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SMARTLIST » Home Appliances » Top 10 Air Conditioners to Buy in India | 2023 Expert Guide

Top 10 Air Conditioners to Buy in India | 2023 Expert Guide

Best 10 Air Conditioners to Buy in India

Buying a best AC(air conditioner) in India will do wonders at your home during hot summer time. This will not only keeps your home cool, will also keep you calm! Check the list and buying guide here to make that wise decision. In this post, I will review top 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners to buy in India.

Did you know? In the past 10-15 years, average temperature has risen by 0.8 degree Celsius around the planet because of global worming.

Depending on which part of India you stay, summer season in India varies from early March until July. There are many parts of India where temperature will go as high as 50 degree Celsius. You can do yourself a favor by installing an air conditioner and keeping the home cool.

Comparative Analysis – Pros & Cons of Best 1.5 ton AC

Compare different brands of best AC in India and also our review rating at a glance. Check their price at Amazon.

1.5 Ton AC ModelPROSCONS
Stabiliser-free operation. 
5-star AC thereby proving its worth .
Ideal for houses in coastal areas as it works efficiently even when the temperature is around 52 degrees.
Does not has a 4-way swing.
Old fashioned remote
Ocean Fin technology to safeguard and extend the life of the AC. 
Dual inverter to save power while providing high-quality cooling with minimum noise. 
Ten-year warranty on the compressor and condenser .
4-in-1 cooling and excellent power savings
Price is on the higher side
Wi-Fi enabled Powerful compressor.
In-built stabiliser Energy-efficient AC.
After-sales service is not the best
No need for a stabiliser, as the AC can work at low voltages. An energy-efficient AC
High-quality performance. Environmentally friendly AC.
Installing the AC is not free.
The unit does not come with an adequate copper pipe
Excellent cooling performance.
Does not produce much noise. 
Incredible air throw across the room
Not as energy-efficient as the others discussed here and is also moderate at looks
Value for money. 
Excellent cooling performance. 
Advanced technology to ensure instant cooling Self-diagnosis feature
The remote control unit gives problems at times.
Company support is not very forthcoming
Excellent appearance complemented by a superior performance. 
Full value for your money.
In-built ait filters to enhance the quality of indoor air
No protection to the reverse side of the AC.
Copper pipes in the condenser do not contain vacuum at the ends.
AC does not come with a power cord
Wide-angle deflector ensures more exceptional air delivery.
High-quality compressor for noiseless performance.
Energy-saving device Low maintenance AC
Installation costs you additional money
As the size is small, it occupies less space Fantastic airflow and incredibly silent.
Excellent cooling performance
Does not come with an in-built stabiliser.
Installation costs can be high because the unit does not provide additional copper pipes and wiring.
Silent and powerful operations.
Energy-saving features. 
Can handle extreme voltage fluctuations. 
Excellent performance
Controllable only by the remote. Thisc an be an issue if the remote batteries drain out

Review of Best 1.5 ton Split Air Conditioners in India

We ventured out on various online portals and carefully reviewed top quality 1.5 ton Air Conditioners based on below aspects:

  • User rating in Amazon & Flipkart
  • Price tag – value for money
  • Star rating of the product
  • Power consumption
  • Energy efficiency ratios
  • Decibel levels

1. LG 1.5 Ton, 5-Star Dual Inverter, Split AC KS-Q18HNZD

LG is one of the most popular brand trusted by many. KS-Q18HNZD AC is comparatively economical. Additionally, gives excellent performance and is environment friendly. Undoubtedly this is one of the best ACs in India.

LG 1.5 Ton, 5-Star Dual Inverter, Split AC KS-Q18HNZD
  • 10 years warranty each on the condenser and the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Dual inverter compressor
  • Environmentally friendly appliance

As with other appliances of LG (such as refrigerators and washing machines), LG stands tall in terms of quality. Also LG is know for good after sales service. Thus ensuring their popularity. This particular AC appliance comes with Dual Cool technology to give you most comforts. Also ensuring energy efficient appliance for you.

LG KS-Q18HNZD also features many exciting features as below.

Gold Fin: This efficient condenser can withstand the harshest elements of nature like ozonised air, rain, dust, and other corrosive elements.

R32 refrigerant: LG ACs come with a maximum cooling score of 5 that ensures the AC cools the rooms high ambient temperatures, as well. Heat dissipation is an important quality of any AC. This appliance comes with R32 refrigerant, which is environment friendly and also efficient.

Durability & Efficiency: High-grooved copper tubes enable better oscillatory movement. This increases its durability. Also, Active Energy Control feature reduces power consumption by around 40% to 80%, thereby saving energy up to 57%.

LG Smart ThinQ App: This appliance is compatible the LG Smart ThinQ App for smart diagnosis. The stabilise-free option ensures ultimate control while providing maximum savings.

Monsoon Comfort: This technology controls air movement, humidity, and room temperature inside the room to provide more excellent cooling while saving energy. Low refrigerant detection feature lets you know when it is time to refill the gas.

If you are near the coastline then special care has to be taken because the atmosphere contains a high percentage of ozone in the air. This will increase the corrosion. Therefore copper coils used in these LG ACs come with Ocean Black Protection feature, ensuring no corrosion.

2. LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter AC – LS-Q18YNZA

LG is a popular brand in India and is one of the most trusted in the consumer durable segment. Like its top quality refrigerators and best washing machine products, LG also has best AC products for Indian consumers. Check the awesome feature list and best of the technologies that this LG air conditioner comes with.

LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter AC – LS-Q18YNZA
  • Ten years warranty each on the condenser and the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Dual inverter with Ocean Black Fin
  • R32 refrigerant
  • One-year warranty on the product

This awesome LG product comes with couple of best features.The highlight of this LG LS-Q18YNZA A/C is that it features:

  • Dual inverter system – This feature ensures eliminating problems like improper cooling and noise production. Because of this, air conditioner works quite faster and also is efficient.
  • 10 year warranty – Not many products come with 10 years of warranty. But this one does, thus eliminating any doubts on the quality of condenser and compressor.

Other salient features of this LG appliance are listed below, making this as our most favorite product in this segment.

Mosquito away technology: This technology provides protection from mosquitoes while cooling the room efficiently. Behind the scene, it uses ultrasound waves to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will loose the ability to sense CO, thereby gets repelled. This technology is also called TUV Nord.

Himalaya cooling technology: Because of this technology your room at least 28% faster while saving up to 26% energy.

Monsoon Comfort: This technology controls air movement, humidity, and room temperature inside the room to provide more excellent cooling while saving energy.

Plasmaster Ionizer: This feature sterilizes the air to improve the quality. 99.9% of harmful bacteria gets eliminated.

Ocean Black Fin: This technology helps to safeguard against extreme weather conditions. The Gold Fin Condenser shields the surface of the heat exchanger from external wear and corrosion, thereby extending the lifespan of this AC.

These interesting mix of technologies with a most reputed brand name, makes LG LS-Q18YNZA as a best quality AC appliance in India.

3. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC – NU18WKYW

Panasonic is yet another popular brand in Indian consumer market. Their brand comes with good product quality and the listed AC is one of the best air conditioners to buy.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC
  • One-year warranty plus 10 years on the compressor
  • Wi-Fi Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Refrigerant 410A
  • Copper condenser coils for excellent cooling performance

Inverter compressor operates at variable speeds depending on the requirements. This feature helps in saving a lot of power. Panasonic AC has couple of cool features:

  • AC compressor comes with a power-adjusting feature that regulates the power consumption depending on the heat load.
  • This has one of the lowest noise operations among the best ACs in India

Copper condenser coil: Copper does not accumulate rust. Hence, it reduces the maintenance cost tremendously. Also, copper ensures better dissipation of heat.

Economy: The AC has a capacity of 1.5 tons, ideal for a medium-sized room of around 150 square feet. With an annual energy consumption figure of 840.75kWh, this AC has an ISEER value of 4.7 and a 5-star rating from BEE.

Use of comfort: This AC has Wi-Fi mode for quick cooling. The twin-cool inverter not only ensures high-quality cooling but also ensures to make as low noise as possible.

As mentioned earlier, R32 refrigerant ensures that the appliance is environmentally-friendly. Additionally, PM2.5 filter purifies the surrounding air.

Other exciting features of this Panasonic AC includes the presence of an in-built stabilizer to take care of extreme voltage fluctuations. Therefore for many reasons, this one is an ideal AC to fit for Indian conditions.

4. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – CAI18EK5R39F0

Carrier is a multi-national company and its brand is well known for producing AC appliances with high-quality performance. This AC has some awesome features, making it as one of the best AC to buy in India.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper ESKO NEO HYBRIDJET INV R32CAI18EK5R39F0 White)
  • One-year warranty on the product plus 10 years on the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 5 star energy rating
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • Dehumidifier and dust filter
  • Copper condenser coil

The Carrier AC appliance works with Flexi-Cool Hybrid Jet Technology. The in-built stabilizer allows for interruption-free operation even at voltages as low as 195V. This Carrier model can work comfortably between 150V and 280V even at room temperature as high as 50 degrees.

Sensors and operating modes: Four different operating modes are available. This will help to adjust the AC energy consumption and thereby reducing your electricity bills. Four modes are – the free-running mode, 100%, 75%, and 50%.

Adjustable sensors: The sensors work in such a way that they identify the external temperature and select the appropriate mode accordingly. For example, when it is sweltering, Free Running mode will be activated. It will switches to 100% when the temperature is hot. As it becomes moderately warm, the AC turns on the 75% mode. Again when temperature comes down, it starts operating on the 50% mode.

As with Carrier brand, Carrier air conditioners has best designs. Innovative designs and quality in manufacturing delivers high-class performance of the appliances and ensures fastest indoor cooling even during hot summers.

5. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC – 183VCZJ

Voltas is manufacturing AC units in India from quite long time. That is visible in their designs which is more customized for for Indian conditions. This Voltas AC unit comes with all such features to comfort the consumer with high-quality performance.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper 183EZA White)
  • One-year warranty on the product plus 5 years on the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 3-star energy rating
  • LED display
  • Copper condenser coils for excellent cooling performance

Voltas has high-ambient cooling feature, ensuring comfort even if the outside temperature exceeds 50 degrees. Another highlight of the AC is the stabilize-free operation. It empowers the AC to withstand massive voltage fluctuations that are very common in many parts in India. This also brings down money needed on external stabilizer.

DC inverter technology: This feature ensures high-quality performance. Technology reduces power consumption to the minimum by maintaining an ideal temperature without switching off the compressor.

Low-frequency torque control: This feature provides constant temperature and saves energy. The multi-stage filtration process removes dust and pollutants to allow the pure air to circulate inside the room. Additionally, 4-way auto louvres included in the AC delivers fresh air uniformly across the room.

Environmentally-friendly: This AC uses R32 refrigerant. The device comes with high-quality filters to provide advanced air purification. These filters eliminate the harmful odors and purify the air to enhance your comfort levels. Also, Active Dehumidifier senses the indoor humidity levels, especially in the monsoon months.

The Steady Cool Compressor optimizes power consumption while ensuring the maintenance of ideal room temperature. Among other features of the AC, copper condenser coils increases the durability while delivering a highly efficient cooling performance.

6. Whirlpool 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC, MAGICOOL PRO 55

Whirlpool is most well known for its popular washing machines in India. They have extended their brand popularity into AC manufacturing. That means you can expect their brand qualities such as optimum products and professionalism seen in their operations.

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC
  • One-year warranty on the product plus 10 years on the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 6th sense fast cool technology
  • In-built stabiliser
  • Intellisense Inverter Technology

Whirlpool AC has an in-built stabilizer that can withstand high voltage fluctuations ranges from 145 to 290 volts. Ac has a self-diagnosis feature which makes it easy for carrying out repairs. Errors detected are displayed on the temperature panel for reading.

Cooling efficiency: 6th Sense FastCool Technology ensures quick and uniform cooling in the room. Additionally, Intellisense Inverter technology helps adjusting to your cooling requirements while reducing electricity usage. This will help to keep the power consumption low.

Multi-Port Fluid Injection: MPFI technology makes uses of a unique 4X4 evaporator circuitry design to ensure rapid heat exchange. This advanced technology with its innovative fusion of the small circuitry and capillary design helps to provide instant cooling.

Magicool technology: This compressor technology cools the rooms even if the outside temperature is on the higher side of 50 degrees Centigrade.

Whirlpool washing machines are well known for optimum performance and efficient operation. Therefore consumers can hope to enjoy similar level of performance after purchasing their air conditioners.

7. Sanyo 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – 15T5SCIA

Like Toshiba, Sanyo is yet another Japanese brand producing AC for Indian consumers. Sanyo has a vast experience in manufacturing consumer durable. This AC boasts with exciting features but under the price tag of INR 35,000. Therefore Sanyo is one of the best AC to buy in India.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (Copper SI/SO-15T5SCIC White)
  • One-year warranty on the product plus 5 years on the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Copper condenser coils for excellent cooling performance

Sanyo is operating from 1950’s, so the company has high maturity in manufacturing processes. So all the ACs from Sanyo have some common features – inverter technology, dust filters, PM2.5 filters, and a host of other excellent features. Other exciting aspects include the hidden temperature display, the timer function, and a high ISEER rating

Auto-restart: This option helps to resumes from the original setting after the restoration of power. The Eco function on this appliance helps to lower power consumption, thereby delivering energy-efficiency.

Sleep Function: By vaying the temperature as needed, AC helps you have good night sleep. Also, AC is an environmentally-friendly as it uses R32 refrigerant. As mentioned earlier, it will cause zero damage to the ozone layer.

Consumer health: In-built PM2.5 and dust filters help to improve the quality of air circulating in the room. Also, Glacier Mode of the Sanyo AC speeds up the cooling process and allows 35% higher fan speed to deliver instant cooling.

Additionally, self-diagnosis feature displays error codes on the temperature display feature to enable easy troubleshooting. The dual cool inverter technology functions on two independent rotors in the compressor. This helps to make sure energy-efficient fast cooling. Eventually it means that you will gain best comfort and still end up paying lower electricity bill.

8. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC –RSB518HBEAZ

Hitachi is well known brand across the globe in producing air conditioners. Their brand value is know for optimum quality products and is well known in different countries. Check some of the excellent feature of the model, listed below.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper RSOG518HDEA Gold)
  • 5 years controller warranty and 10 years on the compressor
  • One-year warranty plus additional year manufacturer warranty
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Refrigerant 410A
  • Copper condenser coils for excellent cooling performance

HItachi AC is environmentally-friendly because it uses R410A refrigerant. This is one of the best refrigerants in the market. Additionally, AC brings highest level of comfort. because its inverter compressor saves electricity and performs noiselessly

Solid stabilizer: In-built stabilizer is capable of withstanding high voltage fluctuations which is common in many parts of India.

Split AC: Innovative split AC design has expandable wide-angle deflector. This ensures the maximum delivery of cold air to all parts of the room.

Copper condenser coil: Copper does not accumulate rust. Hence, it reduces the maintenance cost tremendously. Also, copper ensures better dissipation of heat.

One of the unique feature of Hitachi AC includes wide-angle deflector wave blade design. By maintaining dryness of the coil, this AC removes bad odor from the evaporator and ensures better performance.

9. Toshiba 1.5 Ton 4-star Inverter Split AC – 18BACV-IN

Toshiba is a Japanese brand, known for high end technology. Therefore, Toshiba AC brings high-quality cooling performance to your comfort. This AC comes with awesome features such as:

  • One-year warranty plus 5 years on the compressor
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 4-star energy rating
  • Dust filter
  • Copper condenser coils for excellent cooling performance

The individual in-line designed fan blades reduce the operating load on the AC, thereby reducing the sound and ensuring the comfort of the highest order. On the durability front, this AC ranks right among the best in the business. This is true for most of the Japanese brands.

TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, RAS-18BKCV-IN+RAS-18BACV-IN, Gloss White)

Self-cleaning mechanism: AC will run on the fan mode for 20 minutes after shutting down. This feature will prevent the collection of dirt or moisture on the unit. Thus, you have clean and odor-free air around you.

Aqua Resin coated coil: This coating extends the life span of the AC by preventing the accumulation of corrosive elements like oil, moisture and dirt on the coil. Additionally, you will have advantage of breathing some fresh air while this AC is functioning.

Fan Coil Unit: A larger size of the unit enables a higher degree of heat transfer because of the increased space. It ensures to cool the room quickly.

Also, the path-breaking inverter technology like Pulse Amplitude Modulation and Pulse Width Modulation ensure to provide the highest levels of comfort by cooling the room better and quicker. Therefore, Toshiba is one of the best AC to buy in Indian markets under ₹ 40,000 price tag.

10. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKG50TV

Even thought Daikin brand is not as popular as LG, it is one of the best ACs available in India. Daikin AC comes with some of the best features and they also provide solid after-sales services.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper FTKG50TV White)
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor
  • One-year comprehensive warranty
  • Split AC with inverter compressor
  • 1.5 Ton capacity
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Built-in stabilizer

Daikin AC is one of the most silent air conditioner appliances. This AC uses Neo Swing Compressor technology and because of smooth rotation, there is minimum friction and vibration. Additionally, leakage of refrigerants during the compression process is also prevented. Additionally, Econo Mode or the Power Saving Mode feature limits the maximum power consumption.

5-star rating: Typically many electrical devices are connected on a shared electrical circuit. Therefore it is good to have energy efficient appliance. Daikin has 5 star rating and delivers high efficiency.

Power Chill feature: For Indian hot summers, Daikin AC can be one of the best ACs to buy. Power Chill feature ensures fast cooling regardless of the room temperature.

Another cool thing about Daikin AC is there is no need to have an external stabiliser. In-built stabilizer can handle a high range of input voltage fluctuations. For Indian consumers who often face high voltage variations, this is a boon.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Best AC in India

With increasing global temperature and need for comfort, air conditioners have become important appliances that everyone wants to own. But you will have plenty of questions to answer before buying one in the market. This section will eloborate in details on various questions that consumers have while buying best AC in India.

With the reach of internet and mobile connectivity, awareness has increased among Indian population. People know lot more on the products they want to purchase before visiting shops. To help such smart buyers, here we try to answer many aspects of buying an AC. Let us know how much of help this AC buying guide for you.

How does an air conditioner work?

In simple terms, air conditioner work by common principle of just removing the heat in the room. Heat and cold are like two sides of same coin. The absence of heat is cold and vice versa. So, AC just removes the heat from inside the rooms. As a result you will feel cold.

This working explanation may look very simple. But underlying principle is not complicated. However there is a deeper scientific explaining of working mechanism of AC, lets take a look at it.

How does an air conditioner work?
1) Condensing Coil, 2) Expansion Valve, 3) Evaporator Coil, 4) Compressor

Working mechanism of AC – step by step

Air conditioner works on the three core principles as listed below and we will briefly elaborate on what these processes are.

  • Evaporation
  • Condensation
  • Compression

1. Every AC unit has a refrigerant gas (we shall speak about this gas later in the article). The first step in the working of the AC is the compression of this refrigerant gas. When you compress a gas, it turns into a high-pressure hot liquid.
This hot liquid then flows through the condenser coils where the heat escapes while cooling the liquid. But, the liquid is still under high pressure.

2. The expansion valve comes into play by converting the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure one.

3. This low-pressure liquid flows through the evaporator coils of the AC. In doing so, it absorbs the heat from the room. This heat converts the liquid into gas once again. As the process of absorption of heat goes on, you experience cooling of the room. Now, you have to ensure that you do not increase the existing heat in the room. This explains why you should shut the windows. We had spoken about this fact in the initial parts of this article.

This entire process repeats itself when refrigerant gas comes back into its original form.

Star Ratings, EER, CoP, ISEER

Lets check the definition of these different efficiency ratings and also star rating of the air conditioner.

EER – Energy Efficiency Ratio

The EER is a very important ratio that differentiates between AC units. Scientifically, EER = Amount of heat removed per hour divided by the amount of power consumed.

Therefore the formula is: EER = BTU/hr/Watt

The higher the EER, the better is the performance because the air conditioner removes more heat per hour per unit of power consumed. Thus, you can deduce that an air conditioner with a higher EER is more efficient.

CoP – Co-efficient of Performance

You need to do some simple mathematical calculations to arrive at the CoP. In order to understand the concept of CoP, you should know the relation between BTU and KW hr.
1 KW hr = 3412 BTU. Alternatively, you can say that 1 KW = 3412 BTU/hr.

Therefore the formula is: 1 W = 3.412 BTU/hr

Now, CoP is the amount of heat removed by the air conditioner in Watts divided by the power consumption in Watts. Hence, CoP does not have any units. Higher the CoP, higher is the efficiency of the air conditioner unit. Let us now look at the relation between EER and CoP.

Relation between EER and CoP is defined as: EER = 3.412 X CoP

Star rating

Star rating is most visible and is in bright colors on every air conditioner appliance. So, what are they? The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Department of Energy Savings Government of India prescribes these star ratings for various electronic products. A lot of factors go into the formulation process.

These star ratings are fixed for specific periods. So, they keep evolving.

You should look at the star ratings along with the EER. It is mandatory on the part of AC manufacturers to include the EER on the star rating sticker.

ISEER – Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Before knowing ISEER, you need to understand what is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

If the temperature outside the house is more, the AC consumes more electricity to cool the interiors. The temperatures in the rainy season and winters are much less than what you get in the summer season. Therefore, the EER of the AC varies depending on the season in which you use the appliance. This is the concept of SEER.

Lets now come to ISEER. Concept of ISSER is similar to that of SEER. Difference is that ISEER considers couple of additional factors.

  • Cooling Seasonal Energy Consumption (CSEC): Total energy consumed by the AC when it is in active mode
  • Cooling Seasonal Total Load (CSTL): Total heal removed by the AC in active mode.

Thus, ISEER = CSTL/CSEC (ratio of total heat removed to total energy consumed)

The BEE makes it mandatory for Indian AC manufacturers to declare the ISEER on the star rating label.

As you have seen above, there are many ratings that an AC appliance will be rated with. So you should be aware of certain terms and concepts while buying your best AC unit. Therefore take good care that you understand these various terms and ask right question to your dealer or shopkeeper.

Rated cooling capacity and power input

Rated cooling capacity of an AC is defined in terms of ‘a ton’. One ton is equal to 12000 BTU per hour.

Cooling capacityRated power inputMax and half power input
Cooling capacity is measured in tons.
For example, a 2-ton AC will remove 24000 BTU of heat per hour from the room. The requirement for the room can vary depending on various factors discussed earlier. It is advisable not to oversize the AC because it can affect the performance of the AC.

All AC manufacturers are mandatorily have to include rated power input figure. This is visible on the star rating label.
Rated power input is equivalent to the power consumption in Watts when the AC runs at 100% load.

For example, 1.5-ton AC will consume about 1500 w/hr. Hence, you can see that the AC will consume around 1.5 to 2 units per hour.

But there is a catch. If you use the AC continuously for say 5 hours, then consumption is not 2 times 5. As the compressor switches off and on at regular intervals, the consumption of 5 hours will definitely be less.

Similarly, the half power input can be defined as the power consumption in Watts when the AC runs at 50% of the load. When the AC runs at its maximum tonnage capacity it will be defined as Maximum power input.

How to select size of the AC for your need?

Size of the air conditioner needed for you varies based on four main factors. Decide which size works for you based on these points.

  • Your location: In summer, many cities in North India face extreme hot conditions around 50 degrees Centigrade. Whereas place like Bangalore will have temperature below 40 5 degrees Centigrade. If you face higher outdoor temperature then you need to buy an air conditioners of higher capacity.
  • Size of the house/room: How big is your room or hall where you are fitting the AC unit?
  • Placement of room in the house: Is your floor right below the topmost ceiling? This means ceiling will be hotter as it gets direct sun light. Similarly, side walls may get warm because of direct sun rays.
  • Daily usage: How often you will be at house/room. Consider what duration on a monthly basis you utilize the AC unit.

What does 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton air conditioner mean?

Air conditioners specification includes different tonnage such as 1-ton, 1.5-ton, 2-ton, and so on. What does it indicate?

The tonnage is the amount of heat the air conditioner removes from the room in one hour. The mathematical unit for tonnage is BTU (British Thermal Units). 1 ton equals 12000 BTU. Higher the BTU, the greater is the cooling effect.

Tonnage or size of AC depends 4 different factors as indicated above. Additionally, depending on number of family members, you can decide on the size of AC needed for your needs.

How many tons of AC do I need per square foot?

Though the capacity needed varies per individual needs, there is a common rule of thumb.

How many tons of AC do I need per square foot?

It’s often in the neighborhood of 1 ton of air conditioning capacity for each 600 square feet of conditioned floor area, usually abbreviated 600 sf/ton

How much electricity does an AC consume?

Quick answer is it depends. Often people ask this question to understand additional electricity bill to be paid. Depending on tonnage, star rating, daily usage are all factors to decide energy consumption. In general, consumption of electricity depends on the mode of operation of the AC unit.

There are various modes of AC operation, details of each mode is listed below. Choosing the right mode for your AC can go a long way in reducing your electricity consumption.

Fan ModeDry ModeSleep mode6th Sense modePower saver modeQuick cool mode
In this mode, the compressor remains off. You save energy in the process but it does not result in the cooling of the room. A ceiling fan can do a better job.
This is the ideal mode to use in a humid climatic condition like the type you experience in places near the sea. The purpose of using this mode is that it removes the humidity from the air thereby cooling the room automatically. The fan runs at lower speeds and the compressor for shorter duration in larger cycles. The principal objective is to remove the humidity and not cool the room as such.
This is a special mode by which the AC increases the temperature of the thermostat by 1 degree every hour until it increases the temperature by 2 degrees. At night, the exterior is already cooler. Hence, this facility ensures that your AC consumes less electricity.
This mode is available only in the Whirlpool AC units where the technology adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature inside the room. This is better than the cool mode.
In this mode, the compressor shuts down when the temperature of the air reaches the level set in the thermostat. The fan keeps running to maintain the coolness. When the temperature exceeds a certain level, the compressor starts functioning again. The compressor is the largest consumer of electricity. As it oscillates between the on and the off position, it consumes less electricity.
In this mode, Ac units starts functioning at a set temperature of 16 or 18 degrees Centigrade as against the 25 degrees in the normal mode. This is not energy efficient.

How does an inverter air conditioner work?

Compressors in inverter ACs work at variable speeds. So in this technology the compressor never switches off. It is always on. As it runs at varying speeds, it draws less power.

Inverter AC has nothing to do with inverters used at home. Instead, they are AC’s based on inverter technology.

Inverter ac technology
Image source: bijlibachao.Com

Inverter technology is a power-saving feature available only in the split AC models. The benefit of using inverter AC units is that they are highly energy efficient. A 3-star inverter AC is equivalent to the 5-star normal split AC. This explains the efficiency of the inverter AC vis-à-vis the non-inverter ACs.

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

In a regular non-inverter AC, the compressor works at full capacity when it is on. On reaching the optimum temperature, the compressor switches off and the fan continues to operate. Once, the temperatures rise above the threshold limit, the compressor starts again and works at full capacity. This entails that the compressor works at only two speeds, full and Zero.

Does your room need same AC setting all the time? Answer is no. You need to adjust based on how many are in the room and time of the day. Inverter ACs are capable of adjusting to such ambiance needs.

Lets explore how the efficiency level between inverter and non-inverter ACs differ.

Inverter ACNon Inverter AC
Capable of running at variable speed and variable tonnage.Runs at a constant speed and tonnage.
Capable of adjusting their speed and tonnage according to the heat inside the roomDo not have the capacity to adjust setting based on the need
7% more efficient than their counterparts in the same star rating category

How to protect air conditioner from corrosion?

Answer is, always buy an AC appliance where coils have anti-corrosion coating. There are couple of technologies to avoid corrosion.

  • Blue Fin Condenser Technology
  • Microchannel condenser coils (MultiJet technology)
Blue Fin Condenser TechnologyMicrochannel condenser coils
blue fin condenserMicrochannel condenser coils
This technology is applicable to copper coils.This technology is applicable to aluminium coils.
In this technology, they paint these coils with anti-corrosive materials thereby increasing the overall life of the AC units.These are flat aluminium tubes having minute holes in them through which the refrigerant flows. Since the entire set up is of a single metal, aluminium, there is no question of galvanic corrosion. Hence, these coils are a good option for ACs working in coastal regions.

How does a refrigerant help your AC?

Coolant, gas and refrigerant are all refer to same substance. When an AC appliance does not cools as much as it is expected to do, often the replacement of gas does the trick.

Refrigerants absorb the heat from the room and move it outside. Once heat is eliminated from the room, the air in the room automatically gets cooler.

RefrigerantGlobal Warming PotentialOzone Depletion Potential
R 221810Medium
R 410A2088Nil
R 32675Nil
R 134A1430Nil
R 2903Nil
R 600A3Nil

Refrigerant or the coolant functionality is described below, this cycle repeats continuously:

  1. Originally refrigerant is in the form of a gas.
  2. The compressor compresses this gas at high pressure and converts it into a liquid.
  3. At such extreme pressures, the liquid has a very high temperature. This liquid passes through the condenser coils where the temperature of the liquid comes down considerably but the pressure remains high. On releasing the high-pressure cold liquid through an expansion valve, the AC units reduce the pressure.
  4. This liquid then travels through the evaporator tubes/coils. This cold liquid absorbs the heat from the rooms and eliminates it thereby making the air in the room cold. The fans in the AC unit help in sustaining the temperature.
  5. On absorption of the heat, the liquid evaporates and converts into gas once again.

What are the different types of refrigerant?

Check the info-graph from Daikin, various refrigerants are use in air conditioners. Their contribution to air pollution also varies. Your awareness on these aspects will go a long way in ensuring cleaner air and environment.

Refrigerants used in AC
Chlorofluorocarbons – CFCHydrofluorocarbons – HFCHydrocarbons – HCHydrochlorofluorocarbons – HCFC
These were the initial coolants used in AC units all around the world. They were also known as R12 refrigerants. They were effective, but they played a great role in the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. This led to the discontinuance of the manufacture of this R12 refrigerant. Now, no AC uses this coolant anywhere in the world.
Compared to the R22 coolant, the HFCs do not deplete the ozone layer. Hence, they are comparatively environmentally friendly. You have three types of HFCs in use today (R410A, R32, and R134). The world has moved ahead and switched over to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, the hydrocarbons. India is also close on the heels of these developing nations and has plans to phase out the hydrofluorocarbons in the coming years.
The search for the most environmentally friendly coolant has brought the world to HCs. AC manufacturing companies all over the world today use R290 (Propane) and R600A (Iso-Butane) as refrigerants. They are reputed to have zero effect on the ozone layer. Hence, they are also referred to as green refrigerants.
The inverter AC uses such types of coolants in them. Research is still on in this field to discover the best environmentally friendly coolant. Until the time they come up with a better coolant, the R290 and R600A will have a field day.
Environmental concerns led to the replacement of the CFCs by the HCFCs. This refrigerant, popularly known as R22 is the most common coolant used in AC units in India today. However, this coolant is also not very environmentally friendly. Hence, there are indications that these coolants will be phased out over the next 4 to 5 years.
This is why you should be very careful while choosing your AC. If the manual indicates the use of R22 as the coolant, it is advisable not to buy that AC because it is an out-dated one. This is in spite of the fact that the majority of AC units use this coolant in India.

Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil

There is quite a lot of interest among technologists and consumers on which coil is better, copper or aluminium. Air conditioner technology involves compression, condensation, and evaporation. Therefore coil plays an important role on durability of the appliance.

General Electronics made the revolutionary change in 1970 when they substituted copper coils with aluminium coils for the first time. However, even today both of them are used depending on the manufacturer as both have some advantages.

FunctionalityCopper CoilAluminium Coil
Heat transferCopper has a higher heat transfer coefficient than aluminium. Hence, it proves to be a better heat exchanger than aluminium
Cost factorAluminium is cheaper than copper. Therefore AC units with aluminium coils are cheaper.
MalleabilityAluminium is more malleable than copper. Hence, it is possible to mold aluminium into any desired shape more easily than copper. Thus, aluminium is the preferred choice for making AC coils.
StrengthCopper is much stronger than aluminium. Cooper coils have the reputation of lasting much longer than aluminium coils. They need fewer repairs as well.
MaintenanceYou notice that the condenser coils are always placed in the external units. Hence, they are subject to the vagaries of weather. Copper coils are easier to maintainYou need to keep the aluminium coils in heavy-duty cabinets thereby making them difficult to maintain.

Single unit AC vs Split AC

AC units come in two different types – Single unit AC and Split AC

In a single-unit window AC, the compressor, condenser, and the evaporator are located in a single unit. In case of a split AC unit, you have the compressor and the condenser situated in the outdoor unit whereas the indoor unit comprises of the evaporator coils. Split AC is more efficient and is common in latest AC appliances.

Compressors – Reciprocating Vs Rotary

Compressor plays the most vital part of any AC unit. Therefore it is important to understand how it works and what are its functions.

The role of compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas to a high pressure so that converting it into a high-pressure liquid at high temperature. This liquid passes through the condenser coils that take out the heat from the liquid and release it to the surroundings.
During this process the pressure remains high. But expansion valve then reduces the pressure and converts the liquid into gas that subsequently passes through the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils absorb the heat from the room thereby cooling the rooms.

What are the types of AC compressors?

There are two main types of compressors – Reciprocating and Rotary. Lets check their differences and other details below.

Reciprocating compressorsRotary compressors
This works on the concept of the cylinder and piston. The piston works in a back and forth motion resulting in compression and release of the gas.Here, the arrangement consists of a number of rotors having very little clearance between them. These rotors rotate in opposite directions whereby the air passing through them emerges at a higher pressure.
Therefore, reciprocating compressors are perfect for homes and small officesThe rotary compressors are ideal for heavy-duty uses such as in offices and industries.
Easy to maintain
Capable of working at higher pressures
Good for large offices and industries
Less noise
Air comes out at a lower temperature
Produces a lot of noise
The air comes out at a high temperature
Expensive as compared to reciprocating compressors
Higher usage is required for optimum working

FAQs – Common questions asked by AC buyers

Which AC brand provides the best service in India?

It depends on your location. But only go with popular brands, they are listed in the beginning of the post. Also, it is better to read customer reviews before going for the right AC brand.

Which AC brand is the best?

There are specialists in AC segment and there are others.
Carrier, Blue Star, Daikin etc are all the famous AC manufacturers. We have Hitachi, Mitsubishi, LG, Voltas, etc that manufacture various electronic appliances other than AC units. We also have Onida and Godrej that manufacture ACs to suit Indian conditions.
Therefore difficult to pick the brand, so go with best value for money AC unit.

What is Mosquito Away technology?

The Mosquito Away technology is present in the latest brand of LG AC units. This technology is based on ultrasonic sound to keep away mosquitoes. The AC units emit this sound that is beyond the hearing power of humans. But, it can discourage mosquitoes. LG uses this technology in their phones, washing machines, and televisions as well.

Is stabilizer required for the Air conditioner?

A stabilizer will not cost much when compared to your AC. Install one and do not worry about voltage fluctuations. Every AC has a voltage operating limit. You will find this range printed on the AC label.

Is it safe to buy AC online?

Yes, of course. Amazon and Flipkart are popular options. There is absolutely no harm in buying AC units online.

Which condenser is better for coastal areas?

You should the AC that has anti-corrosion coating. Check our reviews and buying guide for more details.

Over to you – Which is the best AC to buy in India?

We hope this detailed guide and list of best ACs help you in buying an air conditioner. Check the various aspects of AC buying such as star ratings, nature of coolants, efficiency and so on when deciding.

Additionally, we also tried to answer many common questions asked by AC buyers in the FAQ section. Check this for some quick answers as well.

We hope these are good enough information to make a wise decision. If you have further questions while buying an air conditioner, share your comments.

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