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Best Alkaline Water Purifiers (ionizers) in India | 2023 Guide

Best Alkaline Water Purifiers

Alkaline water is the latest technology for water purification and probably revolutionary in the world of drinking water. While we cautiously drink RO, UV, UF, and various other filtered water, there is a lot more to drinking water, what we need from it, and what we need to drink. One step ahead in the process is the alkaline water.

Water with a high pH level is considered ideal for maintaining acidic levels in your body, better metabolism, and in the prevention of various diseases with better health.

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Note: Although the theory lacks any scientific backing and is widely disputed by most doctors, proponents of alkaline water claim you can improve your health by using it to reduce the acid buildup in your body.  Ref: wiki

List of Best Alkaline Water Purifiers in India

Alkaline Water PurifierPurification TechnologyWarranty
Havells Max AlkalineTop PickRO + UV -C1 Year
Faber Neutron PurifierRO + CARBON ACTIVATED FILTER1 Year
P-LINK Alkaline Water PurifierUV LIGHT FILTER1 Year
Ruby Alkaline Water Purifier RO + UV + ACTIVATED CARBON1 Year
Nexqua Dew Alkaline PurifierRO + UV + ACTIVATED CARBON1 Year
KENT Alkaline Water PurifierACTIVATED CARBON1 Year

Detailed Review of Best Alkaline Water Purifiers

Packed alkaline water bottles are a massive bang on your pockets. Therefore, we are here with the best alkaline water purifier in India for you to buy and install in your home and office. 

1. Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier

Havells is an Indian company that has become a Fast-Moving Electrical Goods company, which has contributed equipment manufacture. This one of the Best Alkaline Water Purifiers and it filters water from the RO purification technology that provides 100 percent safe water to drink.

Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier

If you have a small family, you look for the storage capacity of an average of 7 to 8 liters. This purifier has a capacity of 7 liters. The water becomes safe to drink after it goes through its seven stages of water purification with germicidal UV-C technology.

After this filtration, the revitalizer restructures the water droplets for better hydration, alkaline property, and mineral extraction.

The design looks elegant, and it saves space because it mounts in the corner of the wall or adjusted on a dining table corner. The purifier activates alerts for the diagnosis of the purifier, purification process with the tank full, and low-pressure water. You will get alert for UV, SV, and pump failure.

Note: When water purifies, out of 1 liter, 650 ml of water is filters out of every liter. You can store this water in a bowl and use it for other purposes.

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to use
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Seven stages of water purification
  • Elegant design
  • Decreases the ph value
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Not able to filter TDS.

2. Faber Neutron RO + UV +UF Water Purifier

Faber company has manufactured many kitchens and water purifying appliances. One of the water purifiers is Faber Neutron Plus Alkaline. The purification takes place in nine-stages that make the water safer to drink.

Faber Neutron RO + UV +UF Alkaline Water Purifier

The Nine Stages of water purification are

Stage-1: Sediment Filter 20 Micron (External) 

Stage2: Carbon Filter.

Stage3: Sediment Filter 5 Micron.

Stage-4: RO Membrane 

It removes 2500 ppm of TDS

Stage-5: Post Carbon Filter.

Stage-6: Copper Guard Filter

In this stage, the activated carbon helps to enhance the taste of water. Activated carbon extracts the bitter taste of water, which removes the salts.

Stage7: Ultraviolet Filtration.

Stage8: Ultra Filtration.

Stage9: Alkaline Filter (ph Enhancer)

In this process, the alkalinity of water reduces the oxidation and inflammation in the body.

The water purifier has a storage capacity of 10 liters. The material of the plastic is ABS food-grade that does not dissolve with any harmful impurities of plastic. It occupies less space at your kitchen top. It is suitable for Indian Homes and offices as it filters the municipality corporation water supply, groundwater, or tap water.

This has a dispensing speed of 13.5 liters per hour. There is a smart energy-saving mode that automatically turns off when the water tank is full.

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to use
  • High Storage Capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Nine stages of filtration
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Alkaline filtration
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Average customer service

3. P-LINK Alkaline Water Purifier

P Link is India’s first water purifier company with smart features that helps to keep your water safe to drink.

P-LINK Alkaline Water Purifier

It is one of the Best Alkaline Water Purifiers and has a high-quality purification system that purifies water at various stages that are:

Stage 1: Micron Sediment filter

It has a micron rating as five. It eliminates dust, sediment, and sandy particles.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter

This stage clears around 99 percent of chlorine and organic impurities. It also helps in improving the smell and color of the water.

Stage 3: RO membrane

It has a thin semi-permeable membrane that filters 75 gallons of water per day. Water passing through removes the hard water contamination substances like lead, copper, arsenic, barium, and other chemical pesticides.

Stage 4: Ultraviolet Filter

In this stage, the UV light filters the water by removing the pathogens, viruses, and other microorganisms that kill the obstructing with DNA and RNA in the organism’s formation. The UV chamber made of stainless steel that prevents leakage.

Stage 5: Mineral Cartridge

It adds essential minerals in the water.

Stage 6: Alkaline Cartridge 

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Alkaline filter
  • Enhances flavor
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • High maintenance charge

4. Ruby Alkaline Water Purifier 

Ruby company has a motto of protecting its customers. The RUBY water purifiers are perfect at their range because they provide pristine drinking water with high-quality.

Ruby Alkaline Water Purifier

The purifier has a unique design that makes installation and operation more reliable. It is advisable to measure the TDS of your area before buying a water purifier. It reduces the TDS value of water and kills bacteria and viruses.

This filters 20 liters of water per hour, and it is suitable for a small family because it has 3.5 liters of storage capacity. The water stores into a verified food-grade plastic, which makes it safe with a glass top cabinet.

The maintenance cost is low because of the great quality PVDF UF that is a washable Pre-Filter that has a usage period of 2 – 4 years. It converts the acidic RO purified water into proper alkaline ionized water.

There are five stages of filtration mention below:

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

It collects the sediments and filters the dust, rust, and sandy particles.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter

In this stage, the filter removes chlorine and organic impurities. It also improves the taste, color, and odor of the water.

Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane

This stage removes the hard water impurities that contain lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, calcium, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Stage 4: Alkaline Filter

This stage filters the ionic acidic water into natural alkaline water. It adds essential minerals such as ionic calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium that eliminates during purifying of water. The alkaline water provides to balance the require ph level of water.

Stage 5: Ultraviolet

The UV filters destroy the pathogens and viruses.

Pros: Good things

  • Five stage filtrations
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Alkaline filtration
  • TDS controller
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • It shows leakage issues.

5. Nexqua Dew Purifier 

The company provides you with a RO water purifier that promises pure water that is safe to drink.

Nexqua Dew Alkaline Water Purifier

It has a nine-stage water purification that is

Stage1: Pre-Filter

Stage2: Sediment Filter

Stage3: Activated Carbon Filter

Stage4: Reverse Osmosis

Stage5: Ultraviolet Filter

The UV filter processes the microbiologically unsafe water with germicidal UV light. It destroys around 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms without adding chemicals.

Stage6: Alkaline Filter

Stage7: Active Copper Filter

Stage8: Mineral Filter

Stage9: Ultra Filter Membrane

It has a 12-liter water storage capacity that is suitable for big families. The water purifier has a 3000 high TDS membrane. The membrane has microscopic pores that allow particles small in size than 0.0001 microns to transfer through. The particles of soluble metals and salts are big as compared to large water molecules. The water transfers from the membrane clearing off the salts and metals.

The dual purification gives dew active copper with Zn + Mg + Ca + Active Alkaline (Bio+) benefit that helps to get a perfect pH balance with enough mineral content and helps in building the immune system strong.

Pros: Good things

  • Enhances the taste, smell, and appearance of the water
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Removes all microbes
  • Alkaline Filtration with nine-stage filtration
  • TDS removal
  • High storage capacity
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Average customer service.

6. KENT Alkaline Water Purifier 

Kent is an Indian brand that has captured the market and provided great products to their customers. The product has a variety such as water purifiers, air purifiers, and vegetable cleaner.

KENT Alkaline Water Purifier

The water purifier filters water in various stages that enhances the pH of the water. The ph values mentioned below:

  •   Acidic water: 5.0 to 6.5 pH value
  •   RO water: 6.6 to 7.0 pH value
  •   Alkaline water: 8.5 to 9.5 pH value

The alkaline water makes it to correct pH value that keeps the mind and body healthy. It also eliminates physical and chemical impurities like Chlorine in a balanced way.

The purifier filter pitcher reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) and provides antioxidant alkaline water, that keeps the mind and body fresh. Thus, improvise the anti-oxidation factor of the water.

The pitches have a sediment filter that removes the chemical impurities. The water tank has 3.5 liters of water storage capacity that is suitable for small families or if you are living alone. Also, it is easy to fill the water.

The water filter has an elegant design made of food-grade plastic material that gives durability and long life to the product.

Pros: Good things

  • Accurate in pH value
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • Sometimes it leaks before filtering

7. BIOCERA Alkaline Water Purifier 

Biocera company has become the global trade leader in manufacturing the alkaline water purifiers. The biocera alkaline antioxidant water purifier filters the acid from the water. It reduces the Oxidation Reduction Potential makes the water antioxidant alkaline that gives the fresh taste. The smaller water filter elevates the vitality and positive effect of water.

BIOCERA Alkaline Water Purifier

The NMR-Analyses (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) coveys that the normal water having a size of 100 to 130 (Hz) H20 molecules. When water passes through the Biocera Jug Filter zone, the size becomes 50 to 60 (Hz) H20 molecules.

The water alkalizes through the water-activated carbons, which remove chlorine present in the water that affects the flavor and smell of the water. Then, after this process, the water transfers through the antioxidant alkaline cartridges that ionize the solution.

The cartridge has a great quality of activated carbons that act as a magnet and removes the chlorine.

Pros: Good things

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Reduces ORP
  • Perfect alkaline solution
  • Value for money
  • One-year warranty

Cons: Poor things

  • One cartridge not enough for filtration
  • High maintenance on the cartridge

Buyer’s Guide for Selecting Top Alkaline Water Purifiers

You might be confused about shopping around for one that can offer you the best results and most benefits. For help, we’ve prepared a buying guide. It features the market’s most excellent alkaline water filters. Each of them has its unique qualities and features, along with downsides.

Making an informed choice through comparison, you can have a more satisfying experience.

Difference: Alkaline Water Purifier vs UV Water Purifier

As the name suggests, the alkaline water purifier purifies the acids present in the water that can be harmful to the human body. The alkaline water purifier neutralizes the acid content of the water and makes it alkaline. It balances the pH value of the water that is essential for the human mind and body.

The UV water purifier is applicable where the water TDS has a high value. TDS means Total Dissolved Salts that are the impurities added in the water that makes it hard. The TDS controller filters the water and makes it soft to drink. It also kills the parasites in the water. Water purification does not involve the usage of chemicals.

Some products in the market offer both alkaline water purification and, UV light filter that kills the growth of microorganisms and purifies water.

Advantages of Alkaline Water Purifier

  • Provides you balanced pH value water that gives you the essential minerals that keep your mind and body healthy
  • You will build your immune system
  • The antioxidant helps in preventing the growth of cell that damages the free radicals in the body, that can cause aging.
  • It neutralizes the acidity in your body by lessening the acidic content in the stomach.

Drawbacks of Alkaline Water Purifier

  • It alkalizes your body, which may ruin the natural acids of your stomach by killing good bacteria.
  • If uses in excess, it may cause aging.

Different types of alkaline water purifiers

Depending on your needs, preferences, and the number of consumers of water, you have a lot of options to choose from when you get your alkaline water filters. Note, though, that you also must consider the overall quality of your water supply before making a choice so you can get the maximum benefit of your alkaline water filter system. Here are some of the options that you can consider when shifting over to alkaline water filters.

  • Alkaline water filter bottles – perfect for always on the go and would like the portability and access to alkaline water. These are pH on the go bottles where the filters can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Not only will these bottles provide you with alkaline water, but it will also help you save on costs when it comes to buying bottled waters. At the same time, it will also help in protecting the environment. Less plastic, the better.
  • Alkaline water filter pitchers – are highly recommended for those who want to check if this system will work for them. No commitments because these water filter pitchers are budget-friendly. Just like any regular pitcher, you fill it up with water from the tap, and the alkaline water filter incorporated in the middle will do its work of increasing the pH level and ionized the water, making it better water for you. There is no electricity or cables involved but just a pitcher with a secret weapon where every time you pour water into your glass, you get water that is better tasting that would provide you with better hydration. With so many reviews available online, you can surely decide to ensure that you get the best alkaline water filter pitcher in the market.
  • Alkaline water filter for countertops – these are probably the best whole house alkaline water filter because you can simply connect it to your standard faucet and work silently in the background. Every time you open your tap, comes water that is safe for drinking. This is perfect for most households because it will provide adequate filtered and alkalized water for everyone. This kind usually comes in a tank and might require a little plumbing for installation.
  • Alkaline water filter for refrigerator – this is perfect for those who get water and drink straight from their fridge. This alkaline water filter is incorporated into your cooling system, and the water that comes out is alkalized.
  • Under the sink types – they are convenient and easy to use. These are also built to last and can offer the fantastic health benefits of alkaline water for your loved ones.

Things to Consider while Buying Alkaline Water Purifier

When you are buying an alkaline water purifier then you must consider these points mentioned below.

1. Layer of filters

Many manufacturers use single or dual-filtration systems. The filters eradicate the sediments from water. If you require water purification for a big family then, you must go for two layers filters.

2. Type of plates

There are three types of plates available in the market. The plates are:

  • Mesh
  • Slotted
  • Flat and Solid

The solid plates are easy to clean and offers extended durability.

The slotted and mesh-plates are pocket-friendly and lightweight. Research says that filters less than three stages purification are not as good as the quality of the seven-stage filtration system.

3. PH or ORP Range

The good quality alkaline water filters provide both acidic and alkaline water. They are preferred to look for a machine that gives high-negative ORP value. The Oxygen reduction Potential (ORP) measures the existence of electrons stored in water. Therefore, the machine with higher negative ORP numbers considers as a perfect model because it eradicates cell-damaging free radicals from the water.

It is good to have a machine that has a negative ORP of 800. The ph value comes in between 0 to 14 levels. Pure drinking water must have a pH value of 7+. You can also look for a pH value of 10 + for purifying vegetables and fruits at home.

Common Questions on Alkaline Water Purifiers

What are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water helps to enhance our immune system by neutralising the acidity in our body that are caused by environmental toxins, poor diet & stress. Alkaline water is said to have two different minerals like calcium & magnesium that can help to maintaining healthy bones.

How do you make water alkaline?

Increasing the pH level of the water makes it alkaline on the scale of pH meter through ionization. There are various methods to make water alkaline. You can have an alkaline water filter to obtain alkaline water. For domestic alkaline water, you can add lemon, baking soda, sea salt, and coral calcium powder to your regular filter water to make it alkaline. You can also use readily available drops to make water alkaline.

Is Drinking Alkaline Water Good for You?

Drinking Alkaline Water brings various of health benefits to our body. It helps to control pH levels of your body, prevent different chronic diseases & slow down the ageing process. Alkaline water can help to neutralise the acidic level of our body, which normal water cannot do.

Does Alkaline Water Make A Difference?

Just by drinking Alkaline water, you will be able to see a difference in the long run. Alkaline water has more hydrogen; providing more hydration as compared to regular water. Whereas regular drinking water with ph 7 and below creates too much acid in your blood and cells.

Can Alkaline Water Clean Your System?

Based on existing clinical testing, it is proven that alkaline water helps to detox your body from 10 heavy toxin metals. Hence, aiding our kidney to filter toxins from our bloodstream.

How Many Glasses of Alkaline Water Should You Drink A Day?

In order to achieve optimal benefits of drinking alkaline water, we would recommend 8 – 12 glasses per day. This is approximately 2 – 3 litres of water consumption. However, you have to take it slow with the transition by gradually increasing your alkaline water consumption as it takes time for your body to get used to the changes of your body’s PH levels.

Why do you need a water purifier that has a platinum coating electrode?

The alkaline water purifier using platinum, because they are hard metal and will protect alkaline water. Electrode catalyzes in the electrolysis process that allows water to ionize quickly. So, the water flows to the alkaline water machine electrolysis chamber.

Over to You

Alkaline water purifiers are relatively new and are gaining much popularity. This post should help you with buyers guide to make an informed decision.

While we recommend Havells Max Alkaline  as the best one to buy in India, check the facts to decide which one would be best fit for your needs.

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