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SMARTLIST » Kitchen Appliances » Best Air Fryers in India for Healthier Fries | 2023 Expert Guide

Best Air Fryers in India for Healthier Fries | 2023 Expert Guide

Best Air Fryers in India

Whenever we drool over deep-fried tasty foods, we immediately assume that they’re junk foods and not healthy. However, the best air fryers in India can actually provide fairly healthy foods without dooming your arteries.

The best air fryers in India let you fry food with very small quantity of oil. However, there is not much difference in the taste and texture that you enjoy with traditional oil-heavy fryers.

All fried food lovers will surely appreciate this, especially if they’re worried about their health. So let us take some trouble to go over the best air fryers in India for healthy living!

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What is an Air Fryer and How Does it Work?

An air fryer is essentially a modern kitchen appliance that replicates the crispy and crunchy texture of deep-fried foods without actually deep frying them. Paradoxical, much? Nope.  More like science!
While I know this sounds pretty mesmerizing, it actually has a very reasonable explanation.

So how does this appliance fry your snacks without having to soak them in a pool of oil? Air fryers create an intense and consistent swirl of hot air around the food sitting inside the perforated cooking basket creating a crispy crust on the outside. As air fryers use hot air instead of oil to impart your favourite snacks their crumbly texture, you omit up to 80% of the oil/ fat content in air fried foods as compared to their deep fried counterparts.

Health benefits of air fryer
Health benefits of air fryer

List of Best Air Fryers in India

Philips Air Fryer1425W2.2 L30 minutesBachelors /
2 years
Havells Prolife Digi1230W4 L12 minutesLarge families1 year
AmericanMicronic1500W3.5 L30 minutesMedium Family2 years
Stok Air Fryer1350W2.6 L30 minutesSmall /
Medium Family
1 year
Inalsa Air Fryer1400W2.9 L30 minutes (apprx)Small /
Medium Family
2 years
Glen 3044 Stainless Steel1350W2.8 LN.Asmall Families / bachelors2 years
KRUTAN Air Fryer1400W2.5 L30 MinutesBachelors / Couples1 Year
Pigeon Super 3.2L Fryer1500W3.2 L30 Minutes
Medium Family1 Year

Detailed Review of Best Air Fryers in India 2020

If you love fried food but want to stay healthy then definitely get an air fryer. It will be your most-used kitchen appliance, we promise. Here are the best air fryers that you can buy in India!

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

First product on our list is from a common household brand – Philips. HD9220 Viva Collection Air Fryer product from Philips is perfect for any health geek – as it can help you bake, grill, roast, fry food with little or no oil.

This product uses rapid air technology to provide even cooking, crispy edges and tender insides. It has maximum cooking temperature of 200 degrees and maximum time duration of 30 minutes.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

You can adjust the timer and temperature according to the food ingredients or recipes you are cooking. General time and temperature instructions are provided on the air fryer beside the knob for reference purpose.

Once the cooking time is complete, the device automatically shut off. So, you don’t experience any burned food or smell even if you forget turning off the air fryer. 

  • It has 2.2-liter capacity which is suitable for small families with 3 to 4 members.
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain this product – as all removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Its unique starfish design combines fast circulating superheated air to cook food quickly.
  • The non-slip feet will ensure the device doesn’t tumble while in use or while cleaning.
  • Being compact and stylish, it is suitable for all modern Indian kitchens.

Though the cooking temperature is very high, the exteriors and handle will stay cool to touch and handle the device. As high quality plastic is used for exterior parts, the device can handle regular tough wear and tear, and lasts pretty long.

  • Performance: It consumes 1400Watts which lets the heating elements to increase the temperature quickly within no time.
  • Warranty: 2-years warranty is provided on the manufacturing defects. 10-days replacement guarantee is provided if you purchase this product on Amazon. For any repairs or warranty assistance, you can contact Philips customer service on 1800-102-2929 *(Toll Free).

Pros: Good things

  • Rapid air technology for quick frying
  • Adjustable timer and temperature
  • 1-meter cord length
  • Auto Shut off
  • Non-slip feet
  • Durable and efficient
  • Recipe book and instruction manual provided

Cons: Poor things

  • Doesn’t come with food separator
  • Expensive

2. Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Ary Fryer

Since past decade, Havells has extended its services to consumer group by developing amazing and innovative household products like air fryers, water purifiers, ceiling fans and others.

Apart from brand reputation, the air fryer from Havells has amazing features that live up to the claim of being one of the best digital air fryer in the Indian market.

Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Ary Fryer

Equipped with rapid air technology, this air fryer is capable of frying, baking, roasting, grilling and re-heating the food. It has maximum cooking time duration of 60 minutes and temperature range from 80 degrees to 200 degrees.

According to your cooking requirements, you can adjust the time and duration. Once the cooking is completed, the device will automatically shut-off to prevent food from burning or overcooked.

  • It has 4 liters’ capacity which makes it suitable for larger families or people who like to entertain guests regularly.
  • This product comes with patented round basked which has unique side wall slots for better air circulation.
  • Innovative air filtration system is provided to filter out any nasty odours that emit after usage.
  • All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Internal cod storage and compact design makes it perfect for any size of modern kitchen.
  • Non-slip feet base ensures stability and prevents skidding while operating on smooth surfaces.
  • Unlike other fryer models, it is equipped with digital panel which features control knobs, and push buttons for easy handling.
  • Performance: It consumes 1230Watts of power which is sufficient enough to increase the air temperature for even and crispy cooking.
  • Warranty: No warranty details are provided in manufacturers website. For any queries, you can contact Havells customer service on 1800 103 1313.Though Havells Prolife Digi has more timer duration (60 minutes), more capacity, digital control and is less expensive, we still preferred Philips HD9220 Air Fryer as our first choice because the build quality and cooking efficiency is much better. And it comes with 2-year warranty as well. Shelling out a small amount of money for these features isn’t much of disadvantage. But you can choose anyone among them as per your personal preference.

Pros: Good things

  • Digital display
  • Comes at affordable prices
  • 230V voltage, 50Hz frequency
  • Innovative air filtration system
  • Adjustable temperature controller
  • Integrated timer with auto- on and off
  • Recipe book and instruction manual provided

Cons: Poor things

  • No warranty information
  • Air fryer lock is not user-friendly
  • Uses cheap quality plastic material


American Micronic is an international brand with several years of experience in providing exceptional products to consumers across the world.

The AMI-AF1-35CLDx Air fryer from American Micronic has been voted as one of the best fryers in Indian customer Amazon ratings. Apart from frying, this product can fry, bake, grill and roast food items without any oil.

According to a customer, “this air fryer has retained juice of the meat while roasting which is not retained in microwave or electric tandoor”.

  • It has got 3.5 liter frying capacity that is suitable for small families consisting of 4-5 members.
  • The black + silver colour combination with stylish design blends well into any kitchen décor.
  • 30 Minutes Timer with adjustable temperature control for the perfect result.
  • The air filtration system prevents the bad smell from the food while frying the natural ingredients.
  • Performance: To provide quick frying process, it utilizes 1500 watts’ power and operates at a voltage of 220-240V.
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty is provided on overall manufacturing defects. For electrical parts like thermostat, motor, and heating element, 5-year replacement warranty is provided. For repairs and replacements, you don’t have to visit their service centre. With just one call, the professionals of American Micronic will come to pick up the defective piece. New piece will be delivered to you through Fedex courier. You can call on 8882009988 for any further information about product or on warranty support.

Pros: Good things

  • Non-stick frying basket
  • Energy efficient air fryer
  • Turbo tunnel fresh air technology
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty
  • Easy to clean and maintain the fryer
  • Advanced air circulation technology

Cons: Poor things

  • No food separator
  • Recipe book is not provided

4. Stok 2.6-Litres 1350 Watts Air Fryer

SToK is a local Indian brand providing affordable household appliances. If you have a budget constraint, and want a perfect fryer to roast, bake, steam and grill then SToK is the right choice.

This product comes with several attachments like tray, grill, and bowl which makes the whole cooking process much easier.

Stok 2.6-Litres 1350 Watts Air Fryer

The temperature control knob let you adjust the device temperature between 80°-200°C depending on his requirement. 30-minutes adjustable timer option is available to set the cooking/ frying time.

  • 6 liters of fryer capacity helps to put fruits and vegetables by supporting small families.
  • The attachments are made of non-sticky materials, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and maintain.
  • The fryer’s unique design on the bottom helps facilitate air circulation for evenly distributed heat.
  • It is easy to use, clean, safe and economical for daily use.
  • Has detachable dishwasher safe non-stick coated cooking basket and pan.
  • Button guard is provided to prevent accidental removal of basket and pot.

Along with the product, you will receive a recipe book and extra grill. The recipe book contains numerous recipes items in step by step approach so that the novice can handle fryer without any damage.

  • Performance: It consumes 1350 Watts power to provide efficient heating temperature for even cooking.
  • Warranty: Only 1-year warranty is provided on manufacturing defects.

Pros: Good things

  • Large capacity cooking tray
  • Power consumption of 1500 watts
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Compact design
  • Auto switch-off feature

Pros: Good things

  • Food separator can’t be used in this model
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

5. Inalsa Air Fryer 2.9 L Fry Light with 1400-Watt

This Inalsa is a budget-friendly air fryer that comes with finite number of efficient features. This fryer can bake, fry, saute and grill any kind of vegetable or meat pieces.

Timer and temperature settings of the air fryer are dial styled with the timer dial is present to move clockwise to set the desired time. For your safety, this appliance automatically switches off itself on basket removal. Over-heat protection has also been provided to protect against sudden overloads.

Inalsa Air Fryer 2.9 L Fry Light with 1400-Watt
  • The baking basket of the fryer has 2.9 litres capacity while the cooking pan capacity is 4.2 litres.
  • baking basket is lined with high-quality food grade non-stick coating so that the food materials do not stick and damage the device.
  • The handle part of fryer is cool to touch and has a release button for the baking basket.
  • Detachable Food Graded Non-Stick coated basket is dishwasher safe.
  • Performance: It consumes 1400 Watts power for quickly heating the air within the device.
  • Warranty: This product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years on any damages to the product.

Pros: Good things

  • 9-liter basket capacity and 4.2-litre fry pan capacity
  • Cool to touch handle with remove the basket button
  • Ergonomic timer and temperature dials
  • Automatic power off when removing the basket make it safe to operate
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Does not have a food separator

6. Glen 3044 1350-Watt Stainless Steel Air Fryer

Since two decades, Glen has been providing innovative kitchen products like kitchen chimneys, gas stoves and air fryers. All their products are backed by extensive research and state-of-the art technologies.

Among them, we are going to discuss their 3044 air fryer model. Be it snacks, chicken fries, burgers and any other dishes, this air fryer can complete the task without or with less amount of oil.

Glen 3044 1350-Watt Stainless Steel Air Fryer
  • It has 2.8-liter capacity which is sufficient enough for small families and bachelors.
  • You can adjust time & temperature control knob based on cooking requirements.
  • It comes with cool touch handle for better grip.
  • Easy to remove, clean and dishwasher safe basket.
  • Unlike other air fryers in Indian market, this one comes with steam option as well.
  • Rapid heating is achieved by stainless steel coil.
  • Performance: It consumes 1350 Watts power to complete all cooking tasks efficiently.
  • Warranty: It comes with 2-years warranty on manufacturing defects. For more information, contact them by filling the form in their website.

Pros: Good things

  • Rapid heating
  • Stainless steel heating coil
  • Vapor steam for frying
  • Comes with recipe book
  • Cool touch handle
  • Removable basket
  • Less expensive

Pros: Good things

  • Build quality is a bit low

7. KRUTAN 1400-Watts Air Fryer

Last but not least product from in our list is KRUTAN air fryer. If you want an air fryer that doesn’t burn a hole in pocket, then this one is the right choice as it is available under Rs.3000.

Just like any other air fryers providing in this article, this one also uses rapid air technology to fry, bake, grill, and cook food ingredients.

KRUTAN 1400-Watts Air Fryer
  • It has a total food holding capacity of 2.5 liters which is enough for small families.
  • In order to prevent foul odour produced by fried food, air filters are provided.
  • It has 30-minute timer function which is sufficient to cook various dishes.
  • You can also adjust the temperature according to your cooking needs.
  • All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Its elegant body is corrosion free and shock resistant.
  • Performance: 1400Watts power and input supply of 220volts is consumed to provide efficient heating.
  • Warranty: No warranty details are provided by the manufacturer.

Pros: Good things

  • Robust and good build quality
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 30-minute timer
  • Rapid air technology
  • Integrated air filter
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Very cheap compared to other brands

Cons: Poor things

  • No warranty

8. Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Pigeon Super 3.2L is one of the Best Air Fryers in India that is priced under Rs. 5000. The Pigeon Super Air Fryer is compact, and the design of the product looks great. This Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Technology that lessens the usage of the oil by scattering the hot air around the Grill component.

The Pigeon Super 3.2L looks larger than its rivals and comes with two-year manufacturer warranty. The Air Fryer includes a pan, basket, and fryer’s tray.

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

This Air Fryer is splendid for roasting chicken, sausages, and other meat products. Once, the food is cooked, there will be no fat, all you have is a toasted piece of crispy meat. This Air Fryer smashes the myth that the tasty food is not healthy. The Operation of  Pigeon Super Air Fryer is very quite, and once the cooking is done, an Alarm will beep. The compact Air Fryer employs 1500 W of power for proper functioning. The 3.2 Liter capacity tray is perfect to prepare crispy and savory food for your family.

Pros: Good things

  • Large Tray Capacity – 3.2 Liter
  • Power Consumption is 1500 Watts, and the Air Fryer has a temperature controller.
  • Pigeon Super comes with a Timer Knob for easy pre-setting
  • This Air Fryer features Auto Switch-Off to make cooking enjoyable and healthy
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • You Can not use a food Separator in Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Buyer’s Guide – Why You Should Buy an Air Fryer?

In contrast to its name, an Air fryer’s functionality isn’t limited to just frying. This compact kitchen appliance takes versatility to a whole another level. You can use your air fryer to bake fruit cakes and brownies, grill or roast tender chicken or paneer and make crispy cinnamon toasts besides frying your beloved oil-free samosas and French fries. So, there’s a whole lot of “healthy cooking” you can do with air fryers.

Why You Should Buy an Air Fryer?
Why You Should Buy an Air Fryer?

If it comes down to listing the benefits of switching to air fryers, the following bullet points precisely describe why you SHOULD consider investing in a brand new air fryer.

1. Helps in healthy weight management

If you’ve ever tried to lose some weight; you must have come across terms like “eating in a calorie deficit” or “creating a caloric deficit” in your diet. The most obvious and most practised way to achieve this is by cutting away snacks and opting for salads in full-fledged buffets. People go to extremes in the first few weeks and that leads to mental and physical exhaustion.

What if you could suddenly be able to lose weight while not having to entirely eliminate your favourite fried snacks form your diet! That’s exactly what air fryers entitle you to be able to do. You can make lower calorie versions of your favourite fried snacks by saving up to 80% of oil or fat content in them while still keeping their taste intact. This will naturally lower your calorie intake to a certain extent whilst you make no conscious efforts towards doing so. Such an approach where you aren’t too strict with food choices, lasts longer and produces sustained weight loss transformations.

2. Easy to handle and cooks faster

Referring to the trend most modern kitchen appliances follow; they seem to have quite steep learning curves. But with Air fryers, it’s not the same. Even if you’re going to be buying an air fryer for the first time, you’ll get the hold of it almost instantly. Furthermore, all air fryers come with stay-cool handles. This facilitates convenient handling and serving of foods once they’re done.

Cooking speed is another aspect where air fryers come on top compared to other appliances. Comparing to their closest competitors, convection ovens (OTG ovens), air fryers have a smaller cooking chamber and consequently a more intense circulation of hot air. This design factor enables air fryers to be able to reduce cooking times by up to 25%.

3. Does not mess-up the kitchen and utensils

Ever had a neighbour come over from the smell of something special you’ve been dearly cooking? Ah, the agony! While traditional frying methods do yield tasty snacks, what they also yield are greasy kitchens and obnoxious odours that linger around for hours.

Alternative? You can bet good money on air fryers. With enclosed cooking baskets and lesser oil usage, you’re left with a clean and odourless kitchen post preparations. Additionally, most air fryers have dishwasher safe components. So, you could as well toss them over in your electronic dish cleaner after you’re done feasting.

Buyer’s Guide – 7 Things to Consider While Buying an Air Fryer

Have a look at different features that you should watch out for while buying an Air Fryer in India.

1. What is the basket capacity of air fryer?

The size or capacity of an air fryer corresponds to the volume of the cooking basket. Starting from a 1 litre basket capacity, you may find large air fryers with a capacity of up to 5 litres. For a family of 4-5 members, you can easily cook a generous serving in a 2-2.5 Litre air fryer. Opt for a 3L+ air fryer is your primary concern is to serve more people at once.

Such larger air fryers are a bit on the costlier side on the price scale. Some Air fryers with a large basket capacity also include a separator that parts the basket in two sections enabling you to make separate snacks at once. It’s a feature worth an additional few hundred rupees.

2. Is user interface digital or manual?

Choosing between a digital and a manual control panel entirely depends on your personal preferences. What I must, however, state clear is; contrasting to popular belief, digital air fryers are in no way superior than their manual counterparts in terms of accuracy or precision.

Both variants have their own pros and cons making them better than the other for certain aspects. For context, a digital air fryer might have a steeper learning curve for some but these look modern and add immense value to the overall allure of your kitchen. On the other hand, some people might deem manual air fryers with dial controls to be a bit outdated in regards to the design but these sure are easier to operate.

3. How much is the power consumption?

Most Air Fryers on the Indian market are rated between 1200 watts to 1800 watts. This power rating is directly related to the speed of heating of that fryer and its corresponding electricity consumption. Although 1200 watts is powerful enough to give you a swift cooking performance, the more the better still holds true. But, be mindful, more power rating also increases the electricity consumption of that model.

So, I’d suggest you a middle ground to balance quick snack preparations yet a mindful electricity consumption level. Anywhere around 1400 watts is the ideal power output rating, I believe. For a clearer perspective, if you’d use a 1400 watt air fryer for a good 20 minutes (which is the longest you’d use it for most recipes), you’d roughly use 3 rupees worth of electricity.

4. How is the time and temperature settings?  

Be it a digital air fryer or a manual one, there’s only two programmable settings that you need to look out for, namely time and temperature settings. Although most of the air fryers in the Indian market feature a similar range of these settings, you need to fix a minimum threshold value for both to filter out ineffective models.

While you may find air fryers that can be programmed for up to 60 minutes, you’d hardly need them to set for more than 20 minutes at a time. So, an air fryer with a 30-minute timer is more than enough for snack recipes. Similarly, up to 200°C of temperature settings caters varied heating requisites.

5. What are the safety features available?

Latest air fryers (including all our picks) come with additional safety features that further enhances their reliability. Following is a list of design elements that are meant to improve the safety of this electrical appliance.

  • Cool Touch Handles: The basket handles are heat insulated making it easy to move the basket around and transfer the snacks to the serving plate.
  • Automatic Shutoff: The fryer instantaneously shuts off as soon as the set timer setting is completed
  • No Slip Feet: Most air fryers have sturdy no-slip rubber feet to avoid accidental slippage.
  • Basket Button guard: The cooking pan that is integrated with the outer basket can be detached by pressing the detach button on the handle. To avoid accidental detachment, there’s a button guard that ensures the detach button is only pressed when you actually do.

6. What is your budget?

There’s a lot of factors that influence the price of air fryers in India. Some of the most prevalent features that translate to a costlier model are a digital interface, larger basket capacity, durable non-stick coating and a longer warranty period. Depending on these factors, you may find air fryer models that are priced as low as 3,000 INR to up to as high as 10,000 INR.

Our observation leads us to believe that our first pick, the Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt 4L Air Fryer combines all essential and desirable features while still keeping the price far below the 10,000 INR mark.

7. What is the warranty period?

Needless to mention, generous warranties add to the overall value an appliance offers. Air fryers in India come with different manufacturer warranty periods. Depending on their price, the warranties may range from 6 months to 2 years.

If you are going to be investing in a new Air fryer, I recommend you to opt for the longest warranty period that you can find while still being in your budget. Most of our picks feature 2-year comprehensive warranties.

Right Way to Maintain an Air Fryer for Longer Life

A good maintenance regimen for air fryer will go a long way in getting optimum benefit and longer life.

1. Pre-heat before cooking

Some people forget to pre-heat the air fryer which can result in uneven cooking. If you want delicious even fried food, then make sure to pre-heat. If your air fryer doesn’t have this feature, then simply turn on at desired temperature and let it run for 3 minutes before adding food items.

2. Few drops of extra oil for crunchier food

Adding few drops of oil on foods can help them get crispier but some may not need it. Food items that already have fat content like meat, fatty cuts and others will not need any extra oil. But for dry ingredients and vegetables, adding just a few drops can be better.

3. Grease the basket before frying

Sometimes, food can get stuck in between the grill basket which can be difficult to clean. So, it is better to grease the basket or rack with a small amount of oil before placing the food.

4. Spray some oil halfway through cooking

Spraying a small oil halfway through cooking can provide the best crisp on food items that are coating with flour or any batter. This process may not be necessary if you are cooking any meats that already have fat content.

5. Aerosol sprays are not good for air fryer

Harsh ingredients present in aerosol sprays can lead to damage or chipping in air fryer baskets. So, it is better to invest in a good quality oil bottle or mister.

6. Shake while frying

While air frying small food items like chicken nuggets, wings, potatoes, it is better to shake the basket once in few minutes. This ensures even cooking throughout the food ingredient. You can use a pair of tongs to flip food items if shaking isn’t working. Once you open the basket, the air fryer will pause the cooking process and will automatically turn on when close the basket.

7. Fry in small batches

Placing too much food without enough space in-between can lead to uneven cooking and browning. To avoid this, cook in small batches or invest in a large air fryer.

8. Pour some water to stop white smoke

While cooking fatty or greasy foods like chicken wings, legs or others – white smoke can come out the unit. If you want to avoid white smoke, just pour 2 tablespoons of water in the bottom of the basket. This will not only prevent smoke but also let the food continue to cook properly.

If you are cooking fatty foods like bacon, then it may sputter a lot of grease. Placing a piece of bread in the bottom of the unit can soak up any grease.

9. Extra care with small items

Every air fryer comes with a small and powerful fan on top of unit – which can cause light weight food items to sweep off. This can be dangerous as it can damage the product or lead to mess to clean up.

10. Adjust the temperature as needed

Sometimes, cranking up the heat can provide better result. But beware with some food items as they can dry out very quickly. For proper temperature maintenance, modify them as you would do while making in over. For example, if you make brownies at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Then you can adjust the temperature 320 degrees Fahrenheit and cook them for 16 minutes.

How to Clean an Air Fryer?

When compared to traditional deep frying, air frying is clean and less messy. And moreover, you will not end up with greasy pots and pans to hand wash. The cooking basket is enclosed any oil spattering will be collected in the oil pan below. But this doesn’t mean, you can avoid cleaning. An air fryer has to be cleaned every single time you use.

Below is the step-be-step process

  • First unplug the air fryer from wall and let it cool down completely.
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe the exteriors thoroughly.
  • Remove the basket, try or pan and wash them with hot water and mild dishwashing soap. Some of these parts can be dishwasher safe so you can just toss them in dishwasher.
  • Using hot water and sponge/cloth, wipe the interiors carefully.
  • If food is stuck to heating element present above food basket, then remove it off using a brush.
  • Before placing them back into the air fryer, make sure to removable parts are completely dry.

Common Questions on Air Fryer

Info-graphic on Air Fryer Cooking
Info-graphic on Air Fryer Cooking
How to cool down an Air Fryer after use?

Generally, an air fryer cools down automatically soon after you power off and shut it down. But if you are in a hurry and need to cool it down faster, then take out the food basket/ pan from the fryer. After it comes from super hot state to just hot state in a few minutes, try cleaning the utensil in cold water and it cools off fast.

Which Oil is the best for an Air Fryer?

As an Air Fryer uses only very limited oil and the oil you use should have a very high smoking point because the temperatures inside an air fryer are very high. For better health results, use grape seed or avocado or simply, extra virgin olive oil should do the trick.

Is it safe to add any ingredients in an Air Fryer while it is on and cooking?

Yes. It is perfectly ok to take out the frier or the food basket for adding any ingredients. Particularly, people do this while using the fryer for grilling. You can even take out the food in the basket such as french fries or veggies to shake them for mixing the flavour.

What all foods can one cook using an air fryer?

Air fryers can be used to prepare a wide range of food items such as nuggets, fish, chicken, mutton and prawns grills, baked items, fried, baked, battered foods and roasting of vegetables. Any and every normally fried item can be made using an air fryer.

Air Fryer vs grill oven: which is better?

Air fryer employs fast hot blowing air to cook items where as a grill oven just heats a grill. By default, an air fryer causes 80% reduction in oil fat consumption. Also, foods such as chicken breast or nuggets can be made in an air fryer faster than a grill oven.

Do Air Fryers cause cancer?

No. On the contrary, they help reduce it. Deep frying of meat leads to the development of acrylamide in the body. But due to the air frying of food inside an air fryer, development of this comes down. Thus they help in reducing cancer if any.

Can I place an aluminum foil for cooking in an air fryer?

Yes. You can use an Aluminum foil for cooking in an air fryer. This speeds up the cooking process and adds to retaining the taste of the food items longer

How can I stop food sticking inside my air fryer?

To stop food sticking to the sides of the fryer, season the fryer from time to time. You can do it before cooking or after cleaning the vessel. Just place some coconut oil and rub it off with a paper towel. Also, do not over crowd your basket while cooking

How does an air fryer compare to deep fryer?

In deep fryers heat transferred through oil but in air fryers heat is transferred through air. Deep fryer requires a lot of oil to cook food. But air fryer cook food with few drops or without any oil. And moreover food prepared through deep frying is not healthy. But the same crispiness and fried food can be made in a healthy way using an air fryer.

Is Air Fryer good for Indian cooking?

Yes, air fryers are perfect for making several Indian dishes like Pakora, chicken fry, sea food fries, vegetable fries and others.

Can I Shake the food during the Air Frying process?

In Some Air Fryers, there is an option to shake the food halfway through the process. By Shaking the food, It will become more crispy and evenly colored.

What Foods can I prepare in the air fryer?

In the Air Fryer, you can make a variety of foods that include fried chicken, roasted chicken, Frozen Foods, Snacks, grilled chicken. You can also grill Vegetables such as peppers, corncobs, zucchini. Please note that you cannot cook Vegetables such as carrots, beans, and broccoli which require steam.

Over to You

Whether you’re from a tiny household or a large one, there’s an air fryer out there to suit your every need. Each model comes with its unique set of functions and sizes, but whichever one you choose to get, one thing’s clear – these nifty gadgets make cooking a much, much simpler task. Check our buying guide to decide what suits you best. Follow the links to get more details on our best picks!

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