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SMARTLIST » Baby » 6 Best Anti-Skid Baby Bath-tubs in India | 2023 Guide

6 Best Anti-Skid Baby Bath-tubs in India | 2023 Guide

Best Anti-Skid Baby Bath-tubs in India

In the olden days, your mother might have bathed you and your siblings in the same large bucket she would also sometimes use to soak laundry overnight or hold all the potatoes as she peeled them for a big family dinner. There’s nothing wrong with that, but now there are so many different kinds of baby tubs available online in India that you won’t even know which one to choose. Chose the best anti-skid baby bath-tubs.

So if you don’t know where to start, just have a look through our post to buy best baby bathtubs online in India!

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List of Best Anti-Skid Baby Bath-tubs India

Munchkin Sit BathtubBest Pick0 – 12 monthsNo
Cho Cho Eu BathtubBest Pick3m to 3 yearsYes
LuvLap Baby Bathtub6 monthsNo
Mee Mee Anti-Skid Baby BatherNA (upto 3 yrs)Yes
Honey Bee Deluxe Baby Bather6 monthsYes
Toyboy Honey Bee6 monthsYes

Detailed Review of Best Anti-Skid Baby Bath-tubs in India

There are so many different kinds of baby bathtubs available now, ranging from the basic standard type, to the more unconventional ones with fancy features. So check this detailed review to understand more each of the best picks we listed.

1. Munchkin Sit and Aoak Baby Bathtub

Baby’s love to bathe and I’m sure you know the importance of bathe for the baby, as it keeps him healthy and clean. However, with cleanliness, you need to be extra attentive while giving bath to your little one. To make it somewhat easy for you, and to support the baby, it has a backrest, i.e., padded foam.

Munchkin Sit and Aoak Baby Bathtub

Then, it holds the baby in an upright position that reduces the chances of drowning and a support bump makes it easier for you to provide a safe bath to your baby for 0-12 months. At last, after having all the fun, comes cleanliness of the bathtub. It would not take much of your time as you just need to pull the tub drain and your bathtub is clean.

PROS (good things)

  • To support the baby, it has a padded backrest
  • Holds the baby in an upright position that reduces the chances of drowning
  • Has support bump make it easier for you to provide a safe bath
  • To clean bathtub, you need to pull the tub drain
  • Latex-free

CONS (poor things)

  • Price is slightly higher
  • A bit slippery, commented by customers
  • Could be available in various colours 

2. Cho Cho European Standard Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Cho Cho European Standard Inflatable is a best Baby Bath Tub that could be the right choice for people who need a tub that takes a few minutes to inflate. But wait, here are some more amazing features as well, let’s have a look at how Cho Cho can help you out!

Cho Cho European Standard Inflatable Baby Bathtub
  • The best thing about this best baby bath tub for a sink is that it’s way easier to inflate and deflate it. How could it be that much easy? Okay, as far as inflation is concerned, it usually takes only 5 minutes to fill up.
  • Coming with a length of 90 cm and a width of 60 cm, it has enough space for your kid, thus making the bath a real fun for your kid.
  • Similarly, The 27 cm of height is enough for your baby to sit and enjoy the bath comfortably. Moreover, it’s pretty much lightweight as well and weighs only 1.25 kg.
  • To make the inflation process easy and quick, it comes with an air pump as well. Not only this, it can bear temperature up to 40 degrees.

PROS (good things)

  • Made of European Standard PVC material
  • Easy to modify and is BPA free
  • Slip-proof, from inside to outside
  • Has a backrest of 45°
  • By changing the amount of inflated air, you can easily change the angle of the headrest
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a big drain plug to release water
  • A bottom hook, ideal for airing bathtub
  • Has a side pocket
  • The inflated section can be detached 
  • For drying and storing, it has a connected plastic rope
  • Perfect size

CONS (poor things)

  • Smells like plastic
  • Could be more durable
  • Valves are loose

3. LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Antislip

LuvLap is a place where you can get everything for your baby care right from ride-ons, baby cots to bathtubs. 

Well, this bathtub is an ideal deal for those parents who have their kid of 6 months to 1 year as it can easily fit in those tiny little angels. 

LuvLap Baby Bathtub with Antislip

What we liked about it are the curved edges that provide extra protection to the baby so that he/she doesn’t fall off. 

  • It comes with a soap surface or case so that the soap doesn’t fall off. Also, there is a wide plug for easy drainage of water after bathing is done. 
  • It is made up of high-quality plastic which is chemical-free (it will save your kids from getting in contact with any kind of chemicals). 
  • The dimension of this bathtub is  81.5 x 48 x 21 cm which is enough for the kid to feasibly sit into it. 

PROS (good things)

  • High-quality plastic
  • Ideal for 6 months to 1-year-old babies
  • Soap surface
  • Curved edges
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Drainage plug
  • Anti-skid

CONS (poor things)

  • Mid surface is little hard

4. Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather

Mee Mee deals with robust quality baby care products such as diapers, toys and others. 

This bathtub is a foldable one that comes with enough cushioning for the kid to enjoy the entire bathing process. 

Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather

Its frames are made up of sturdy and durable metals that can hold the cushioning and entire bathtub in position for as long as the parents need it. 

It can be easily used by kids up to 3 years old. The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned any minimum age for the usage so we assume1.5 years depending on its size. 

  • It is lightweight as well so that mother can easily carry it from one place to another.. 
  • The bathtub is completely anti-skid so your baby doesn’t slip off while he is enjoying the bath. 
  • A head pillow comes along with the whole bathtub which provides the baby with an extra comfort.
  • The edges of the bathtub are made of cushions which ensures that your baby feels softer and smoother during bath. 

PROS (good things)

  • High-quality metal frame and cushion body
  • Ideal for 1.5- 3 years kids
  • Cushion curved edges
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Foldable
  • Detachable head pillow
  • Anti-skid 

CONS (poor things)

  • No drainage plug

5. Honey Bee Deluxe Baby Bather

Honeybee deals with various types of honey and baby care products like bathtubs and others. Well, it is a foldable baby bathtub which means you can carry it easily for your travel needs as well. 

Honey Bee Deluxe Baby Bather
  • It comes with a soft cushion for headrest and neck also (something similar to a neck rest pillow). 
  • Also, the cushion is removable so that you can dry it easily and fix it when the baby is taking a bath. 
  • There is an integrated soft feel which can easily prevent the kid from slipping off. 
  • There is proper side bar and legrest for your baby to feel completely relaxed while taking a bath. 
  • It is made up of high-quality eco-friendly plastic which can save your baby from any kind of chemicals.

PROS (good things)

  • High-quality iron frame and plastic net body
  • Ideal for a kid who can sit up unaided
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Foldable
  • Detachable head pillow
  • Anti-skid 

CONS (poor things)

  • No drainage plug 

6. Toyboy Honey Bee Foldable Non-Toxic Plastic Baby Bath Tub

Toyboy delivers best products for baby care such as diaper mother bag, plastic baby bathtubs, and others. 

If your kid is 6 months old and more and you are looking for an affordable deal with a robust quality product then this is the best deal for you. 

Toyboy Honey Bee Foldable Non-Toxic Plastic Baby Bath Tub
  • It is made up of eco-friendly plastic body which can save your kid from any kind of chemical. 
  • You can easily drain the water by the drainage plug which is attached to the bathtub. 
  • It comes with curved edges for baby’s protection and a super smooth body surface for a smooth and enjoyable bathing experience. 
  • There is a soap holder in the front which is the cutest of all. 
  • You can also fold it and carry it anywhere because of its lightweight and easily folding feature. 

PROS (good things)

  • High-quality plastic
  • Ideal for 6 months to 1-year-old babies
  • Soaf surface
  • Curved edges
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Drainage plug
  • Anti-skid
  • Foldable

CONS (poor things)

  • None for now

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look for While Buying Baby Bathtub?

As a new parent, you want to make sure that your adorable munchkin gets the best playful experiences during his or her growing years. Bathing time is one of the most fascinating moments desired by the babies.

Bathing in the baby bathtub or baby bather allow the babies to have an enjoyable bathing experience. So check this list to ensure you buy the best baby bathtub out there!

1. What are the different types of bathtub options available?

Bathtubs come with different designs and the can be categorized as below.

a) Standard baby bathtub

Standard baby bathtub

No frills, no extra features, just a basic plastic bathtub with an anti-slip bottom which can be placed on the bathroom floor or any large flat surface so you can wash up your bub.

This sort of tub might come with special holders or indentations for you to place your soap, sponge, bath toys and other bath time needs.

b) Collapsible baby bathtub

Collapsible baby bathtub

As the name suggests, this type of tub can be folded flat for storage and does not take up a lot of space at all.

Your baby can recline in the tub or when he grows a little bigger, you can fully expand it to suit your toddler’s size.

c) Foldable baby bathtub

A lot of families in India might have some space constraints, so a baby bathtub that can be folded and easily stored away when not in use will definitely be preferred.

It will also be perfect portable option for travel, as such tubs can also be folded compactly to take along for your trips!

d) Bucket baby bathtub

This style of bucket-shaped tub lets your baby to sit comfortably inside and the transparent plastic allows you to see his adorable bare bottom in the water too!

Since your baby is seated instead of lying down, it is a little easier during bath time for you give him a good rinse or a gentle wipe down without worrying that his head will slip under water.

e) Inflatable bathtub

A good inflatable tub should come with a contoured headrest, be fully padded and have a textured bottom so that your baby can have a bath in total comfort.

The best part is that this kind of baby tub is also great for travel as it deflates and folds easily to fit inside your luggage bag.

f) Convertible baby bathtub

Convertible baby bathtub

Let your baby chill on a mini hammock that is fitted onto the tub instead of being completely submerged in the water, as you have both hands free to wash her up.

The mesh net can also be removed when your bub grows bigger, thus converting it to be suitable for toddlers, as she can just sit directly inside the tub during bath time.

g) Bathtub with frame or stand

Bathtub with frame or stand

If you’re not keen on squatting in the bathroom to give your baby a bath, or placing the bathtub in the kitchen sink, you can pamper your little one by getting a tub that can be placed on a stand or frame.

These are great for those who need to avoid bending over for too long and it helps to take the strain off your back.

h) Baby bath chairs

Once your baby is able to sit up and has more neck control, you can opt for a bath chair instead of a conventional tub.

Some bath chairs have fun toys attached or handy swivel features so you can make sure that you get your little one nice and clean all over.

2. What design add-ons to consider in baby bathtub?

Not all tubs are created equal and some times you may have to purchase extra add-ons for your baby’s comfort and safety, such as:

Back rest

This will help support your baby in the tub so that he does not slip under the water, nor will you have to struggle to hold him with one hand while trying to wash him up with the other.

As they come in various shapes and sizes which may not fit all tubs universally, consider getting ones from the same brand as your tub to make sure it is compatible.

Support sponge

This functions the same as a backrest to offer more head, back and neck support to your little one in the tub, and is made of slip-resistant material which is usually contoured with soft cushioned edges.

Be sure to completely air-dry the support sponge after every bath time to prevent mould or mildew from growing.

Non-slip mat

In case the baby tub you purchased does not have a non-slip bottom, you should consider getting a non-slip mat that has small suction cups to stick to the bottom of the tub so as to ensure your little one does not accidentally slip during bath time and get submerged underwater.

3. What safety features are available?

  • There should be slip-resistant backing to keep the tub from moving around when your baby is inside
  • Some bathtubs also have a foam lining, so look out for the kind that is mildew-resistant
  • It should be made of thick plastic that will stay firm in the centre and not flop over or topple, even under the weight of water
  • There should not be any rough edges that can scratch your baby’s delicate skin

4. How easy to use and maintain?

  • A plug at the bottom will allow you to easily drain the water away
  • Any special strips or indicators to warn you if the water is too hot
  • A suction cup, hook, or large and wide rims so you can hang it up on the wall to dry after bath time
  • Some tubs can fit over the kitchen sink so you can save space and bathe your baby in a standing position

5. Any fancy features included?

  • A built-in waterproof music system to play soothing tunes for your little one
  • An attached mini shower nozzle with spa jets or bubble machines for the ultimate bath time experience

Safety Tips While Using Bathtub for Your Baby

Now that you’ve figured out which bathtub is the best one for your little one, here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Place the tub on a flat surface, as you don’t want it to slip around or move when you’re washing up your baby
  • Use a wash cloth to wipe down your baby rather than a sponge, as tiny pieces might break off and end up in her mouth
  • Never leave your kid unattended during bath time, even if it’s just for a few seconds, as just a small amount of water is enough to drown young children
  • Do not lift or move the tub with your little one inside it, as she could fall out, slip under water, or you might drop the tub — and your baby!
  • Set up the tub at your preferred spot and get all the bath time essentials (soap, shampoo, toys, towel) ready before putting your baby in the bath, to avoid having to move the tub or leave her unattended

Common Questions on Baby Bathtubs

1. Why do I need a baby bathtub?

You don’t necessarily need a baby bathtubs as long as you are comfortable with keeping your baby with you in your bathtub. However, if your baby can sit properly, getting your baby, a bathtub would be a good idea. 

2. At what age can I put my baby in the bathtub?

When your newborn baby turns 15 days old, you can start use a warm, sponge washcloth to give your baby a bath in the tub. However, when your baby is ready to sit, you can quickly put the baby in the bathtub and let him enjoy all the fun.
However, check the product instructions for minimum age to use for a baby.

3. Are there any baby bathtub games to have fun?

There are two fantastic baby bathtub games to play with your baby in a bathtub:
Learn the body and Easter Egg Hunt.
Hence, these two baby bathtub games let your baby enjoy his bath. Plus, it also allows you to wash your baby easily while the baby is busy in the game.

4. How can I disinfect my baby’s bathtub?

First, fill the tub with hot water and some liquid dish soap or baby disinfectant. If you see that there is some kind of bath product or soap residue at the sides or the bottom of the tub, make some baking soda paste with water and scrub all the sides of the bathtub with it.  
Use a paper towel to scrape and clear out the tub and then use another batch of hot water to rinse it clear.

Over to You

We listed some different baby bathtubs with various features to suit varying needs and budgets. Among them Munchkin Sit Bathtub  and Cho Cho Eu Bathtub as best picks for the reasons mentioned earlier.

Check the product pages as well for more details before buying the best baby bath tub for your little kid!

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