • Grinding Capacity – 100 grams

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to install, use and clean this hand grinder.
  • It is small, portable and lightweight to store and use it.
  • Easy to carry and works ideal for both home and travellers.
  • It gives consistent grinding to make a perfect coffee with fresh aroma.
  • Strong stainless steel blades with corrosion resistant feature will grind the beans effectively.

Cons: Poor things

  • Somewhat difficult to grind the coffee beans manually upon daily usage.
  • A little bit pricey product.

6. Usha Coffee Grinder and Dry Spice Masala

Usha is a well-known brand for home and kitchen appliances and this coffee grinder has a sleek compact SS design with one pulse speed that allow you to have a consistent texture of the ground beans (& spices) to enjoy a nice coffee with fresh aroma.

Usha Coffee Grinder and Dry Spice Masala

The stainless steel blades has corrosion resistant that only grind the beans sharply but also last longer. You can easily install, use and clean this grinder. It works with one touch control and the safety lock feature will help you to safely grind the beans. Other than coffee beans, you can dry grind the spices, nuts, bread crumbs, etc. to get a fine powder.

Salient features

  • Power – 200 W
  • Grinding Capacity – 75 grams
  • Height – 23 cm
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Color – Silver
  • Type – Electric Blade Grinder

Pros: Good things

  • It comes with features like safety cover, anti-skid rubber feet, cord winding facility, and overload protector to keep the motor safe along with safety lock to grind the beans effectively.
  • Easily monitor the grinding with its transparent lid and one pulse seed will give you a consistent grinding (from coarse to fine).
  • The stainless steel blades with anti-corrosion and brush finish will make it lasts longer and grind the beans as your desired consistency.
  • It is small, compactible and lightweight in which you can save the space on the countertop.

Cons: Poor things

  • The grinding capacity is less in which you can make the grind in bulk (if needed).
  • Some customers report that the motor gets heated up after a continuous usage of 20 seconds.

7. LWVAX Manual Coffee Hand Grinder

This LWVAX hand coffee grinders will give precise grind with its rust free conical ceramic burr by simply turning the grind adjustment knob to either clockwise or counter clockwise direction till you get the desired consistency.

LWVAX Manual Coffee Hand Grinder

It is easy to install, use, clean and store and also easy to disassemble in which you can enjoy a fresh coffee every time with its small and compatible size. Also, it suits best for home and travellers (as it is easy to carry).

How to use this grinder

Simply, pour a tablespoon of roasted coffee beans in the bottle and crank the handle. Just rotate it in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to ground the coffee beans. It gets collected in the below container in which you can use it whenever you want to brew a nice coffee.

Salient features

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Color – Silver
  • Dimensions – 4.8 X 4.8 X 13.3 cm
  • Type – Manual Conical Ceramic Burr
  • Grinding Capacity – 7 to 8 grams

Pros: Good things

  • It is a small handy grinder is used for perfect grinding with durability but comes with less commitment.
  • It comes with an adjustable fineness settings that make it perfectly adaptable for different brewing methods like fine, medium and coarse.
  • Adjust the grind size without unscrewing the grinder and enjoy the fresh coffee anytime with the precise grind.
  • It is easy to handle and use with its strong & solid built quality.

Cons: Poor things

  • You have to grind the coffee beans manually in which the grinding capacity is small.

Different Types of Coffee Grinders

You are going to discover two primary choices in your pursuit to buy the best coffee grinder with every single one of them delivering a discrete level of quality and worth.

1. Blade Grinders

Blade grinders, also known as the manual grinders, are pretty commonly seen since they’re inexpensive. Unluckily, they’re low-priced for a cause. The coffee fans extensively put down this kind of grinder for being erratic – the coffee beans that you grind are going to be delivered partly coarse, incompletely powder and every other sort of particle sizes amidst.

Blade Grinders
Blade Grinders

In case you utilize a blade grinder for an extensive time period, there is a threat of burning the coffee, which is further going to disturb the eminence of the flavor. To be reasonable to the blade grinders, they function in an appropriate manner when the spices are to be ground. Further, if you generally twig with low-cost coffee types, then you may not perceive a lot of variance with a blade grinder against a top-end model; however, that reasonable price tag might be pretty tempting.

However, in case you propose to devote money on top-quality coffee beans, then you would perhaps be more contented spending on a coffee grinder that is appropriate for them.

2. Burr Grinders

In case you desire to purchase a grinder that is going to assist you in getting the finest flavor out of the coffee, you are going to be content with moving a step ahead from the blade grinders to buy the burr grinder. The burr grinders deliver well-ground coffee that is smooth – every single particle comes out having a similar size. The coffee enthusiasts catch that this constancy makes a big variance in the superiority of the coffee’s flavor.

Burr Grinders
Burr Grinders

Burr grinders are available in 2 distinct types: flat and conical plate. There are minor differences in the manner they go about grinding the coffee beans, but at large the quality of the particles is alike amongst the two. The flat burr grinders charge more and are superior at producing constancy in the size of the particle. The conical grinders are pretty reasonably priced and silent.

However, at this point in your shopping escapade, the main decision you require making is whether a burr grinder or a blade grinder would do the job for you.

Blade Grinder vs Burr Grinder
Blade Grinder vs Burr Grinder

Difference: Steel Burr vs. Ceramic Burr

The burrs are generally crafted out of two distinct materials: steel & ceramic. You might not believe, but the selection might be a bit notorious – and it (customarily) relies on the thermal conductivity of the material. Steel is a quality material for thermal conduction, which signifies that the burrs are going to heat up as well as cool down pretty quickly.

On the other hand, the ceramic burrs have a relatively lower thermal conductivity on offer; it is going to take a longer time to get heated but also ample time to become cool. Additionally, the ceramic burrs incline to have an extended lifespan and might also be pretty costly. Though, they are might be really brittle. This is doubtful to become a difficulty except you have a small stone inside the hopper, but it makes a few coffee shop vendors select steel.

Difference: Automatic Grinders vs. Manual Grinders

In a domain dedicated to immediate satisfaction, consuming time to perform a task that is as modest as grinding coffee beans might appear to be a needless obstruction on the route to your morning coffee.

In case you desire the finest flavor in a smaller time frame, or you would only rather fit in a few more minutes to the morning sleep, opt to purchase an automatic coffee grinder. They’re obtainable with burrs or blades, and you might as well discover one to fit inside your budget.

Yet, some things are really worth the wait, and whilst making use of a manual coffee grinder may slow you down slightly, the coffee beans that are hand-ground would renovate and uplift the flavor of your coffee and its richness, which you might not obtain from the automatic variant.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder?

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder?

When you go shopping you find an extensive number of different brands on the market, with various different features and you wind up confused rapidly.

All things considered, don’t fuss. Follow along as this article takes you through the intricacies of buying a coffee grinder that has the correct features to fit your personal requirements.

1.How many different grind settings you get?

All the electric grinders have different grinding settings to get the required consistency of coffee ground. Some grinders come with 40+ grinding settings to get all the different flavors and styles while other come with 20 settings, which is ideal for daily coffee users to enjoy different types of coffee flavors. The coffee grinder have settings like timed, auto-grind and pulse.

  • The Auto-grind will grind the beans based on the cup capacity or selection.
  • The pulse will perform grinding the beans to ground by turning on and off the button when it’s done. It is the most available option and suits best for just brewing a cup or two for a few times a day.
  • The time-grind allows you to have different ground styles as it is grinded with some fixed time to run the motor.

2. What is the size and capacity?

The capacity of the coffee bean holder should neither be small nor be too large. The small holder results in repetitive coffee grounds whereas the large one may spoil the beans in case if left untreated (or used) for a longer time. So, always take proper care in choosing the capacity as per your needs or family size.

3. Does it come with measurement options?

Although, some grinders come with the technology of grinding the required quantity of coffee beans. For instance, you need to ground coffee beans for 2 cups then it grind for only two cups. So, prefer to choose the coffee bean grinder that comes with provision of selection without wasting the coffee beans or ground.

4. How easy to clean the grinder?

Not only using the coffee bean grinder, you have to clean and maintain it properly why because the uncleaned coffee grinder is unable to provide aromatic coffee ground and also the beans may be damaged gradually, if left uncleaned. So, choose the one which you feel easy and comfortable to clean the coffee grinder.

5. Does it yield consistent coffee ground?

The concept of using this coffee grinder is to obtain the consistency. There are several factors like time adjustment, type of grinder and speed set will help to obtain an even grinding. For best results, choose a burr type grinder which has different setting options.

6. How good is the RPM/speed?

The grinder speed is generally measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Do you know that a grinder with high speed motor (blade type) will damage the aroma of the coffee ground and thereby its flavour? So, it is ideal to choose a grinder that operates with medium speed or low speed motors (burr grinders). Also, high speed motors generates a lot of heat and thus it may burn the grinder as well.

  • For high speed grinder, prefer flat burrs with powerful motor for consistent grinding without any risk of heat build-up (perfect for espresso grinding).
  • For low speed grinders, prefer to use conical or ceramic burrs that grind at low speed to avoid the heat and static build-up.

7. Does it make too much noise?

Every grinder (especially electric) will produce noise (high or low) irrespective of its type or operation. A conical burr grinder makes less noise than flat burr grinder. A burr grinder produces less noise when compared to blade grinder. So, choose the best as per your sensitivity to noise levels.

8. Is it value for money?

It’s always good to buy the best coffee grinder in the price range which we can afford. The blade type cost less than burr type grinder and the electric power coffee grinder will cost higher than the manual one. So, choose the best one that suits in your price and requirement.

9. Dosing or doser-less?

Dosing tells you how the grinder will distribute the coffee after it gets ground. Some models comes with doser that drop the ground coffee into chambers and thereby it release into the coffee filter when you’re ready to brew. But some people dislike this model why because this let the coffee ground sit in a chamber before use may lose its freshness.

While some other models are doserless which are designed to dispense the ground more directly. Although, you can get fresher coffee with this doserless design but it makes more mess and you have to clean it up after every usage.

10. What is the material of the blade?

In general, the coffee bean grinders are made of either stainless or ceramic (especially for burr grinder). Ceramic burrs help to achieve the perfect fineness and also last longer why because they can work harder and can resist to heat and also costs a little more. Stainless steel burrs are quite common type and has an efficient functioning of grinding the coffee beans.

11. Check the coffee ground size

We generally see 7 varying levels of the coffee ground size that range from extra coarse to super fine. Get the correct size grind for your preferred coffee.

  • Extra Coarse Grind – You can get this extra coarse grind with a standard burr grinder, they resembles like peppercorns. Suitable to have cold brewed coffee or cowboy coffee or roll with this extra coarse grind.
  • Coarse Grind  It comes with a sea salt consistency and suitable to make coffee in a French press and cold brewed coffee. You can taste different coffees and this also suits well in percolator.
  • Medium–Coarse Grind – Its consistency resembles like builder’s sand and tastes good. Suitable in case if you use any decorative brewers on daily basis. Also, experiment a little and broaden your horizons with this medium coarse ground.
  • Medium Grind – Suitable for those who are new to this concept of instant grinding coffee beans for coffee. To grab and enjoy the taste of this medium grind, use a wide range of coffee makers like drip brewer with a flat bottom, conical pour over brewer, turbo-charged aeropress, or siphon brewer, as it this medium grind come with multipurpose option.
  • Medium Fine Grind – It works well with pour-over drippers, as it won’t be a fine powder and suits best to enjoy the espresso.
  • Fine Grind – The most suited and popular size, as it is finer than salt. Best suitable to make a perfect espresso whenever you need.
  • Super Fine Grind  Also, named as Turkish. It is somewhat difficult to source and if you want this grind then you definitely need a grinder for perfectly fine grinding.

Over to You

This list is in no way exhaustive (i.e., there are hundreds of other grinders out there) however, these are the ‘top quality’ in the grinding space. Each is a good option in the end, but the overwhelming industry favorite is:

Check the product pages for more details and buyers guide for considerations before finding your best coffee grinder in India!

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