How to Chose an Electric Shaver in India

There is a spectrum of men’s shaving habits. It is challenging to choose between the dizzying array of models. This guide will help you decide which features are most important to you and help you narrow down your choices.

On one end you’ll find badger brushes and “safety” razors. These men take pride in the slow, precise, and therapeutic qualities of a close shave done right. On the other end, you’ll find men who have given up on shaving entirely because they find it a hassle (this spectrum does not include men who want facial hair).

10 Reasons to Chose SiteGround as a Web Hosting Partner

I have been using SiteGround for over 3 years to host Joomla and Wordpress websites. I have to say, this is a rare beast, and a hidden gem in the web hosting market. Despite minor niggles, SiteGround eclipses many of its big rivals on most of the features small businesses needs such as speed, uptime, and customer support.

Prior to SiteGround, I have used Godaddy and Bluehost to host my websites. I find the experience with SiteGround as the best. I have listed my reasons to stick with SiteGround and also listed some minor niggles observed.

Fridge Buyers Guide India

A refrigerator is one of those long term investments for your happy home that you want to get right. As many of you have experienced it already there are many things to ponder before picking the right one for you. Choosing a fridge is much more complicated than just picking the one that looks good and holds all your food.

If you are planning to buy fridge and looking for some guidence, this is the right place to get some good tips.

Washing Machine Buyers Guide India

Before you buy any washing machine it is important to assess the utility, functionality and budget so that your need is well defined. More specifically you need to consider – the size of your laundry, frequency of usage, type of clothes, the available space, noise the machine makes etc to narrow your search. Energy and water saving is another important factor that impacts the total cost of ownership of the appliance.

Gas Stove Buyers Guide India

To make the best choice of the available options in the market, it’s important to consider few factors like a number of burners, manual vs auto ignition, gas stove size, price and warranty information. This detailed tutorial just helps you to make informed decision while buying your next gas stove.